Transparency of Things: Contemplating the Nature of Experience by Rupert Spira (Author)

The purpose of The Transparency of Things is to look clearly and simply at the nature of experience, without any attempt to change it.

A series of contemplations leads us gently but directly to see that our essential nature is neither a body nor a mind. It is the conscious Presence that is aware of this current experience. As such, it is nothing that can be experienced as an object, and yet it is undeniably present.

However, these contemplations go much further than this. As we take our stand knowingly as this conscious Presence that we always already are, and reconsider the objects of the body, mind, and world, we find that they do not simply appear to this Presence; they appear within it. And further exploration reveals that they do not simply appear within this Presence but as this Presence.

Finally, we are led to see that it is in fact this very Presence that takes the shape of our experience from moment to moment while always remaining only itself. We see that our experience is and has only ever been one seamless totality, with no separate entities, objects, or parts anywhere to be found.


The Garden Of Unknowing
Clear Seeing
What Truly Is
Everything Falls Into Place
Abide As You Are
The Drop Of Milk
Consciousness Shines In Every Experience
Consciousness Is Its Own Content
Knowingness Is The Substance Of All Things
Our True Body
‘I’ Am Everything
What We Are, It Is
Peace And Happiness Are Inherent In Consciousness
Consciousness Is Self-Luminous
The Choice Of Freedom
The Ease Of Being
There Are Not Two Things
Knowing Is Being Is Loving
Changeless Presence
Time Never Happens
Unveiling Reality
We Are What We Seek
Nature’s Eternity
Consciousness And Being Are One
The Fabric Of Self
The True Dreamer
The Here And Now Of Presence
Consciousness Is Self-Luminous
Consciousness Only Knows Itself
Consciousness Is Freedom Itself
It Has Always Been So
Sameness And Oneness
A Knowing Space
Consciousness Peace ‘I’
Just This
The Doer
Origin, Substance And Destiny
Love In Search Of Itself
Openness Sensitivity Vulnerability And Availability
Time And Memory
The Moon’s Light
The Natural Condition

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