Tara Brach: From Head to Heart

 Published on Apr 6, 2018

Tara Brach: From Head to Heart (2018-04-04)

If we are suffering, we are believing an interpretation of reality that is limiting and untrue. At these times we are imprisoned in a painful looping of fear-driven thoughts and feelings. This talk explores the ways our practices of mindfulness, compassion and loving presence can guide us from addictive thinking to perceiving life with a wise heart.

I Am…….? What it actually means? Eckhart Tolle

Published on Apr 8, 2018

In this video, Eckhart Tolle tells what I AM really means!

Michael James ‘The Real Behind All Appearances’ Interview by Iain McNay

Published on Apr 7, 2018

Michael James ‘The Real Behind All Appearances’ Interview by Iain McNay
Author of ‘Happiness and The Art Of Being – An Introduction to the philosophy and practice of the spiritual teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana.’ Michael travelled overland to India when he was 19 to help find some deeper meaning to his life. He discovered the book ‘Who Am I’ by Ramana Maharashi and went to Tiruvannamallai where Ramana had lived to find out more about him. There he connected with Sri Sadhu Om who had been a student of Ramana Maharashi and ended up living there for 20 years. 

He learnt Tamil and translated many books into English. He is widely regarded now as the principle scholar of Ramana’s teachings and spends his time translating his work. http://www.happinessofbeing.com/

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