Published on Jan 26, 2017

Adyashanti explores how the feeling of uncertainty can have the tendency to cause unbalance and unease. By delving into your own exploration of uncertainty with an open heart and mind, you can find a quietness from which everything arises. This quietness is fertile ground for awakening and bringing your long-dormant capacities online. Adyashanti invites you to embrace uncertainty and the deep knowing that can arise from it.

Video Excerpted From “The Freedom of Not Knowing”:

Quotes from this Video:

“Sometimes to the ego mind, letting go of certainty can feel like a kind of defeat, even though it’s not really.”

“Everything is connected up—there isn’t this thing called the heart and this thing called the mind—they’re all connected. It’s one. It’s part of one massive happening, one organism.”

“As our mind opens, our heart opens. And as our heart opens, our mind opens. And so it goes.”

“The more uncertain you are, the more quiet you become.”

“Spiritual awakening itself is actually awakening or bringing online a capacity that lies dormant within us.”