Separation and Union – Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

Published on Dec 4, 2016

Where the Two Seas Meet: Final Talks: Sufism and the West
with Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

Separation and Union

This talk explores the central Sufi theme of the journey from separation to union, and the longing of the heart that draws the wayfarer Home. This journey begins with the pain of separation—the lover separate from the Beloved—and finally reveals the secret of divine union, that the lover and Beloved were always united, are always one.

Sruti Answers – God is Much Kinder than the Human Mind

Published on Dec 6, 2016

God is Much Kinder than the Human Mind

In this video, Sruti reads a spontaneous written response to a quote from the Bible.

Sruti is a spiritual teacher who writes about her spiritual awakening within an experience with an uncommon and painful illness called Interstitial Cystitis. She has been interviewed on the Buddha at the Gas Pump talk show on YouTube about her experience of spiritual awakening in the midst of intense pain:…

This ongoing and chronic condition challenged her to stay present with daily pain and to look further inward for answers. In an extreme moment of pain, in which consciousness began to fade, Sruti experienced the erasure of all that clouds over the earliest source of vision.

She watched as one by one the layers of the mind, the body and feelings disappeared before her. She asks the question: with whose vision are we seeing when the lights are going out? Has this early vision ever known anything at all?

Bentinho Massaro – Why don’t you choose BLISS and ECSTASY right now?

Published on Dec 7, 2016

Why don’t we choose happiness and bliss right now? According to spiritual teacher Bentinho Massaro it is because – and even if it sounds strange – we are more comfortable with depression and anxiety than with happiness and bliss. Somehow, we have a resistance towards bliss and ecstasy. According to Bentinho it helps to make a list and write down what things have to happen before one chooses to be happy and free.


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