How to Improve your Planetary Karma with Ketu – Part 1

Video series with क्षणाति Kṣaṇāti Nakṣatra
Ketu is known as the presenter of obstacles, and this inherent energy and nature Ketu manifests deeply in its Karmic Expression.

How to use ancient remedial techniques, contemporary lifestyle practices, Ayurvedic remedies, as well as paradigms or ways of thinking to improve our karmic relationship with Ketu; thereby supporting us to achieve the aim of life and Ketu’s influences in each individual’s karma.

Topics of Discussion in this 2-part video:

1. Ketu’s Karma
2. Ketu through Signs & Nakshatras
3. Ketu’s current transit in Aquarius
4. Improvement of Ketu Karma – Remedial measures
5. SA Community chart interpretation,
within the realm of Ketu’s karmic indfuence
6. Webinar live question & answer
7. Summing it all up

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Due to hard work and love of community volunteer astrologers (Vedic and Western Astrology) spread across the globe, in a shorter duration, the magazine has become the most recognized magazine in the world.

Suzanne Stryker – Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

Suzanne Stryker is an intuitive healer, artist, writer and teacher. She has always tended to have profound spiritual experiences.

For over 45 years Suzanne has experienced unity, with divine and Vedic perceptions. Yet she does not claim to have reached the pinnacle of evolution, if there even is such a thing. She feels she is a continual blissful work in progress.

Suzanne had a close student/teacher relationship with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. In 1976 Maharishi said, “Suzanne is having a positive influence on other people and their experiences, a catalytic effect…”.

Since 1972 Suzanne has been the subject of numerous scientific studies, some of them published in peer-reviewed journals. One study suggested she could influence matter at the quantum mechanical level by mere intention. EEG studies recorded different types of brain wave coherence not typically seen, indicating harmonious and orderly functioning between different parts of her brain.

She was interviewed for Oprah’s “Next Chapter” show (not yet aired). She has been asked to be in a movie with David Lynch on Maharishi’s life.

Through distance healings and phone sessions, she assists people with issues ranging from addiction to dharma. Some of her webinars focus on cultivating intuition, healing and other abilities so that participants can heal themselves and help others as well.

The Good News – Byron Katie

by Byron Katie: Stephen and I were talking about Jesus and the Gospel, which he told me means “the good news.” He asked me what I thought of Jesus’s message. Here is an edited version:

There’s nothing that isn’t good news. The good news is that there is no bad news. I imagine that Jesus saw goodness in all things. He received everything with an open mind and heart, and he realized that every experience is given, every experience is a gift. It’s falling down, it’s getting up, it’s your everyday chores, it’s the smell of fresh strawberries, the smell of garbage, it’s the death of a loved one, it’s your husband falling in love with another woman, it’s everything that happens in your life, whether you believe that it’s good or bad. He saw the apparent bad as good, because he no longer lived in the world of opposites, the world where there is anything powerful enough to override the true nature of everything. He had understood this good news, the nature of things, so deeply that he could live it.

This is another way of saying that Jesus trusted God with all his heart. He called God “Father” not because he imagined God as a human being sitting above the clouds, but because to his mind a father was pure generosity. I don’t think Jesus was a mystic; he didn’t have visions or exotic experiences; he saw and heard and smelled just what you or I see and hear and smell. But he saw it all as good. He knew what the Bible meant when it says that on the sixth day God looked at all of creation and said, “It is very good.”

People usually talk about God as if He were a character in a story. I don’t think that Jesus saw God that way. I think that he saw God with a clear mind, as everything. For me, the word God means “reality.” Reality is God, because it rules. I often say, and I love to repeat this: If you argue with reality, you lose—but only 100 percent of the time.

I can always trust God’s will, and I don’t have to guess what it is. Whatever happens is God’s will. Whether I live or die, whether my husband and children live or die, whether I am rich or poor, sick or well, whether there is war or peace, abundance or famine, sunshine or hurricane or earthquake, that is God’s will, and therefore it’s my will. I’m in love with reality, and reality includes everything: both sides of everything. My arms are open to it all.

The story goes that “God” gave the commandments to Moses on Mount Sinai. I don’t know what happened, if anything, on Sinai. But I do know that if God is a character in a story, I have to project all sorts of qualities onto him. If I believe that he is judgmental and punishes disobedience, like a strict father, I have to live in fear. If I believe that he is compassionate and loving, I’ll live in trust—until something apparently bad happens or until things don’t go my way. After the Newtown massacre in 2012, I heard a priest say on television that God was sad because He couldn’t keep it from happening. I can see why people get angry or disappointed at a God like that. But with either version of God—the cruel, judgmental one or the well-meaning, powerless one—people are simply reacting to their own projection.

