What is Karma? How Do You Break the Karmic Trap – Sadhguru

What is Karma? Sadhguru speaks on the nature of memory and how it influences not just our mind and emotion, but also our body and genetic make-up. He also relates memory to the karmic structure in the human system and how to go beyond this.

Now the essence of all this is, first thing is to understand the nature of how existence is happening. Either you can look at this (Gestures) or you can look at the atom or you can look at the universe. If you want to look at the universe, it is complex, it is difficult because you don’t have a gallery seat, you know. There is no… it is not like a stadium you can sit somewhere and watch the whole universe, very difficult. You can only see it in pieces. If you want an…want…want to watch an atom, nobody has seen an atom, do you know this? Do you know this? Even in a super electron microscope, you can’t see an atom. We have observed its activity but we have never seen an atom as such, but we have broken it. We are capable of breaking things that even we cannot see, that’s our…We are very proud of this these days. (Laughs) We can break anything. We can make it or not is a questionable thing, but we can break anything we want. Even if we cannot see it, we can break it.

Now what you see and what you do not see itself is a very dicey thing. In the sense, what is it that you can see? Right now, can you see my hand?

Meditators: Yes.

Sadhguru: Yes. You can see my hand only because my hand stops light. If my hand did not stop this light, if it allowed light to pass through you wouldn’t see this hand. Yes? Or in other words, right now your visual apparatus can see only those things which stop light. Anything that allows light through, you cannot see it. You cannot see life… light itself first of all. Can you see the light that is here? No. Only whatever stops light you can see it. What does not stop light, you cannot see it. Tch… Very bad, isn’t it? You must be able to see all those things which allow light to pass through because they are important things. But right now, your visual apparatus are trained to see or capable of seeing only that which stops light.

So the whole process of seeing life the way it is means – first of all, evolving an eye, a thoughtless eye, an eye which is free of thought. When I say free of thought, it is free from the taint of memory. Right now, these two eyes are heavily loaded with memory. See, you can see this – if you see a group of people like this, if you just casually look like this, if the…among these hundreds of people, if there is one face that you are familiar with; you will see suddenly that face sticks out. Have you noticed this? Have you noticed this? You are going on a street, there’re hundred people standing there, your friend is among that. If you look here just this friend’s face is more clear than the rest of the faces because this eye works with memory. The more memory you have, the better it sees. No memory, it cannot see.

Memory means an accumulated past. Memory means information. Memory means that which does not exist but acts out as if it does. Memories are more real than reality. Isn’t it so? Yes or no? See I want you to understand, everything in your life is run by memory. Not just your computer stick – everything in your life. When I say memory, it’s not just what you carry here, (Gestures) your very body is a body of memory. Why if you eat a banana, it becomes a masculine body and if she eats a banana, it becomes a feminine body, is simply because of the memory that it contains, isn’t it? The information that is stored in this body and that body is different. Same banana, it becomes a man; same banana, it becomes a woman. Yes or no? Hmm?

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