Science is Ready for Consciousness: Federico Faggin

In this fascinating interview Federico Faggin, designer of the first commercial microprocessor and pioneer in the movement to base mathematical theory on consciousness, urges science to embrace consciousness to explain the weirdness of quantum physics, and use it as the instrument of scientific investigation. “There need no longer be a duality between mind and matter,” he says. “With consciousness you can reach reality from the inside.” He makes a startling suggestion – that matter is the ink with which consciousness writes its own self-knowing.

Every Moment is a Mantra ~ Francis Lucille

Why Presence Matters – With French Subtitles

Eckhart Tolle
Published on Sep 14, 2017

In this video Eckhart Tolle discusses how presence is the arising of a dimension of consciousness from where you can become aware that there is a voice in your head. For human beings, he explains, to discover this dimension within themselves is extraordinarily important.

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