Even if you project God as all-loving, all-compassionate, and all-forgiving, that God is still too far away for me. He is still separate, and there is no freedom in separation. It has to be closer than that. With anything you love, with anyone you love, you always want to be closer, closer. For me, God means no separation. No separation, physical or mental. When the mind can no longer separate God from reality, we are left in the state of total intimacy. We become one with reality in an entirely new way, and that’s a beautiful thing.

I have spent a lot of time in the desert, apparently lost, and very comfortable in being lost. I’ve spent hours watching insects going about their lives. I’ve watched a bird in a cactus or in the crevice of a hill gathering materials for a nest, with everything supplied for it to do that, an abundance of everything. Its wings carry it wherever it needs to go, and it even has feet to hop on, and it knows its way around, and everything works perfectly in unison for it to get what it needs. Everything the bird has eaten and drunk nourishes its body, and its life is so simple, water and air and earth all working together as the original mother of perfection. That perfection is always going on, everywhere. Other than what you’re believing about it, what else could reality be? What else could you be?

Those insects, those birds, were always acting within their own integrity. They were following God’s simple commandment. No external authority can give you the peace of heart that you feel when you act from your own integrity. And how can there be an external authority? Isn’t that just you, believing what someone else says is true? The truth can only come from within your mind. Ultimately, no matter what someone tells you to think, you’re the one who believes it or not, and responsibility begins and ends in the innocence of believing. Life is a projection of mind, and you’re the projector. You are the authority. You always have been.

I experience reality as something so benevolent, so beautiful, so pure that there is no word for it. I don’t have a problem calling it “God.” It exists wherever I turn my eyes (and even saying “exists” is saying too much). When I first realized this, I was amazed. I was ecstatic, and I still am. God, God, God—that was the song I heard. That is the song I keep singing. There is nothing that doesn’t fit into this kindness, this pure abundance. And who of right mind wouldn’t be devoted to it? It was—is—so obvious. That’s where I found myself—on my knees internally, at its feet, without reservation, unceasingly, awake to what I had realized. God, for me, is the beloved, the goodness and purity of the world. And in my experience, I can’t know God until I know myself.

Stephen tells me that the Hebrew name for God can mean “That which is.” “That which is” is an excellent name for God. God is everything. Everything is good, and when we don’t experience it that way, we suffer. Seeing anything in your life as unacceptable obliterates God’s goodness. But it obliterates it only for you, only for a while. God’s goodness doesn’t change. It is what it is, whatever you think it is, until it’s not. And for this we have inquiry.

If you‘ve enjoyed sitting in on this conversation, let me know, and it can continue.

Loving what is all,

Source: Byron Katie

Rupert Spira – The Three Possibilities Of You

Rupert Spira – The Three Possibilities Of You

A Manifesto for Sanity and Soul: Stephen Jenkinson

In a wide-ranging and moving talk, spiritual activist and author Stephen Jenkinson advocates for dying well as every person’s right, and shares what he has learned from two decades of working with dying people and their families. Among many eye-opening revelations he points out the wisdom of the English language, whose verb “to die” cannot be used in the passive voice; unlike the death-phobic culture in which we live, it acknowledges that dying is what you do, not what happens to you.

Humanity’s Fundamental Choice – Leonard Jacobson

We have been given free will, which simply means that we have the freedom to choose. Every day we make choices and the choices we make lead inevitably to the consequences that follow. For example, the food you choose to eat today will affect your weight, health and sense of well-being tomorrow. If you choose to remain angry or to hold onto past resentments, or if you choose to repress your emotions, there are consequences that will affect your life and relationships. Many of the consequences that we are living with today can be traced back to choices that we made in the past, sometimes going all the way back to childhood.

If you are not happy in your life or your relationships, try to identify the choices you made in the past that have led to your unhappiness. By connecting the choice with the consequence, you will see that you are the creator of your suffering. You will recognize that you are responsible for whatever is happening in your life, which will free you to revise your choices. You can make new choices that will result in different outcomes for you.

However, at the very heart of free will, there is a fundamental choice that most of us are unaware of. This fundamental choice not only affects every aspect of our lives but it also affects the life and journey of the soul. It will lead to a transformation of how we choose to live upon this earth.

