Adyashanti – Seeing Our Own Nothingness

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In this satsang, Adyashanti illustrates how our essential being is simultaneously a profound, silent “nothing” as well as everything within existence. He first guides us beyond the illusive, divided ego to our fundamental nothingness. He then explores the infinite potential of this nothingness and how it can be more fully manifested by our moving from this absolute presence. 

Topics Include:
The Source of the Spiritual Impulse
Authentic Silence
Ego Is a Patterning
The Nothing That Is Everything
How Stillness Moves
Living the Truth
Posing Questions to Stillness
Fear Is a Waking Nightmare
Quotes from This DVD:

“So much of our conflict is because we don’t want to look in and see our own nothingness.”

“Even though everything is all one, silence is simultaneously everywhere in relationship with itself.”

“The experience of nothing is liberating because it frees you of all your beliefs.”

“The ego lives in every world except ‘what is.’”

Eckhart Tolle – Lasting Happiness

The Nature of Consciousness: Essays on the Unity of Mind and Matter by Rupert Spira

Published on Jun 1, 2017

Rupert discusses his new book, The Nature of Consciousness:
Essays on the Unity of Mind and Matter, with Deepak Chopra.

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