THIS you must know about Pure Awareness for Your Spiritual Enlightenment – Adyashanti

Published on Jan 18, 2017

How do we detach ourselves from our ego identity and experience the bliss of pure, pristine awareness? Spiritual Teacher with Zen Buddhism background Adyashanti speaks about the pure nature of awareness and how we can become enlightened. Highly recommendable!

Adyashanti says that it is very important that the spiritual seeker knows the difference between awareness and what arises within its field (thoughts, emotions, ego, mind, the material world, etc.). So if one wants to understand awareness better and e.g. learn how to deal with his unconsciousness then this distinction has to be very clear.
He goes on with saying that our suffering is due to the fusion of awareness with the content. If we could create space between us and our minds, if we could become more aware of our thoughts and the nature of our minds, then we could it would be easier for us to make the shift from personal ego identity to pure, blissful awareness.

After watching this video, you’ll understand more about:
– how to rest as awareness / abide in awareness
– being aware of yourself as awareness
– how to experience yourself as awareness
– spiritual awakening / spiritual enlightenment
– how to be aware of your thoughts
– the shift from identity to awareness
– a Zen teacher’s view on awareness
– nonduality and nondual teachings



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