Adyashanti – The Quiet Layer of Existence

Published on Dec 10, 2016 – Adyashanti explores the quiet layer that underscores every moment of existence. Regardless of not being able to physically hold it in our hands, we know that this important layer of existence exists, and provides the foundation for all of experience. Upon the recognition of this quietness, a freedom is afforded to you, and the idea of self falls away. This opens up the space for ever-present love to permeate your experience. Adyashanti offers up the question: Could you ever convey what love is?

Quotes from this video:

“At any moment, you can feel it in the atmosphere—you can begin to intuit what’s right underneath the whole spectrum of thinking, believing, and resisting. Even if it’s very light, and then right underneath it, it’s totally quiet. There’s nothing to assert, nothing to deny, nothing to grasp hold of—there’s not even a self to grasp hold of it.”

“You can’t grab hold of the experience of love. You can’t look at it, or weigh it, or hold onto it. It’s really quite impossible to describe.”

“Love—you can’t actually describe it, and yet it’s very much present. It’s very real.”

“All spiritual practices that are worth doing are practices that either help us to see through whatever we’re believing in the moment, or they help us to let go of our resistance to what’s happening.”

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