Here and Now are Dimensionless Consciousness – Rupert Spira

A discussion about the nature of time and space.

The Problem with Lofty Spiritual Concepts – Amoda Maa

Published on 24 Sep 2018
In this video – Amoda talks about some of the problems of the spiritual path when there is a strong attachment to the idea of transcendence of thought and feeling as the ultimate solution.

When Mind Meets Nature: Mauro Bergonzi and Shantena Sabbadini

Published on 20 Sep 2018

In a conversation from SAND Italy, Mauro Bergonzi and Shantena Sabbadini discuss how the scientific perspective has influenced our view of reality. Shantena begins with an explanation of the difference between classical and quantum physics. They describe the revolution that began with Galileo and the mathematization of nature, and the abstractions that enabled scientific experiments to be repeated – and list some of the consequences of this viewpoint, which follow from mistaking measurements for reality itself. In response to a comment that it is not just the Western mind that embraces duality, Mauro reminds us that the East had established nondual philosophies – Vedanta, Taoism, Kashmir Shaivism, Buddhism – for centuries before the West began to question the connection between logical truth and facts.

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A new paradigm…..Rupert Spira

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