Adyashanti – Working from Love

Published on Jan 19, 2017

Adyashanti discusses the profound switch from working “towards love” to working “from love.” With love as the starting point, you have already arrived where you’ve been longing to go. Letting go of the struggle with life to be any particular way, you allow yourself to open up to the abundance of possibilities around you. With love as the foundation and the basis of all your actions, this love inevitably flows through you and spills out into all that you do in life.

Video Excerpted From “Experiencing Divine Relativity”:

Quotes from this video:

“What if love was the precondition? What if that was the condition? That’s where you started from.”

“We always think that we have to work towards love. Liberation is when you don’t have to work towards anything; you work from it, not towards it. It’s just there. It’s the ground you’re walking on.”

“Just holding things as possible can be quite profound. It’s possible that on any given day, at any moment, the whole battle with life can cease. It’s possible because it happens.”

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