Adyashanti – The Nature of Experience

What quality underscores your whole experience of being? Adyashanti focuses on what always is. While experiences can be unfolding constantly, there is a quality that underscores all of experience, and it can be beneficial to focus on this. Adyashanti describes how through meditation, you can realize that experience happens with or without your consent, and an opportunity arises for you to become aware of that which is unchanging and ever-present.

Quotes from this Video:

“There’s always some experience unfolding all the time—sometimes pleasant, sometimes unpleasant, a lot of times somewhere in the middle.”

“There is always some kind of experience happening, and the nature of experience is that it’s either alluring and pulls you in, or repelling and makes you want to run away.”

“You can’t predict what experience you’re going to have one second from now. You never know. Experiences come to you without asking your permission and they depart without saying goodbye.”

“Experience is not what always is. It’s not what is always and already the case.”

“When you’re meditating, all the externals are taken away, and you are stuck with yourself.”

“When you first start doing meditation, it’s disquieting because you see that so much of what happens in human experience is not occurring with your permission—it just occurs.”

“This intuition starts to come to you: there seems to be something that sustains itself through all the changing of experience. There seems to be some quality of being that seems to always be.”

How to be Consciously Aware | Deepak Chopra

Author and physician Deepak Chopra delivers a powerful existential speech that will leave you amazed.

I Am…………Rupert Spira”

A ‘bare bones’, inspirational compilation from Rupert Spira

Accept and then see what happens! Eckhart Tolle

Published on Sep 17, 2018

In this video, Eckhart Tolle says that when we accept what happens unconditionally, we invite grace in our lives!

Eckhart Tolle is a spiritual teacher. He is a German-born resident of Canada best known as the author of The Power of Now and A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose. In 2008, a New York Times writer called Tolle “the most popular spiritual author in the United States”. In 2011, he was listed by Watkins Review as the most spiritually influential person in the world. Tolle is not identified with any particular religion, but he has been influenced by a wide range of spiritual works.

Tolle said he was depressed for much of his life until age 29, when he underwent an “inner transformation”. He then spent several years wandering “in a state of deep bliss” before becoming a spiritual teacher. He moved to Vancouver, British Columbia in 1995 and currently divides his time between Canada and California. He began writing his first book, The Power of Now, in 1997 and it reached The New York Times Best Seller list in 2000.

The Power of Now and A New Earth sold an estimated three million and five million copies respectively in North America by 2009. In 2008, approximately 35 million people participated in a series of 10 live webinars with Tolle and television talk show host Oprah Winfrey. In 2016, Tolle was named in Oprah’s SuperSoul 100 list of visionaries and influential leaders.

Awaken Interviews Guruprem Khalsa- Awakening Is The Recognition That My Existence Is A Miracle

Donna Quesada: Well, Guruprem…Welcome and thank you for joining us.

We are and I know that our listeners will just be thrilled to hear whatever wisdom you have to offer us today. So, I appreciate your time and I thank you for spending this hour with us.

Guruprem Khalsa: Thank you.

DONNA: For those of you who do not know, you are the author of Everyday Devotion, which I personally enjoyed and marked up terribly. But you also have other books out. The Heart Rulesand Divine Alignment.The first thing we like to start with is the topic of awakening because after all, this is, so we are very interested in exploring this notion of what it means to awaken. So, I would love it if you could share your thoughts on that. What is awakening?

GURUPREM: Awakening…well, it could be as simple as the voice that got you out of bed.

DONNA: I like that.

GURUPREM: Let me give you an example. This morning. There I was…it was four something in the morning. About 4:20, actually, and there was the call to get out of bed now…or, stay a bit longer. So, the awakening dialog was that the cold shower was calling me. Or, the cozy covers. How do I describe it? The cozy mistress of the covers versus the reality of the cold shower. Most mornings the cold shower wins. But there is always that bit of a duality between the sense of comfort and stepping into a greater reality. And so, the idea of the cold shower is what awakens me. Then the process of deeper awakening will evolve over the early hours, which includes some kind of meditation…some kind of devotional practice. And I’ve done this thousands of times over the last 42 years. You’d think that I’d want to coast and feel that I am awake enough, but it’s not true.

