Numerology Speaks: 2018 is an 11 Master Year

“Portal” painting by Greer Jonas

The Global Year of the Master 11.

2018 is like going through a portal.

One we have never experienced before. 2+0+1+8 =11

Thus, in the first two weeks, we have observed all the women at the Golden Globes wearing black and making a statement of solidarity to change women’s rights and be treated fairly. And the president of the United States making statements that stir and offend the emotions and dignity of its people as well as other countries. He too is a catalyst for shaking us all up. (I promise this will not be a political commentary, but written as an observer of the chaos that is going on in this country.)

What is in store for you in 2018?

According to 2018 numerology, this global year is a Master Year – a “portal” for all of us. The master 11 is the energy of divine inspiration, leadership, and new beginnings. It is a time of tapping into the wisdom that comes from our intuition and the connection to our higher power, beyond our intellect. When we do this, we have a clear channel to discover the truth and to make a difference in our lives and others.

Something new is happening. Do you feel it? In mastery, an eleven vibration can shift what has been the norm because you are tapping into the universal collective of light and intelligence. You are connecting with the divine knowledge from the source of all things.

2018 Numerology – A Portal

The new doorway is the opportunity to step through our conceived failures, our judgmental insecurities, our “it’s too late” thought forms and open to a very new experience of potential beyond what we have ever experienced.

Of course, we have to do the work. It means we have to look at what we have been putting up with, in our relationships, our careers, and ourselves. Have we limited our full potential because of fear of how others will react?

Have we limited our own power because of a belief system that we have taken on or have heard from others?

“What I know for sure is that speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have.” —Oprah Winfrey (Quote is taken from Oprah’s acceptance speech for the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement at the Golden Globes on Sunday, January 7, 2018)

Are you Ready to Walk Through the Portal?

What a wild ride we had during 2017 — all levels were affected: our politics, our environment, our emotions, and our belief systems. We have been moved to keep our eyes wide open and aware. 2018 promises to be a time to take action and to make a difference in your life, your relationships and in the world. It is indeed a time of letting go, speaking our truths, and enjoying the ride.

11/2 is the Divine Union of the Yin and Yang

11 (double ones) is the energy of action, the yang. Two (2) is the feminine and intuitive energy of the yin— sensitivity, and relationship. When we tap into the 11/2, we can learn about balance and duality. There are two contrasting elements to form one whole. Like the duality of light and dark, stillness and movement, without one, there is no other.

So, in the global year of 11/2, the direction is more precise. It had to happen… our world and our systems have been breaking down.

Systems are breaking down.

It is a wake-up call, and we are invited to keep our eyes wide open. If we stay awake, we can deal with the masculine/feminine energy within us — not diminishing either, or making one more potent than the other.

It is not about relinquishing our power or dimming our light. By fearlessly facing the truth, we can break the patterns from old dynamics that do not serve the people we love or us.

What is your Personal Year Theme in this Master Year 2018?
All of us have the specific personal year 2018 theme based on your birthday. The global master year of 2018 will influence our personal year in a huge way.

By using the formula below, you can find the specific theme that you will experience during 2018 according to numerology. It is a perfect time to set new intentions and goals.

Find Your Personal Year in 2018

To calculate, add the month and day of birth to the current year. So, if your birthday were April 1, it would be calculated as so:

4+1+2+0+1+8=16. 1+6=7

REMEMBER: if your personal year calculates to a master number 11 or 22, do not reduce.

So, if your birthday is April 1, your personal year is a 7. The seven-year is an inner journey – a spiritual time of connecting inside of self to seek the truth. Perhaps exploring the unknown and embracing your nonconformity. With this theme, the 11 will help you push through your shyness and explore something new in your life.

Personal Master Year Themes
How will you embrace your life and lessons every day with a unique approach? Tap into your intuition and let go of old patterns that are not working. Once you have calculated your personal year, check out and discover what you will encounter this year. What are you willing to let go of?

1 – Year of new beginnings and innovative ideas. You might attract a new job or a vibrant relationship. Challenge: fear of taking the next step.

2 – Connecting in relationships of all forms – romantic, business, social and self. Challenge: caring too much what others think.

3 – Year of creativity and self-expression in every form – art, music, speaking, writing. Challenge: fear of sharing your voice.

4 – Year of the builder, the organizer, a great time to get something done. Challenge: feeling bogged down by all the work you are doing or feeling overwhelmed.

5 – Year of fun, increased social life, travel, and energy. Being out there in the world with people. Challenge: feeling a loss of freedom, overwhelm, or too much on your plate.

6 – Year of all matters of the heart. Dealing with family, loved ones, community, relationships. This could be a time of marriage, birth or rebirth. Challenge: experiencing loss, feeling overburdened or taking on too much responsibility.

7 – Year of spirituality and connection with inner self, year of unique thoughts and actions. Challenge: feeling unsociable, withdrawn, fear of speaking your truth.

8 – Year of abundance, leadership, and manifestation. A great time to achieve your dreams. Challenge: Being too self-consumed. Feeling over-burdened. Instead of being the leader, feeling oppressed, or the victim.

9 – Year of transformation, transition, and completion. A time to examine your life and see what new path to take. Challenge: Will you look at the lessons of what you have been putting up with and decide to change the direction of your life?

11/2 – the Master year of inspired ideas and actions. These ideas can influence and inspire others and may deal with your relationships (2). Don’t leave yourself out of the equation! Challenge: Having many dreams but not acting on them. (Being in a master 11 personal year in the global year of 11 will be doubly robust for you. Try not to get too overwhelmed:)

22/4 – Year of mastery in relationships (2) and building (4). This is a time to connect with others profoundly and make a difference. A great time to achieve a project with others. Challenge: Taking on a project without asking for help. Taking it all on and caretaking others.

About the Author
Greer Jonas is an artist, teacher, and intuitive numerologist for over 30 years. She gives numerology readings through Skype, phone and in person in NYC and CT. Contact her for an appointment, get a class schedule or ask questions about your personal year at

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