Published on Dec 23, 2016 – Adyashanti explores the human tendency to search for belonging in all avenues of life. From belonging within your family to belonging to a community—everyone’s search begins somewhere. No matter where you find your sense of belonging, as the exploration evolves and continues, it becomes evident that true belonging is found within. This newfound sovereignty and autonomy breathes vital life into a new way of being and creates a renewed relationship with all of existence.

Video Excerpted From “Existential Belonging”:

Quotes from this video:

“The experience of unity is an experience of belonging.”

“Human beings are looking for the deepest kind of belonging—an intimacy with themselves, with existence, with each other.”

“The human tendency is to enjoy, to get a deep sense of affirmation by some sort of belonging. It’s something that’s hardwired into us—just wanting to belong.”

“No matter how much belonging we’ve found in life, until we’ve finally found that belonging within our self, we will continue the search. No amount of other forms of belonging will ultimately put to rest that ceaseless search for a kind of deep and ultimate belonging.”

“The more you belong in the deepest sense, the more autonomy you feel. Because you finally belong at the deepest roots of your being.”