DONNA: Now, 4:20 in the morning is awfully early for most folks. Why 4:20 in the morning? Why do you do that?

GURUPREM: Okay…It’s not something that I would have ever guessed on my own. Interestingly enough, when I was in college and thought I was on my way to a successful career, at 21 years old, I wanted to be successful enough financially, so I could get up at the crack of noon. That was my aim in life. To be able to get up whenever I wanted…do what ever I wanted…be what ever I wanted. That was my aspiration. It didn’t go much beyond that. And all I needed was enough income to pay for that form of existence. So, it was following the path of comfort, as I understood it—which was essentially emotional comfort…physical comfort. That’s it. But, at the time, I was in a state that could literally be described as cold depression, even though I was athletic. But, I was on a path of, I would say, creative darkness…and required actually becoming dark enough that I could awaken to the flickering light of the soul. And thus began, what was the first awakening. And I’ll get back to where I am in just a second. But, that first awakening happened when I was 21.

DONNA: What prompted it?

GURUPREM: Well, I ended up by luck and by chance in a yoga class. Not by design. I just wanted to meet this girl.

DONNA: I think you describe that in your book! She was a vegetarian and you were four hours vegetarian when you met her…

GURUPREM: That’s correct. Well, I was not even that. I was pretending! Ha! But I got her attention and she invited me to her pantomime class. And the pantomime teacher used Kundalini Yoga as a device to bring us to an awakened awareness…so that our sensitivity and subtlety could be harnessed into not pretending there was a wall, but to actually see it. You could project a field of light that you would develop the subtlety and sensitivity enough to play with. And the other side of that…it looks like he’s on a wall, when in fact, it was as much a wall as the very sensitive nature…as you put your hands on a wall. And the very good mimes…their hands would actually turn pressure white, as if they were actually on a wall. Thus, the beginning was actually just following an attraction. Everyone’s beginning is different. Some beginnings start at a really hard bottom. They awaken, literally, on the streets, homeless…addicted to some substance. And some people awaken from a different darkness, chasing some young lady to a yoga class. I look at the bottom as sacred. And I would call that our base awakening.

DONNA: And we honor whatever that is.

GURUPREM: Absolutely!

DONNA: Now, when you use the word in this context, though…that awakening can come from all beginnings. Are you talking about that most basic beginning or a deeper awakening? I’d like to probe that a little further.

GURUPREM: There are layers in that. Your basic beginning is the most important. Because we are talking about the call of the soul, which comes in many styles and verses. It’s that first call. You know, people don’t even recognize it at the time, but that call is the first love. But, the awakening of the soul has a fist love, too. But, anyone who has been blessed to be in a long relationship—and I’ve been blessed to have a 30-year marriage—the relationship grows into subtlety, although that first call at the beginning is a very different kind of feeling and you honor that. It’s just like the first call of your spiritual soul. That call is not only something you must honor, but you’ve got to put roots into that.

So, fast forward. I’ve been through many transformative processes, tests and challenges. And I’ve had to go back to that fundamental part of me. What was that awakening? What was that recognition that my existence is a miracle? In fact, I consider my existence the greatest miracle of all time. And it’s taken me a number of years to awaken. Wow, not only was it the greatest miracle of all time…all the other miracles around me, whether it be science or spiritual…they are irrelevant, without my existence, to recognize it. But, I am continually awakening to the miracle that continues.

Getting back to 4:20 AM…The call of my soul is a bit stronger, now. And it demands my presence. When you are up at that hour, you are on the cusp between night and daylight. And just about every tradition honors what we call the “ambrosial hour.”It’s the most potent time, whether you are a Catholic monk…whether you are a Tibetan monk…whether you are a Sufi.

