Eckhart Tolle 2017 Ego – Body system – 1,July 2017

The Power to Dissolve Duality: Rupert Spira 

Rupert emphasises the impact a work of art can have on the recognition of one’s essential self.
From the weekend in Amsterdam March 2017 – to have access to the full length video follow the link:…

Adyashanti – The Infinite Intelligence of Reality”

Published on Jun 29,2017 – Adyashanti explores the infinite intelligence of the fundamental reality that often escapes our acknowledgement until we return to the absolute. As certain aspects of yourself fall away, a creative intelligence emerges, and a new level of being becomes available to you. Adyashanti invites you into this space of infinite intelligence, creativity, and love—that was there all along.

Video Excerpted From “Returning to the Absolute Source” (DVD#58):

Quotes from this video:

“When you come upon this infinite, pregnant void, it’s a non-experience. It’s the ultimate and final return to the absolute.”

“Once you’ve taken this journey to nowhere—because it doesn’t actually go anywhere—it’s a journey from here to here. From kind of here to really here.”

“This chair and this microphone are nowhere near as solid as the beliefs in your head. Most of you aren’t going to die for a chair, but we human beings have a way of being willing to die and kill for our ideas.”

“The whole idea in this spiritual awakening is not to eliminate anything—we spend way too much time trying to eliminate certain things. Certain things fall away and eliminate themselves, mostly attachments.”

“The fundamental reality has an unimaginable infinite intelligence, and an infinite creativity, and an infinite love. They naturally pour forth from this

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