Organic Awakening by Kosi Sunyata (Author)

This little book packs a punch. It is the code breaker of enlightenment that reveals the genetics of suffering and how to break free of patterns of fear, sadness, anxiety and other forms of suffering. This book has an unexpected twist that offers shockingly simple and deep teaching. Thoughtout the book there is such a deep pointing to the living truth that it is not uncommond for readers to have direct experience of the happiness you are in the core of your being. One reader said, “Organic Awakening is full of surprises. At one point I laughed out loud and kept laughing for over two hours! This books says what can never be said.”

What is the Genetic Mind?

Recognizing the genetic mind is essential for breaking free of deeply engrained patterns of suffering. The genetic mind is so strong that inquiry, silence, and the mantra are essential for burning through this very resilient veil of mind. For more info please visit

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