Adyashanti – Awakened Consciousness

Published on 24 Aug 2018
Adyashanti explores the impact of your awakening as an individual as it relates to the consciousness of the whole. When someone is deeply awake, their consciousness is being utilized by something greater than their egocentric makeup, which contributes to the state of our consciousness as a whole. Adyashanti explores the importance that our state of consciousness has on the world around us.

Excerpted from “The Awakening of

Quotes from this Video:

“The spiritual impulse is something outside of the egoic makeup. It is the impulse toward God, life, totality—to become self-aware.”

“Awakening is when the whole becomes aware of itself; it is when eternity becomes self-aware.”

”What is happening in a deeply awakened person is that consciousness is being utilized by something greater than their egocentric makeup.”

“Because of the way we are conditioned to think about this, what we imagine beforehand is tha53t what happens is ‘I’ awaken, but anyone who has really ever deeply awakened doesn’t believe that. They know that’s not really what happens. The whole awakens through the individual.”

“Whenever we have a true awakening, what’s actually happening is that the yŕ is becoming aware through the individual.”

“Human beings are so powerful. The state of our consciousness means something, in fact, it means a lot. As far as life is concerned, it couldn’t possibly mean more, because we have the power to destroy it. So it’s pretty important how conscious we are, how conscious the whole becomes, and how many individuals that awakened consciousness is functioning through.”

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