As it is now, we live with a constant stream of thought, most of which is unconscious and unintended. Our minds are rarely silent. All thought takes us into the past or future. There are no exceptions. This means that we are living almost exclusively in the past or future world of the mind. We are living in a world of memory, imagination, concept, idea and belief. Essentially, it is a world of separation and illusion. It is as if we are living within a dream, and we do not realize this until we awaken out of the dream.

To awaken out of the dream is to awaken out of the past and future into the present moment. It is to awaken out of illusion into the truth of life revealed through the present moment, free of our projections, judgments and beliefs. It is to awaken out of separation into the realization of Oneness.

To come out of the past and future into the present moment IS the fundamental choice. Until you awaken into Presence, something very significant is missing in your life.

When you are truly present, your mind is silent. You are an awakened Being, at least for those moments that you are present. And as you relax into Presence you will experience feelings of peace, love, truth and Oneness. To be present is your natural state. It is as simple as bringing yourself present with something that is here in the moment with you. If you can see it, hear it, feel it, taste it, touch it, or smell it in this moment, then you can be present with it.

The only way to leave the present moment is to think. All thought takes you into the past or future. And if you believe in your thoughts, opinions and beliefs as somehow being true, then you will become imprisoned within the world of the mind.

There is nothing wrong with thinking. I am not against thinking, nor am I against using the mind. Without thought, you cannot participate in the world of time. The problem is that most of humanity is addicted to thinking. Our thoughts never stop. When you are living and functioning within the world of the mind, you are living with all the limiting beliefs, emotional wounds and traumas that formed in early childhood. A painful and limited past is projecting onto the present moment, distorting your sense of yourself and your experience of life. This is what has happened to humanity over thousands of years.

Very few know that this fundamental choice is available to them. Even if you are aware of this choice, it is not enough. You have to know how to become present and relax and settle into Presence. And you have to know how to integrate awakened consciousness into everyday life, so that even when you are participating in the world of time, you never go so far into the past or future that you disconnect from Presence.

But it is not that simple. When you are lost in the mind, the ego is in charge. It is the custodian of the separation. It does not want you to become present and it is very skilled at keeping you imprisoned within its world of the past and future. It will bring up thoughts and feelings of anger, blame, resentment, guilt, shame and judgment, all of which take you into the past and imprison you there. It can just as easily tempt you out of the present moment with the promise of future fulfillment, which will take you into an imaginary future. When you become famous, successful or very wealthy, you will be happy. When find a new husband or wife or build a new home you will be happy. But these are false promises designed to keep you in the future and under the ego’s control. It can even seduce you with the promise of enlightenment at some time in the future, but enlightenment can never happen in the future. It can only happen now.

Now let us compare the ego’s false promises with what the present moment has to offer you right now. If you bring yourself present with something that is here in the moment with you, your thoughts will stop. You will open into peace as all the pain and limitations of the past drop away. Anxiety about the future will dissolve. You will open into an entirely new dimension of yourself and of existence.

When you are present, you are love. You are acceptance and compassion. You are without judgment. You are empowered from within and you feel free to be yourself and express yourself honestly and authentically. As you deepen into Presence, you will open into Oneness. At the deepest level of Presence, you will experience the living Presence of God in all things present. At the deepest level of Presence, Heaven on Earth is revealed.

There are so many opportunities to be present each day. Whenever there is no need to be thinking, bring yourself present with something that is here in the moment with you. Gradually, the seed of Presence will flower within you and you will find yourself becoming more and more established in Presence.

It does not matter what you are present with. You can be present with a flower or a tree. You can be present with a bird as it soars through the sky. You can be present with the distant mountain. You can close your eyes and be present with your body as it breathes or you can be present with the sound you hear, moment to moment.

For thousands of years, awakened masters have been sharing the way of awakening with us, but very few of us have responded in a way that leads to liberation. Sooner or later, every human will have to ask the question, “Which world do I choose to live in – the past and future world of the mind or the world of now?” The consequences that flow from this fundamental choice are radically different. One choice leads to Heaven on Earth. The other leads to a kind of Hell on Earth. Our ultimate destiny will be determined by this fundamental choice.

About Leonard:

Leonard Jacobson is an awakened spiritual teacher, mystic and author, who is deeply committed to helping others break through to the joyous experience of living in the NOW. He has been teaching people how to become fundamentally present and arise in mastery of the mind and ego for over 30 years. Find more of Leonard’s work at

Source: AWAKEN

Tara Talks: Listening with Ears of the Heart

When we really listen to another, they sense a space where they can speak authentically. Rachel Naomi Remen writes:

“The places we are seen and heard are holy places. They remind us of our value as human beings. They give us the strength to go on. Eventually they may even help us transform pain into wisdom.”

