Adyashanti – The Nature of Experience

What quality underscores your whole experience of being? Adyashanti focuses on what always is. While experiences can be unfolding constantly, there is a quality that underscores all of experience, and it can be beneficial to focus on this. Adyashanti describes how through meditation, you can realize that experience happens with or without your consent, and an opportunity arises for you to become aware of that which is unchanging and ever-present.

Quotes from this Video:

“There’s always some experience unfolding all the time—sometimes pleasant, sometimes unpleasant, a lot of times somewhere in the middle.”

“There is always some kind of experience happening, and the nature of experience is that it’s either alluring and pulls you in, or repelling and makes you want to run away.”

“You can’t predict what experience you’re going to have one second from now. You never know. Experiences come to you without asking your permission and they depart without saying goodbye.”

“Experience is not what always is. It’s not what is always and already the case.”

“When you’re meditating, all the externals are taken away, and you are stuck with yourself.”

“When you first start doing meditation, it’s disquieting because you see that so much of what happens in human experience is not occurring with your permission—it just occurs.”

“This intuition starts to come to you: there seems to be something that sustains itself through all the changing of experience. There seems to be some quality of being that seems to always be.”

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