DONNA: And why is that? It’s not just that it is quiet and you are uninterrupted…Is there something magnetic or particularly sacred?

GURUPREM: Yeah. Well, let’s just call that a “life force.”It is particularly life force-rich. So, for those who wish to gather the nectar, it’s more abundant. For those that are trained in the sensitivity required…the receptivity required to appreciate it…I show up early because it’s how I get 24 hours of insurance coverage. One day! And I’ve got to go an renew my coverage for another day because I’m going to make mistakes. I’m going to miss things. Sometimes subtle…sometimes bigger…But I’m always amazed how I’m covered.

DONNA: That’s cute. I like that…Having that sacred time in the morning is a way to give you better assurance that your day will be balanced. I don’t mean to put words in your mouth.

GURUPREM: Yes, and the way it works is that I’m kept in what I call “deep listening mode.”There is a word for it. It’s both Sanskrit and Gurmukhi…and it’s called…well, there are a couple of ways to put it. Deep sunni-ai. Sunia is the word for deep listening. And so, in this state…you know the awakening continues…your sunni-ai goes deeper. And in this deep state…more and more is presented to you. This is by invitation. You can’t barge into a state of deep listening. What you can do is prepare yourself for the invitation. And if you are a good guest, then that invitation is extended and you can progressively go deeper and collect more gifts.

DONNA: You’ve referenced a few times, this notion of “getting subtle and sensitive.”Is this part of the early awakening process?

Guruprem: Yeah.

DONNA: Would you say that it develops in layers?

GURUPREM: Yeah and I can…I just substitute the word soulful for subtle. I could say the word soulful or subtle. To me, they mean the exact same thing. To be soulful is to be subtle. And the first thing I learned way back…and I’m still learning…the first step on the path of subtly is calm. And calm is not stillness. That’s something that is often misunderstood. We are not here to be still nor are we here to be perfect. We are here to be subtle. Perfect…I used to think I was to do things perfectly…just the littlest things….making a judgement and a condemnation at times.

DONNA: And everything has to be perfectly executed.

GURUPREM: Except you never can be perfect. Sometimes perfect really does you. And you don’t know how you did so well. It just happened. The most difficult thing is absolutely easy not because you did it…it’s because you didn’t do it. And if you try to do it again then you can’t do it because you can’t do it, it can do you. So, this is a good metaphor for life itself. The song writes itself. Routine does itself. The magic happens by itself. All you can do is be prepared for perfect to do you. Stillness can be achieved. You cannot achieve stillness. But you can do calmness and calmness is a condition of equalization. It begins by equalizing the speed of your inhale and exhale. This is relative calm. You are dancing around the two points between inhale and exhale. You can dance between the top of the inhale or the bottom. Your bottom of the exhale or the top.

DONNA: When you say we can’t be still, why is that? Just because of the nature of being human…that we are here to accomplish and do?

GURUPREM: Well, stillness implies perfection. What environment are you in that is actually still? Just point to me one thing. I want you to share with me because I have never found anything still.

DONNA: So, we are just going back to Buddha’s first teaching, everything is impermanent, including us. So, the trick is finding that calmness in the midst of the motion…

GURUPREM: Well, I like verifying things with physics, so again, what in your room is still? Well, you could say that couch behind you. Come back in 100,000 years and it is moving. You may not see it with your physical eyes but if you look with a microscope, deep enough…oh my god, there is movement. It is not still. Look at the deeper level. The quantum levels. It’s not still. They try to grab some empty space, only to find there was all kinds of stuff, behavior, dynamics happening.

DONNA: So, I kind want to nail this down further. We are talking about these levels of awakening…and it’s so intriguing because you’ve referenced this first point, where we hear the whisper…when we hear this call from wherever we are and then we come into this kind of calmness amidst the movement of life…

GURUPREM: You have to be trained. I mean, I can’t claim I didn’t have to show up and learn a few things. I was taught how to calm my breath. I had no breath awareness. Breathing? I guess I’m breathing. I didn’t even know I spoke on an exhale. I was college educated and I didn’t even know I spoke on an exhale until I was told. Oh, yeah, of course! Otherwise, words just came out of me. I can’t put them back in. We see that every day. Words come out of people without a thought. And then they go into deep apology. I didn’t know what I was saying! I guarantee you, a person that speaks unconsciously is very breath unaware.

