What Is Heaven Like? Answers From The Spiritual Realm by Jacqueline Davieau

After my son passed away I turned to my spirituality for healing and understanding of such a tragic loss.
There were no words that anyone of the living realm could say to me to bring me comfort, so I turned to the spiritual realm for help. My son began to come to me in very clear visions during states of deep mediation and visitation dreams. When he comes to me he always has a very clear messages for me and for the world as a whole. He always speaks of love and the power of positivity.

The story I am going to share with you now took place during a meditation session. I found myself sitting next to my son at the beach asking him some very profound questions. The answers I received shocked me at the time, but now it makes perfect sense. The wisdom that my son has shown me from the spiritual realm is so pure and honest. I had to ask him the question that everyone wants to know. What is Heaven like? This is a chapter from the book Inspiration from Above.


Mario what is Heaven like?

Well that would depend on who you ask?

What do you mean son?

That will depend on who you ask because Heaven is different for everyone. Every soul is very unique in its own way. We all have a different impression on what the perfect eternity should be. We were always taught that God created us in his image so why wouldn’t we have some of his abilities? Heaven is what you make of it.

I am not sure that I am following you?

What would be the perfect Heaven to you may not be the perfect Heaven to someone on the other side of the world. Heaven is not only an endless place but it is a state of thought. Everyone has control over their own personal piece of Heaven. Why do you think I am always building new things? It is because in my version of Heaven I am able to do what I always wanted to do. I wanted to build you a house while alive so I built you one in Heaven, but I did make the stairs for Grandma because she needed something to lift her up. There are endless possibilities here. One thing I can tell you is you do leave all Earthly desires behind when you arrive back home. Therefore Heaven is a place of only your purest thoughts. If you can imagine it, it will be!

I love looking at other souls areas of Heaven. It never ceases to amaze me what is thought up here. Your dad made a really cool boathouse down on the lake. It is his home and he has his boat tied up in the back. He never did want a big boat just something simple. His desire to catch fish is still there but it doesn’t hurt the fish. He just likes it for sport and the fish get to swim away. It is as fun for the fish as it is for Grandpa. Our dog Oscar loves going on the boat with him.

How is there room for everyone?

That question always cracks me up! There is no end to time so why would there be an end to space? There are no restrictions here….at all. We get to design whatever we want and make it as large as we want. I have only shown you a very small fraction of what I have created. I come up with something new regularly. I made a mudding trail that I have not shown you yet. To me that is Heaven, to Little Grandma not so much, but you should see her kitchen. This trail would take up a nice chunk of land and it is something I enjoy, so why wouldn’t it be here for me?

What do you mean by it is a thought?

If you think something you can have it. It is that easy! Our thoughts are very powerful here and there. Thinking is the first step to creating and the hardest. After you come up with an idea it has already been put into motion to become a reality. The only difference from here and there is you don’t have any negative thoughts here. How you think about something will determine the outcome. This is why it is so important to pay attention to how you feel about something because that will determine how you think about it. As people we stopped paying attention to our intuition a long time ago. Here it is just a natural sense. Your thoughts can create anything you want. For example, I wanted you to pay attention to the sky so I could show you all I am still here. That is why I thought up a cabin with no roof. I wanted to show you a beautiful home with no limitations. Now if I want a roof all I have to do is picture one and there it is. I created it! This not only true here in Heaven but in every experience you have. What you think will become.

So if we can make our own Heaven will we all be together?

Yes, we all make our own area but we are also connected. I can feel what everyone is feeling. Grandpa Butcher often thinks of me while in his library, he likes to show me old books. I call it the Great Hall of Knowledge. As soon as he thinks of me it is as if he is calling me and I know to go see him. I don’t think anyone would want to spend an eternity alone, so yes we are all together. You also leave undesirable emotions behind such as loneliness. When I have been building on my own I never felt alone because we are all tied together, plus if I need anyone all I have to do is think of them and they appear. You do not want or need for anything here.

You see me because you want to see me but more so you believe you can. The first step to anything is thinking of it. You thought it, so it was. You can use this concept with anything in life. If you want to be happy think you are happy. The problem with this concept is so many people are negative. They will get stuck on a negative thought and not let go of it. If you think you will have a bad day then guess what you are having a bad day. Once you get stuck in this way of thinking it is extremely hard to escape. You can add worry to that list as well. When you worry about something you make up problems that were not even there before. This is why it is so important to think positive. Look for the good in any situation because there is always something to gain from it. Never try to bring people down but lift them up. Show them the power of positive thinking. Why do you think Aunt Robin can always see my sky art? It is because she thought of it first. She comes up with a vivid image and it becomes real. I wish she knew she had the ability to do this because it works for every part of life. You can control your destiny with your own thoughts.

So you asked me what Heaven is like. I have to tell you it is whatever you want. It is a place of ongoing creations that we can share with our loved ones. There are no restrictions on time or space. We are all connected as one whole, a single unit if you will. When I say we, I also mean you. While alive you are also connected to us. We have always been together and always will be. Thoughts keep us connected so pay close attention to them. This is how we communicate and it has always been that way. When you think of me I can feel it, therefore we are together. Just like when I think of you a thought will come up in your mind. Please don’t let thoughts of me be negative because that is not my intention for you. I want you to feel the joy and happiness that I feel. I feel no pain or sadness here, so that is the last thing you should feel while I am thinking of you. If you want to know if you are experiencing a pure thought pay attention to how you are feeling at that very moment. If it is pure and from God you will feel good. Your heart will be lifted and there will be no denying it. If it does not feel good than it came from your own thought process. Re-learn how to think, because it can change your life. You can do anything you want with the right mind frame. This is one great lessons we are born to learn. You can create your perfect world while living, all you have to do is think you can. I wish I knew this while I was there, it is really that simple.

Mom, just watch your thoughts because they become reality. Anything is possible and I believe in you. Have faith in yourself and no more second guessing please. I am beyond happy and want the same for you.

I love you!


Inspiration From Above

Source: AWAKEN

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