Consciousness Is An Art By Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.

What is consciousness anyway? It has been studied, supposed, written about, experimented with ad nauseum. There haven’t ever been any definitive answers to the question, but yet, there have been fleeting glimpses of possibilities to the human race that have the potential to change our entire earthly experience.

Consciousness is super luminal. It is faster than the speed of light. It is unlimited in scope, not tied to the boundaries of our brains, or even time or space. Our consciousness can travel outside of our bodies unfettered, reaching into endless realities to learn, to experience, to heal, to well the possibilities are endless.
The greatest misconception about consciousness is that it has anything to do with our brains. Our brains are electrical in nature, with neurons firing, exciting specific pathways that are developed in our cognitive and learning processes. These pathways are predictable and can be expanded (or not!) with our life experiences.

Our brains strive to create logic in our perceptions, even filling in gaps in incoming information in order to create an entire story for us. Our brains act as our survival mechanism, letting us know when we are safe and when we are not.

In addition to the pure logic that our brains demand and create, our egos influence our thinking dramatically. Unfortunately the ego is the greatest liar on the planet. It bases all of its deductions on past experience and never considers the possibilities that are available in the present. Our egos in conjunction with our brains keep us afraid so that we don’t step outside of our understood and predictable comfort zones.

Consciousness on the other hand, is not limited by any earthly experience except our perceptions. As we deduce our experiences in our everyday lives, we form story lines that become our reality. That reality is often based upon self-deception and or misinformation.

The more we live these illusions, the more tangled out lives become and we move farther and farther away from the truth that remains deep within us.
Fortunately our consciousness remembers those truths. Our access to higher awareness is often inhibited by the very firing of our brains. The more mental we are, the more linear our thinking, the greater firing of the nerves within our brains. As the electrical activity escalates, our access to the finer perceptions of our consciousness diminishes and our perceptions become hammered down into finite beliefs. Worse, we lose our intuitive nature.

Consciousness is electromagnetic. It is a living field of energy that both animates our corporeal bodies and acts as a continual flow of information both to us and from creation. Consciousness has the ability to visit past present and future individually or simultaneously. It can bring information to us as whole knowings rather than singular linear thoughts. In fact, our consciousness is our lifeline to creation.

Consciousness isn’t logical. It doesn’t know how to lie. It just is. It never sleeps, in fact when we do, our consciousness works very hard to assist us in processing our daily life experience in the form of dreams. Often when we are sleeping and are no longer defended as we are in our waking moments, our consciousness takes us to very real places where we learn on multiple levels of awareness, remember past experiences and even get glimpses of coming experiences. While we are sleeping our consciousness also helps us process our powerful emotions.

In our waking time, our consciousness assist us with high awareness, bringing us messages about potential directions we can take, opportunities we have, and provides guidance to us about all manner of things.

The question is are we listening? When our intuitive thoughts come to us we often blow them off as crazy or unrelated to the moment. In fact, those sideways thoughts are a much more aware part of us trying to steer us where we really meant to go!

Consciousness does much more than simply guide us through our days and nights. It carries the memories of all of our experiences in relation to all of creation. As our experiences are communicated into creation, they move as a free energy flow outward, telling creation about our experiences, our thoughts, feelings and emotions, our desires, needs and limitless other bits of information. As creation receives our messages it literally rearranges to bring us the very reality we have messaged.

We don’t realize how powerful we are because we are too busy believing our external world about who we should be. We become sidetracked because we are taught not to trust ourselves, that we are imperfect, lacking, whatever. The truth is that our consciousness allows us to act as co-creators in the experience of life. As aspects of God, reflected in human form, each with the purpose of living and interacting within every moment to the best of our abilities without hesitation or fear because we are whole and perfect members of creation divinely guided by the part of us that is unlimited, not subject to untruths, misguidance or anything else that could way lay us from the journey we as souls have come to have.

Consciousness is an uninhibited, unembodied, living expression of infinite art. It is creation evolving in every moment along with us and our human experiences. It can bring us anything and everything if only we can trust ourselves to let go, to let our daily defenses down so that we are accessible to ourselves. It is our divine light, showing us the way beyond imperfection and back to luminosity as living expressions of the divine.

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