Is World Peace a Possibility? – Rupert Spira 

Published on Mar 9, 2018

A man wonders why the non-dual understanding is not prevalent throughout the world.

Love Calls: Insights of a Former Carmelite by Kimberly Braun M.A. CSP Minister Reiki Master (Author)

Allow Kimberly to share her story, her hero’s journey, in the privacy of your heart and you will see that this relationship is one that calls us all, at some level to live to our highest potential. Brian Luke Seaward, Ph.D. Quiet Mind, Fearless Heart

Kimberly’s quest to pursue a connection with the divine is awe-inspiring. As a woman seeking spiritual connection, too, I felt while I was reading that I was her friend and confidant…Kimberly heard the call of the mystic, and as all seem to do, eventually, left the solitary life to emerge as a missionary to share her love for the divine and what she knows as the power of the soul. Sarah McLean, Soul-Centered: Transform Your Life in 8 Weeks with Meditation

Poignant, powerful and poetic, this wonderful book by Kimberly Braun is unique in the world of spirituality and personal growth and offers important insights and messages for all.
~Jonathan Ellerby, Ph.D., Return to the Sacred

Kimberley Braun: Living Your Yes!

TED Talks speaker and former Carmelite nun Kimberly Braun speaks on Living Your Yes. Brimming with inspiration and chock full of practical tools, Kimberly will share new ways to step into your Yes every moment of every day. What are the essential pieces of living your Yes, how does your life change as you begin to do so, and how can we bring this into every moment of every day?

Kimberly Braun is a former Carmelite nun, author and speaker. A popular teacher and workshop leader, she inspires her hearers to become their fullest, richest happiest and most peace-filled selves.

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