DONNA: So where do we go next as we continue the awakening process? Is there no limit? And is this what we mean by enlightenment? Does such a thing exist?

GURUPREM: Well, no. No human can get that much, within the constrains of a maxed-out human body and mind.

DONNA: I love that straight forward answer, by the way. Because people have the misconception that enlightenment makes you a saint and that you reach this pinnacle where you are perfect. And it’s funny, we were talking about the impossibility of being perfect. So, you are saying, “cut that out! No, it doesn’t exist.”

GURUPREM: You, perfect as you…you can’t be perfect. Perfect does you. You can bow to it. The greatest saints always remind us they’re nothing. They will even say, “I’m the lowest of the low.”They will say, “okay, there are words that have come through me…make them your song, too.”And, they can deliver you, as well.

You know, when I was really little, my idea of death was that I would be stuck in a dark room with the clock ticking forever. That was like a torture. This endless claustrophobic ticking away and I couldn’t get out. And I’ve come to realize, through experience…well, wait a minute…it isn’t time based. The infinite is also formless. We are allowing formlessness to take form in us. And we are doing our best to listen and behave in a certain way, so we can get a little bit. And a little bit goes a long way. We are delivering you to a healthier, happier, whole-hearted, holy existence.

DONNA: So, this listening seems to be a big part of what you consider the awakening process and it’s the ability for us to get to…did you say shunya?

GURUPREM: No. Shunya means zero. It means, another place we can move toward. But, you can’t get that either…but, you can get close enough where you can realize…You are getting close enough to be a cleaner channel. Sunni-ai means deep listening and it’s not we’re listening. It’s when all of your senses have been disciplined into a oneness. It’s kind of primal. The bible said, “let there be light.”So, there is the vibration. Creating light.

DONNA: This is beautiful. I want to fine tune this a little bit. Sunni-ai…it’s not just listening well. It is that, but from what you are saying, it is so much more than that. It’s your soul listening. Would you say that it is developing that sense of intuitive awareness?

GURUPREM: Well, you will get the intuitive awareness. Your intuition is guiding you towards that. And before you are guided toward that…the gift of that journey is, you will have more of three basic intuitions. You’ll have your gut sense. And you will have a greater sense of what they call clairvoyant; you’ll just see things. See the divine. Nature, so much of what we call sacred geometry. You will see the divine print in a form. And in divine song. The voice, if you will. That quiet voice, that deep wisdom that comes from your personal guide. Your personal guide that sits on the altar of your true heart. Whatever you consider the ideal form of the formless, you can install it in the altar of your heart. And you can have that relationship.

DONNA: It seems like every tradition has an expression for this. What you just said reminds me of what the Quakers call the “still, small voice within.”Are we all talking about the same thing?

GURUPREM: Absolutely. Exact same thing. But how do you get your noisy head to shut up enough where the quieter voice will be heard? It’s not that it’s not talking. It’s just that we haven’t listened enough. Seek and you shall find. There is the idea, meditate in God’s name. Okay, I did that but I’m not fully awake. Why? It’s not that if I keep chanting my favorite mantra Om, or whatever it is…If I just keep doing it, God is going to wake up. No, I keep doing it until I wake up. That’s the idea of this repetitiveness. Continual remembering because it’s really easy to forget. It’s so easy to be pulled into many distractions. Dis-attract. You are being pulled into a different attraction. We are so easily seduced by other attractions. Other tastes.

Continued in Part II…

Source: AWAKEN

Eroding Old Patterns of Feeling and Perceiving – Rupert Spira

A response to a question as to how to maintain the feeling of non-separation with the world.