In the clip above, Tara explores the three steps of deep listening and how this deliberate practice can help us connect more intimately with others as we learn to listen with ‘ears of the heart.’

Andrew Harvey – ‘The Death And The Birth’ – Interview by Iain McNay

Andrew Harvey ‘The Death And The Birth’ Interview by Iain McNay
Author of 30 books including ‘Hidden Journey,’ ‘The Hope,’ and his forthcoming book ‘Radical Passion‘ talks about his life, his awakenings, his ‘dark nights’ and his work these days encouraging people to explore and engage in Sacred Activism. Talks about his time with Mother Meera, the importance of shadow work, and how as a human race we are right on edge of death, but also a new birth.
‘Compassion in Action is the marriage of practical action and spiritual wisdom to create a holy force capable of transforming our world crisis and preserving our planet.’

Evolutionary Relationships: The Seven Requirements Of Love ~ Andrew Harvey

by Andrew Harvey: An Excerpt From “Evolutionary Love Relationships: Passion, Authenticity, and Activism “…

It is critical to remember that this crisis we are facing is a crisis in which the sacred powers of love in the human soul are being diverted by distraction, by greed, by ignorance, by the pursuit of power, so that they never irrigate the world and transform it. What is needed is a vision of evolutionary relationship as a relationship that helps us come into the real, take responsibility for it, and enact our sacred purpose with a partner, and for the world: when two lovers come together in this dynamic love consciousness, they create a transformative field of sacred energy, from which both can feed to inspire their work in reality.

There are seven requirements necessary, I believe, for this tremendously potent vision of evolutionary love to emerge in the world.

The first requirement is that both beings need to be plunged individually into a deep and passionate devotion of the Beloved, by whatever name they know the Beloved, because without both beings centering their life in God, the relationship will never be able to escape the private circle. From the very beginning it must be centered in the Divine. It must be a relationship that is undertaken in the conscious presence of the Divine for the Divine’s great work in the Universe. Only a relationship that is centered in God, and that has God as the prime actor in the relationship, will be able to bear the vicissitudes of authentic love, of dealing with the challenges of life and service in the world.

The second requirement for an evolutionary love is that both beings must develop a mastery of solitude. In his Letters to a Young Poet, Rilke wrote:

“Authentic love is where two solitudes border, protect, and salute each other.”

They “border” each other, they don’t infiltrate each other’s domain. They “protect” because they realize that the solitude that each one has is the source of inner wealth and inner revelation; they “salute” because they understand that the work of solitude, the work that goes into solitude, the heart work, the yearning, the longing, the deep contemplation of one’s gifts and one’s faults, is a sacred work that is the secret foundation of healthy relationship. In too many relationships in our current narcissistic model, what threatens the person most is the solitude of the other. In a true evolutionary relationship, what can exhilarate one person the most is the other’s solitude, because they know that solitude has the potential to make them a billionaire of generosity, of insight, and of creativity.

The third requirement is that in a true evolutionary relationship there is an equality of power, and that equality is born out of a profound experience of the sacredness and dignity of the other person’s soul. This new relationship that is trying to be given to us by the Mother is what I call the beloved-beloved relationship. One person isn’t the beloved and the other only the lover. Both partners recognize in each other the unique face that God is turning to them in order to bring them the essence of divine truth, which is embodied love. From that recognition of each other as the Beloved flows a natural movement of passionate honoring and service of the other’s life. This gives each person the freedom and the energy and the joy that they need to go out into the world and fulfill their destiny. This is crucial because in the past there has been a vision of inequality of power.

The male has often had the power and the female hasn’t. Dominant and submissive roles between two people have been seen as inevitable.

Now what’s emerging is the mutual recognition of holiness and sacredness expressed in tantric rapture, in an adoration and worship of the other in the core of life.

The fourth requirement follows on from the third: if you are going to have a beloved-beloved relationship, you have to center your whole being and work and evolution in God. You have to be a master of your own solitude so that you can work on what is necessary to deepen that sacred relationship of the Divine. You must also bring the sacred practice of prayer and meditation into the very core of your life, so that the whole relationship can be enfolded in a mutually shared sacred enterprise.

