Deepak Chopra Wants to Heal Donald Trump’s “Inflamed” Inner Child

Deepak Chopra chats with Jimmy about the importance of difficult and polarizing moments in history, and he offers some ideas and a book recommendation to heal a “wounded” President Trump.

Deepak Chopra Guides Jimmy Through Meditation

Deepak Chopra guides Jimmy, The Roots and the Tonight Show audience through a two-minute meditation.

What Happens at Time of DEATH – Eckhart Tolle

What Happens at Time of Death by Eckhart Tolle.
Eckhart speaks about the experience we face at the time of death. Eckhart describes various types of experiences which is faced by human beings. The type of experience totally depends on the type of consciousness of a particular person throughout his or her lifetime.

A person who is identified with the form or the body will face totally different experience at the time of death as compared to the person who is not identified with the form or the body. These different types of consciousness will result in different types of experience at the time of death from person to person.

Some experience might look extremely positive while may be very negative. But having taken that into account, every experience that is faced by a person, positive or negative, has it’s own significance in the person’s life.

Eckhart describes us how the REAL cannot be Threatened, though the death takes away the body of the human being. But there is something which can never be Destroyed & that is the ESSENCE…!

Adyashanti – The Heart of Spirituality

Published on Aug 10, 2018
Adyashanti explores the heart of spirituality and invites you to drop this inquiry into your being: What is dictating the orientation of my life? Setting aside judgment and the endlessly dissatisfied ‘me,’ you can dive deeply into the exploration of your highest values, and with clarity, you can orient towards them.

Excerpted from “The Spiritually Examined Life”:

Quotes from this Video:

“One of the most important things about spirituality is to get clear on: What is my orientation?”

“Judgment and shame are the most powerful ways that the ‘me’ orients all attention towards itself.”

“To establish a good orientation, look at the values that come from the deepest state of being: truth, love, compassion, service.”

“A good form of spirituality will give voice and structure to those self-transcending values.”

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