The Universe Is An Inference – Francis Lucille

The Universe Is An Inference

Don’t Look for the Presence of Awareness – Rupert Spira

A discussion about not confusing a blank state of mind with the presence of Awareness.

“5 Signs That You Are Spiritually Gifted !

In order to receive spiritual guidance, you must be open to it. The more you welcome signs and messages, the stronger and more recognizable they will become. While everyone has the ability to open themselves up and strengthen their intuition, some already have a spiritual gift waiting to be discovered.

These are five signs that you have a spiritual gift.

1. You Have Visions That Often Come True.

Your visions might come in the form of an image that randomly pops into your mind or a feeling you get when you’re speaking to someone. Or they might arrive in a reoccurring dream. If your visions often come to life, it’s a pretty tell-tale sign that you have a spiritual gift. You are able to see much deeper than what meets the eye.

2. You’re An Empath.

Empaths have both a gift and a curse. They are able to feel the emotions of the people around them as if they were their own. This ability can be extremely overwhelming at times and difficult to handle. But when an empath learns how to navigate through their own life while feeling both the pain and joy of others, their ability can only be seen as a spiritual gift.

3. You Have A Strong Intuition.

Many people are riddled with self-doubt. They have a habit of second-guessing their decisions and constantly wondering whether or not they should trust their instincts. A strong intuition is nothing short of a true spiritual gift. It allows you to be confident in your decisions, strong in your beliefs and open to the messages you receive.

4. You Have Nightmares.

Many people have nightmares, but the nightmares of those who have a spiritual gift are much more vivid. You might wake up from a nightmare sweating or panting because it seemed so real. If your nightmares are jolting you awake, it may mean someone is trying to get a message to you.

5. You Wake Up During The Spiritual Hour.

If you have a habit of waking up between 3-4 a.m. on a regular basis, it might mean something more than a bathroom break. Waking up around this time is believed to be a sign that there are spirits looking to communicate with you. It’s often referred to as the spiritual hour or the connection hour. Try to be more open to receiving messages at this time

Awareness Is Never Veiled by Thoughts – Rupert Spira

Published on 14 Sep 2018
A participant discovers that thoughts cannot obscure awareness.

Upgrading the matter model….Rupert Spira

With this understanding, the laws of matter are seen to be the laws of mind.

Why You Can’t Ignore a Spiritual Awakening by Madison A. Baker

Spirituality is one of the most important aspects of human life.
Spirituality plays a vital role in everyone’s lives, whether they are deeply religious or claim to not be spiritual at all. A healthy spirit is crucial to maintaining physical health and well-being, to navigating life events both large and small, and to developing your personal understanding of the universe.

While some people are always connected to their spirituality, others need to be called to it. In other words, they must experience a spiritual awakening or calling. And when that happens, it cannot be ignored.

Defining Spirituality

Spirituality is difficult to define. Its meaning has shifted over time, making doing so even more challenging. Part of the definition of spirituality is precisely how undefinable it is. It’s almost liminal — both of this world and not, both everywhere and nowhere, both universal and unique.

Generally, spirituality refers to grand ideas about life, purpose, existence, identity, and humanity. It is closely tied to your daily life, your overall health, and how you view the world. Everyone is a spiritual being, and everyone has their own unique beliefs. There is no wrong way to be spiritual as long as your belief is genuine.

Spirituality can come into your life in any number of ways. Some people may be born with deep spiritual connections, while others need to discover it. In other words, they must have a spiritual awakening. It’s literally awakening to your spiritual life and the universe itself.

Recognizing a Spiritual Awakening

Because spirituality manifests so differently in the life of each individual, it can be hard to recognize a spiritual awakening or experience. However, having a spiritual experience is just that: a distinct experience. Recent research has found that the brain exhibits a pattern of activity specific to a spiritual experience. Even if you have trouble recognizing or understanding it, a spiritual awakening is a truly unique experience.

