How to Stop Overthinking? Abide as I AM. Roger Castillo on Nisargadatta Maharaj

Published on Dec 25, 2016

Imagine yourself having a peaceful mind, because you’ve learned how to stop overthinking?! In this video spiritual teacher Roger Castillo speaks about the power of I AM. He refers to the Indian Advaita Master Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj who put a strong emphasis on the remembering of and the abiding as I AM.

Roger starts with explaining what ‘Abide in I AM’ means. ‘It means that there is a field of Being (Awareness) that exists prior to thinking. A field of Being that we are not particularly familiar with, because for our whole life we have lived as the thinker, as the doer, trying to control life through thought,’ Roger says. ‘And so, I AM means dropping out of that (obsessive) thinking into Being.’

If we want to learn how to silence the voice in our head or how to stop negative thinking, we need to understand why we give such a great importance to thinking and Roger shares his explanation. ‘We start off with this obsessive thinking, because deep down we think it’s good for us, deep down we think it’s going to take us to what we need, deep down we might think we can control life and we might actually get happiness through pleasure.’

Roger then shares his advice on how to step out of the thinking mind and achieve freedom from thoughts. According to him we can do this by the thought and realization of I AM, which drops us into Being, into our heart. ‘What I mean by dropping down into the heart is that the center of consciousness resides up in the head, because of all the thinking. But its home is actually the chest in the heart.’ He continues ‘When the thought I AM arises it cuts off thinking and if we can imagine that all off a sudden the center of consciousness is dropping into the chest area and that life is being seen not from the head, but from the chest. The reason it’s in the chest, in the heart, is that that’s the place where impersonal consciousness links into the human being and functions through the human being as personal consciousness.’ ‘And so in the heart resides the sense of Being, the sense of I AM.’

So, if we listen to Roger’s advice we can learn
– how to stop negative thinking and thoughts
– how to end obsessive thoughts here and now
– how to deal with a mind that is clouded by thoughts
– how to deal with stress
– how to deal with constant worrying
– how to use the power of I AM.


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