The Ultimate Philosophy ~Rupert Spira

Published on Jan 13, 2017

Discussing the notion of Good and Ethics.

Adyashanti – Discovering a Sense of Renewal

Adyashanti explores the idea of renewing our consciousness from day to day. By letting go of the weight of the past, you become unencumbered and liberated to discover a sense of renewal. By entering into a constant state of renewal, you enter into a sacred dimension of being that is fresh, vital, and alive. This allows you the opportunity to deeply awaken to your eternal essence. Adyashanti invites you to discover this instant renewal for yourself in every moment.

Quotes from this video:

“Meditation is the act of being in a state of renewal—of listening to the quiet spaces inside as opposed to the noisy spaces inside.”

“The sacred dimension has that sense of freshness—that sense of instant renewal.”

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