While it may feel differently for everyone, there are a few unmistakable signs of a spiritual calling, including:

You feel different. Not just a little different, but like your very essence has changed. It may be hard to describe or explain this internal change, but you know something is different at your core.

2. You feel disconnected from old friends or lifestyle choices. Your old ways of living seem like the habits of a different person. You feel the need to move your life in a new direction.

3. You begin to let go of whatever is cluttering up your life — old possessions, unhealthy habits, toxic relationships — and start to focus on moving forward. You begin to make constant strides toward improvement in all areas of your life.

4. You feel overwhelmingly connected to the world around you. You have a newly heightened sense of compassion and care deeply about the Earth, humanity, and the universe as a whole. You start to love and feel loved by everything in existence.
There is no right or wrong way to start these internal shifts. These feelings may develop over time, come to you in a dream, start to grow after a strange experience, or come to you during a meditation or reflection.

The Consequences

Try to embrace these feelings when you first start to notice them in your life. Don’t turn away from them or let them fade from your mind and memory. Ignoring your gut, especially when it’s calling you to a new spiritual path, can have severely negative effects on your life.

Denying your spirituality is just as unhealthy as denying any other facet of your life or identity. It can lead to:

A lack of connection in your life and with the world at large. You are shutting out a part of yourself that can help foster love and connection with others, which can make feeling connected with the others and the universe difficult.
Emotional or physical illness. Spirituality is vital to well-being, both physical and emotional, and ignoring its importance in your life may cause you to feel unwell or unhappy.
Internal and external chaos. Your thoughts and emotions may become disorganized as you try to move past this event in your life. This may begin to reflect in your external life as well, and may present as disorganization, trouble keeping to a schedule, or a messy living environment.
Spiritual bypass. This involves using a spiritual practice to avoid, instead of embrace, your spiritual connection. You may work to repress or ignore your spiritual growing pains instead of fostering them. Spiritual bypass can also lead to a deterioration of emotional and physical well-being.
Listening to your spiritual calling can be difficult, as it is not always a wholly enjoyable experience. Spiritual evolution is a neurological growth process, and different faith practices affect the brain in different ways. You may face upsetting or uncomfortable realities and feelings, experience spiritual anxiety or depression, or feel lonely or isolated as you go on this journey. Your journey will be unique to you alone.

But the growing pains, unpleasant though they may be, will allow you to face a new dimension of your life. The reward will far outweigh the pain if you accept your spiritual calling. You will discover your true spiritual path and welcome spirituality into your life in the way only you can.

Madison Ann Baker is a writer, Netflix-binger, and pop culture enthusiast who lives in Idaho. Literature and linguistics are her two passions, both of which she studied in college. She enjoys writing about animals and health and wellness, but dabbles in a little bit of everything. In her free time, she enjoys hiking with her Borador, Dash, and re-reading Harry Potter



Source: AWAKEN

How To Use Manifesting To Get Anything You Want – Interview with Gabrielle Bernstein

Manifesting might be a word that you have resistance to and think of as a “woo-woo” topic. In the past I had my own negative ideas about manifesting but as I’ve matured and opened my mind to it, I’ve found that I am actually quite good at it. I’ve successfully manifested so many amazing things in my life and business and now that I know how to manifest, I know that it’s not a myth but rather a realistic way to get anything you want.
In this video you’ll hear from my good friend Gabrielle Bernstein. She explains the answer to “What is manifesting?” in a clear, concise way. You’ll learn how to manifest correctly so that you’re using your energy and power to bring what you really want in life, make your dreams a reality, and get anything you want.

You’ll learn the tricks to thinking of manifesting as “co-creating with the universe” and how everyday miracles are the way life is SUPPOSED to be. By harboring negative thoughts you’re just letting bad energy get in the way of the amazing things that are supposed to be happening in your life.

You’ll also learn 3 important manifesting steps you can take immediately to get anything you want:
Step 1: Get Clear – before you can get anything you want you need to know what it is that you want.
Step 2: Release your negative beliefs and have the courage to clean them up.
Step 3: Know the universe has your back.

