Why Does Consciousness Allow Violence Towards Children? ~ Rupert Spira

Published on Jun 15, 2018

A man asks why perfect consciousness allows violence toward children.

Adyashanti – The Continuous Commitment of Retreat

Published on 14 Jun 2018
Imagine what it would be like if the experience of a residential retreat continued after the retreat. Adyashanti explores how the commitment we make during retreat can be a lifetime choice. By bringing an ongoing commitment to your spiritual life, and applying that daily, you are able to create a profound and beautiful life.

Excerpted from “The Edge of Your Own Evolution”:

Quotes from this Video:

“Retreat is a state of mind. It’s a commitment. When you sign up for a retreat, you’ve made a statement that whatever the retreat represents for you is the most important thing that you could be doing for that particular week.”

“Imagine that retreat never ended. That retreat was, in essence, a lifetime commitment. Then you’re really onto something powerful. Then your spirituality isn’t segmented into this little corner of your life.”

Awakened Humanity, Leonard Jacobson

Leonard Jacobson is an awakened spiritual teacher, mystic and gifted healer.

He experienced a spontaneous spiritual awakening in 1981. This first awakening was followed by a series of further awakenings, occurring approximately every three years. As a result of these enlightenment experiences, he is able to guide others into the direct experience of the awakened state of Presence, Love and Oneness. He also shares how to integrate awakened consciousness into everyday life and relationships.

Leonard is the author of five books, Words from Silence, Embracing the Present, Bridging Heaven & Earth, Journey into Now and his most recent book, In Search of the Light, a children’s book. He has written, produced and performed a one man play on the true meaning of the words of Jesus, titled Liberating Jesus. There is a DVD of the play.

He was also the recipient of the 2005 Peace Prize awarded by Religious Science International.

In his books, seminars and retreats, Leonard shares invaluable keys to enlightenment as well as effective ways to integrate higher consciousness into everyday living. He has been traveling throughout the U.S., Europe, Australia and Asia for the past thirty years offering inspiration, healing and guidance to those on the path of spiritual awakening. His teachings and his presence are a powerful reminder that the source of life and truth is within each one of us.

How Social Interactions Change After Awakening – Amoda Maa

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