Published on Dec 23, 2016

Pain can bring immense suffering to all of us. Spiritual teacher John de Ruiter gives us valuable advice on how we can deal with pain and illnesses of all kinds wisely. In this video he is responding to a woman who is suffering from headaches. Whether it is headache, other physical pain or even chronic illness, John shows how to deal with it intelligently.
Basically, he advises us to open unconditionally and remain as who we truly are, the watching awareness / consciousness. ‘Open unconditionally, with and without headaches. The openness is you and the headache is what you have. Everything that you have can come and go,’ John explains. ‘You being what you really are, first, has nothing to do with what you experience, it has only to do with you.’ He continues, ‘Trouble of any kind doesn’t stop you or prevent you from entering your being.’

So, if we listen to John’s advice we can learn

– how to deal with pain and chronic illnesses
– how to deal with headaches
– how to enquire into and meditate on our true nature, which is awareness and how to remain as that awareness.
– how to be your true, authentic Self.

John de Ruiter is a Canadian philosopher and nonduality / spiritual teacher