Getting Through The Dark Night Of The Soul

Getting Through The Dark Night Of The Soul
by Tathina

What is the dark night of the soul? What is the cure? Deepak Chopra, MD

What is the dark night of the soul? What is the cure? Deepak Chopra, MD

The Tale of the Himalayan Yogis: The Nirvana Chronicles by Steve Briggs (Author)

Govindas father, ruler of a small fortress kingdom at the edge of the Great Indian Desert, leads his men in a desperate attack against the besieging forces of the imperial army.

Upon receiving word of his fathers death, Govinda is to lead his people into the sacrificial fire to avoid being ravaged by their cruel conquerors. However, Govinda has a plan.

When Govindas plan goes awry, the emperor imprisons his mother in the palace harem, and the crown prince is forced to flee to Tibet with a caravan of lamas.

At the foot of Tibets most sacred mountain, Govinda meets a Himalayan yogi who adopts him as a son. With the help of the enigmatic Shankar Baba, Govinda begins to unravel the mysteries of his soul, discovering a past extending beyond this life and a future promising a noble partner who helps him restore the throne to its rightful heir.

As the seasons pass, Shankar Baba initiates Govinda into the secrets of enlightenment and immortality while preparing him to confront the imperial army, sinister forces controlling the throne, and a tantric sorcerer who seeks to discredit his guru.

But no amount of training can prepare Govinda for what awaits him.

As a teenager, Steve Briggs met his guru at a meditation retreat in the Swiss Alps. After studying English Literature at the University of Arizona on an athletic scholarship, the author received a Ph.D. in Vedic Studies and traveled internationally instructing thousands in the art of meditation. Sent to India by his guru, the author embarked on a seven-year odyssey taking him from Cape Comorin in the south to the high Tibetan plateau. Along the way, he initiated Indias government and corporate leaders into meditation, encountered saints and sadhus, and astrologers and artists. He sipped yak butter tea with lamas at windswept Tibetan monasteries and hiked the paths of Vedic Indias time-honored pilgrimages. As the guest of a Maharaja, he shared the fervor of thirty-million pilgrims at the Maha Kumbha Mela, the worlds largest religious festival. The authors first book, India: Mirror of Truth, A Seven Year Pilgrimage, was a popular memoir about his time in India. Steve is now working on the second book of The Nirvana Chronicles.

Freedom in Relationship ~ Gangaji

In any moment of perfect stillness in the open, quiet mind, there is no problem. There is no suffering, no betrayer, no betraying. When we begin to relate to each other as human beings and begin to fill our minds with ideals, with memories, with wanted or unwanted possible scenarios, then problems arise. Those of us who are in relationship encounter tests and trials. I don’t mean in relationship with just a significant other. I mean relationship with all—in relationship with the world. Relationship is wherever or whenever there is an I and other. Relationship can be perceived as all internal, or it can be perceived as all external.

There are hermits who retreat and never have to relate to the world. I don’t know what their inner state is like. Let us assume it is totally open, non-relational oneness. And then there are those like us who somehow have either re-entered or never left the world. Whether it is an evolutionary mandate, or good or bad luck, we find ourselves here with each other. Here we are together in this place of divine illusion—not illusion as a trivialization of form—but rather, illusory as the shape shifting nature of forms; physical forms, mental forms, emotional forms, and circumstantial forms. The great completion for anyone who has experienced, even for a moment, the emptiness of form and the absolute aliveness of that emptiness, is to find that same empty aliveness present even in illusion.

The dissolution of form is the concrete experience of death. There is either struggle over that dissolution, or there is surrender. Like it or not, it is inevitable that all forms—all relationships, all ideas, all physicality, all emotionality, all circumstances—dissolve. When we recognize this inevitability, we are back to where we began: the emptiness of all form.

At this time in our lives we can also realize the sublimity and wonder, even with the occasional huge challenge, of being in relationship with whatever form appears.

