All You Need Is Love: Peter Russell

Published on 28 Jun 2018

Peter Russell reflects on fifty years of increasingly global exploration of consciousness since the Summer of Love. He charts the phases of this awakening, beginning with the focus on a change of consciousness, and deepening into the understanding that we don’t need to go anywhere to find inner peace and joy

. He points to our interpretation of the Sanskrit word anand, usually translated as bliss, but literally the much more accessible “great contentment.”

Adyashanti – What Is Truth?

Published on 29 Jun 2018
What is truth? It’s not just mere opinion. It’s not the next conditioned thought that runs through your mind.

Adyashanti reveals how telling the truth is an essential part of embodying your deepest experience of being. He points to truth as a unifier and how your allowance to hear the truth is just as important as your dedication to speaking the truth.

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