Adyashanti – A State of Wonder

Adyashanti explores our natural, spiritual instinct to be curious about the world and life around us. By connecting to our childlike sense of wonder, and not focusing on finding a specific answer, we enter into a state of not-knowing. This innocent exploration allows our spiritual instinct to flourish and allows us to live in a state of wonder.

Quotes from this Video:

“To be in the wonderment—this is where our spiritual instinct really flourishes.”

“It’s so natural for a human being to have these curious and innocent wonderings about life, before it becomes a technique that you’re expecting a payoff from, and before ‘who am I?’ becomes a clichéd question that you imagine you’re supposed to ask yourself. When it’s actually real, innocent, and pure—it leads you into a state of wondering and wonderment.”

“The answer that anyone would provide them is not actually the answer. If you can say it, it’s not the real thing.”

Deepak Chopra- Who is God & Life After Death

Deepak Chopra Interview – Patrick Bet-David asks about Deepak’s life growing up, his life purpose, his self healing mindset, alternative medicine, world peace and who is God?

The Deeper Sense of Suffering – Frank M Wanderer

Why do we need to suffer so much in our life, why is there so much suffering on Earth? As if the whole world has conspired against us, almost everything causes suffering to us.
What sense does all this suffering have? Does it have a meaning at all?

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