Adyashanti – Engaging with this Teaching

Published on 17 Aug 2018
From “The Way of Liberation” Online Course, Adyashanti describes how his teachings are meant to be received. Instead of his teachings being answers in response to questions, they are meant to engage your heart, evoke your highest values, and continue to live within you at the core of your being.

Excerpted from “The Way of Liberation Online Course”:

Quotes from this Video:

“To engage in this teaching of the way of liberation is to engage in a creative process. You have to find out what the teaching evokes in you, what it means for you right now. Because what it means for you at any point in time may and probably will change as your own realization matures and your spirituality matures. Then what this teaching conveys and elicits from you will change as well.”

“A good teaching is something that you work with. It elicits where you are in the journey of life. It highlight where you are holding on and where you are willing to let go. It highlights what you hold as valuable and meaningful. It helps you get priorities more connected to your heart – to that very deep core of being and essence inside of you.”

“I don’t see a teaching as something that’s supposed to feed people answers. I see a teaching that inherently is there to bring forth what’s inside – that truth, that reality – into consciousness.”

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