Realization in this way requires full relationship. In a partial relationship the opportunity for complete meeting never occurs. You have the capacity to fully meet whatever appears in your life, in either its coming or its going. Fully meeting anything (pleasant or unpleasant) reveals open stillness; resisting causes agitation in the mind. We all have the experience of resisting dissolution. We are human beings, and we have an animal nature that requires we resist death; we are also emotionally connected to others, and we don’t want what we like or love to dissolve. Additionally, as humans we have ideals and idealizations, and those fuel resistance to what either appears or disappears.

For everyone who is in relationship in the world, both disillusion and dissolution are facts. It may be your aging, or your children leaving, or the actions of your government, or the state of the ecology, or your negative emotions, or your neighbors’ negative emotions. Or it may be that somebody who you were certain loved you turned out not to love you. Or you turned out not to love who or what you thought you loved. If you are willing to surrender, to meet what is present without the agitated mind filled with ideals and judgment, a revelation of inherent peace is natural. Relationship is in this way the catalyst to inner peace.

Meeting loss is always about meeting death. Dissolution is death, the thing the mind most fears, and yet the thing that is inevitable. It is what the animal rages against in its fear, and yet it remains inevitable. I deeply invite you and welcome you into whatever particular dissolution may be appearing in your life, so that together we can support each other in seeing where true living freedom is. True freedom is revealed as we consciously let dissolve what has dissolved, as we let reality be reality. (As if we had choice about what reality is!) We discover the peace of freedom as we open to all of whatever is here in the world. It is all here for us to meet so that we can find that the real treasure is everywhere in everything.

The treasure is found as things appear, and equally as everything dissolves, just as everything must. After all the starlight we see and marvel at is from non-existent stars.

Source: Huffington Post

Sarah Taylor – Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

Published on 9 Sep 2018

Sarah is an actor, writer, stand up comedian, and spiritual and creative mentor living in Los Angeles. As a child, creativity and spirituality were in the forefront of her life. The lived experience of unity faded as trauma and stress from a troubled home edged out this awareness. But as Sarah began to discover singing and acting, she was hooked on the transcendence they evoked.

Creativity became her church.

She studied acting, graduated from California Institute of The Arts, and moved to Los Angeles. She began to question who she was and an impending initial awakening was thwarted by getting on a heavy dose of antidepressants. Overmedicated, misdiagnosed, and frozen in a suspended state for roughly a decade, Sarah eventually got off all medication and began a quest for truth.

An anxious, atheistic insomniac who simply wanted to get a good night’s sleep, in 2007 she took up meditation, immersed herself in Buddhist practice, and got way more than she asked for. She immediately began having deep, altering experiences on the spiritual path. She displayed an ease and familiarity with meditation practices, most notably those of Padmasambhava. At this time, Sarah began teaching meditation to other anxious artists as well as at companies.

She soon began undergoing a series of profound awakenings, which included Kundalini energy, intuitive abilities, and dark nights of the soul that uncovered old trauma to be healed. Even though she was studying Buddhism, there was not much support for this transformation and Sarah was lost for awhile.

While navigating this radical shift in identity, she was working and creating as an actor and writer/stand up comedian, performing nightly at the comedy clubs in Los Angeles. She fell in love, too! Eventually, a settling, clearing, and integration of these shifts began to take place.

In 2016, Sarah awakened into unity with a deeper dissolution of who she had taken herself to be, abiding in a revelation of her true nature, delighting in being nothing and everything at once. A deepening and a maturation continue to unfold.

Sarah mentors people who are committed to the path of the modern, creative mystic. She leads women’s circles, retreats, and meetings, and sees people one-on-one.

Her writing and performing continue to evolve. Her humorous memoir, The Divine Mess: A Journey Through Love, Los Angeles, and Enlightenment is in the works, as is an hour-long live show.

She lives with her husband, dog, and cat on the Eastside of L.A.

Spiritual Awakening : Symptoms and Signs

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