The fifth requirement is that both lovers completely abandon any Hollywood sentimentality about what relationships actually are. As love becomes more evolutionary and conscious, so does each lover’s understanding of each other’s shadow. One of the essential roles of this new love is to make each person in the relationship the safe-guarder of the other’s shadow—not the judge of the other’s shadow, not the denier of the other’s shadow, but someone who recognizes where the other has been wounded, and safeguards and protects them with unconditional compassion without allowing themselves to be mauled or manipulated by the other. This takes an immense effort, because it takes an immense effort to understand your own shadow, and an even greater effort to face and comprehend, without illusion, denial or repulsion, the shadow of the other.

The sixth requirement is that if you are going to enter into the evolutionary process, you have to accept that it never ends, never stops unfolding.

There is no end to transformation, because divine love is infinite.

Evolution is fundamentally a death/rebirth cycle that repeats itself in higher and higher dimensions, and any authentic evolutionary relationship must have the courage to go through the deaths that engender the rebirths. Marion Woodman, the great Jungian analyst and pioneer of the sacred feminine, said to me, “I have had four marriages with my husband, and at the end of each marriage there was a crisis that we had to make the commitment to go through, a projection that had to die. But we stuck at it and we went through it, and the love that we know now in our eighties is the greatest and deepest love we have experienced.”

The seventh principle requirement is that from the very beginning of this adventure into evolutionary love you must make the commitment for it not to be just a personal orgy, a cultivation of an oasis of private pleasure. You must engage consciously in this relationship to make you stronger, to serve the planet, to recognize that it is a relationship not only grounded in God, not only infused by sacred practice, but it is from the very beginning dedicated to making both people more powerful, more reflective, more passionately engaged with the only serious truth of our time: The world is dying, and we need a major revolution of the heart to empower everyone to step forward and start doing the work of reconstruction and re-creation that is now desperately needed.

Andrew is the author of The Hope, Play Life More Beautifully and Evolutionary Love Relationships: Passion, Authenticity,and Activism.

Source: the urban howl

Stop Looking for the Big Bang – Amoda Maa

In this video – Amoda has an intimate dialogue with a retreat attendee in which she invites him to be with the fall-out after the big bang of awakening. She points to the tenderness of the heart that is always here, even when the mind is shouting “I got it!”.

Enlightenment is Never Far Away : Sadhguru

Enlightenment is not something that happens. It is always there. The sadhana, or yogic practices that one does on the spiritual path enable you to see that it is there.
You are not doing sadhana to construct divinity within you. Many people talk about self-development, but self is one thing you cannot develop. You can develop the mind, you can develop the ego, but how can you develop the self, which is absolute and boundless?

Only that which is incomplete can be developed. If something is already all-pervading and eternal, how can you develop it? So, sadhana is not about building something. It is not about creating divinity within you or becoming enlightened. The source of creation is already there within you. Sadhana is just a way of opening your eyes. Sadhana is like an alarm bell. The whole thing is just a process of waking you up, waking you up to another level of reality.

There is no such thing as self-knowledge. There is just self. That is all. Jesus made this clear. He talked about himself and his father in heaven, but at one point he said, “I and my father are one.” The you that is beyond all limitations and that which you are referring to as the almighty are the same.

To experience this, you must become willing to transcend your limitations. This willingness is surrender. The only barrier to it is your identity with the limited nature of your body and mind. If you are willing, who can stop you? The sadhana is just to make you willing. Enlightenment is never far away, but to make a person completely willing takes time because there are layers and layers of resistance. It takes time to work through the resistance, to become absolutely willing. It need not necessarily take time, but generally people do take time.

India is a very ancient culture that has produced many enlightened beings. This is a culture that has always said that the only way to transform oneself is to turn into a god. Yoga is a scientific tool to realize and experience this. In yoga we have no incarnations of God. We see the possibility that even you can become godlike, blissful and all-seeing.

Let this be clear. Yoga is a technology, so there is no question of it working for one person and not working for another. Your telephone, television and computer work for everyone — even though most people do not have a clue as to how they work. You just have to learn how to use them. Similarly, most people will never understand how yoga works. Factors such as age, attitude, or karmic situations can decide how quickly it works, but it definitely works whether you can immediately notice it or not. Some people will catch fire like gasoline, some will burn like paper, others will burn like wet wood, but yoga can definitely hasten everyone’s evolution.

If enlightenment is the one and only purpose of your life and all your energies are focused in this direction, it is not far away. The problem is that people have so many other priorities, so spirituality is kept on the side. What you are seeking is within you. If it is the only priority of your life, nothing can stop you. If you are willing, what is within you cannot be denied to you even for a moment.

Right now, you are the divine but unaware of it. Whatever you are unaware of, does not exist for you; you must understand that. If you are sitting down and an elephant is standing right behind you and you are unaware of it, it does not exist for you. Only when you become aware of it does it exist for you. Similarly, although God is within you, as long as you are unaware of your God-like nature, it doesn’t exist for you. When someone becomes aware, he also becomes aware that everybody carries the same potential.

Life as you know it is not a barrier. If realizing your ultimate nature is the only priority in your life, everything you do will naturally orient itself toward that. Your work, relationships, love, money — even your very life’s breath — will orient themselves toward your ultimate nature. The experience of every little thing you do becomes extremely fulfilling and joyful when it is done in the light of great purpose. Once your ultimate nature is your only priority, the life process will become a joyful and fulfilling process.

Source: AWAKEN

Adyashanti – Awakened Consciousness

Published on 24 Aug 2018
Adyashanti explores the impact of your awakening as an individual as it relates to the consciousness of the whole. When someone is deeply awake, their consciousness is being utilized by something greater than their egocentric makeup, which contributes to the state of our consciousness as a whole. Adyashanti explores the importance that our state of consciousness has on the world around us.

Excerpted from “The Awakening of

Quotes from this Video:

“The spiritual impulse is something outside of the egoic makeup. It is the impulse toward God, life, totality—to become self-aware.”

“Awakening is when the whole becomes aware of itself; it is when eternity becomes self-aware.”

”What is happening in a deeply awakened person is that consciousness is being utilized by something greater than their egocentric makeup.”

“Because of the way we are conditioned to think about this, what we imagine beforehand is tha53t what happens is ‘I’ awaken, but anyone who has really ever deeply awakened doesn’t believe that. They know that’s not really what happens. The whole awakens through the individual.”

“Whenever we have a true awakening, what’s actually happening is that the yŕ is becoming aware through the individual.”

“Human beings are so powerful. The state of our consciousness means something, in fact, it means a lot. As far as life is concerned, it couldn’t possibly mean more, because we have the power to destroy it. So it’s pretty important how conscious we are, how conscious the whole becomes, and how many individuals that awakened consciousness is functioning through.”

Nature Only Takes Us So Far – Rupert Spira

Published on 24 Aug 2018
A man wants to know if the development of the ego is a natural part of the human experience.

Love Is the Absence of the Person – Rupert Spira

A man would like to know if there is room for love and compassion within consciousness.

Where Do Our Thoughts Come From?

A woman who has noticed that she has no control over her thoughts wants to know where they come from.

The Art of Peace By Morihei Ueshiba


The real way of the warrior is based on compassion, wisdom, fearlessness, and love of nature. So taught the great Morihei Ueshiba (1883–1969), founder of the Japanese martial art of Aikido. Aikido is a mind-body discipline Ueshiba called the “Art of Peace.” It offers a nonviolent way to victory in the face of conflict, and he believed that Aikido principles could be applied to all the challenges we face in life—in personal and business relationships, as well as in our interactions with society. These succinct and pithy teachings are drawn from his talks and writings. The collection is compiled and translated by renowned Aikidoist John Stevens, a disciple of Ueshiba.

The Art of Peace by Morihei Ueshiba

Adyashanti – Engaging with this Teaching

Published on 17 Aug 2018
From “The Way of Liberation” Online Course, Adyashanti describes how his teachings are meant to be received. Instead of his teachings being answers in response to questions, they are meant to engage your heart, evoke your highest values, and continue to live within you at the core of your being.

Excerpted from “The Way of Liberation Online Course”:

Quotes from this Video:

“To engage in this teaching of the way of liberation is to engage in a creative process. You have to find out what the teaching evokes in you, what it means for you right now. Because what it means for you at any point in time may and probably will change as your own realization matures and your spirituality matures. Then what this teaching conveys and elicits from you will change as well.”

“A good teaching is something that you work with. It elicits where you are in the journey of life. It highlight where you are holding on and where you are willing to let go. It highlights what you hold as valuable and meaningful. It helps you get priorities more connected to your heart – to that very deep core of being and essence inside of you.”

“I don’t see a teaching as something that’s supposed to feed people answers. I see a teaching that inherently is there to bring forth what’s inside – that truth, that reality – into consciousness.”

Rupert Spira On Boredom

The Continuous Element in All Experience – Rupert Spira

Published on 17 Aug 2018
A man enquires about the difference between experience and awareness.

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