Living on the Inner Edge: A Practical Esoteric Tale by by Cyrus Ryan (Author)

To be published on Dec 14, 2018

A mystical story, breaking traditional boundaries, new thought, practices, insights, and a way of knowledge. Everyone walks their own path but in the New Age of Spirituality the idea of Group Work was born from the works of the Tibetan Master D.K., where he introduced the idea of group work on the physical plane and in the higher spheres of the Soul, and the Gurdjieff/Ouspensky Work which was accomplished through intense group meetings and personal interaction. Living on the Inner Edge is a foray into the world of experimental Group Work which lasted for over 30 years, constantly evolving and synthesizing the essence of different Esoteric Traditions into a new body of discipline that achieved extraordinary results.

About the Author
Creativity and spiritual experiences have marked Cyrus Ryan’s life since a young age. He has spent time in India and Tibet, where he gained insights into the practices of esoteric Buddhism. An artist, writer and lecturer, Cyrus has lectured at The Theosophical Society, the Association for Higher Awareness (AHA), the New Jersey Metaphysical Society, and the University of Seven Rays. He has published articles in a variety of new age periodicals including The Beacon. Cyrus has been exploring esoteric knowledge for over forty years. He lives in Toronto, Canada.

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Mystic Approaches ~ John Butler

From the Preface to
‘Mystic Approaches’

“I wouldn’t call myself a mystic though some say I am. I’m not sure what it means besides “Not this – not that”. Neither (in a conventional sense) am I very religious. “Mystic” conveys to me a wise unknowing of morning mist with only the promise of a day to come. It’s not an intellectual approach defined by man but trusting, waiting, quietly still before each blade of grass, each little bird (Mat.6,26-28) reminding us of higher, nobler government than ours.

Childhood accustomed me to nature, solitude – a sense of God which needed no explaining. Stillness, beauty, depths of love called my heart back home where it belonged. But life grew out into the world, became possessed and lost the way. By 26 I needed help, so studied meditation.

This required attending to the moment “Now”, reminding me how much we live not present, here, but absent, lost in past or future – thought, desires and fear. But isn’t that reality? We need to look and see.

These pages tell a bit of what I saw.”

J. Krishnamurti – Change can take place only when there is no conscious effort

J. Krishnamurti – Change can take place only when there is no conscious effort

Most of us resist change outwardly and inwardly.

Action is in contradiction when based on choice and will.

Sensitivity is not possible if there is disorder or confusion outwardly or inwardly.

Order is not resistance, isolation or escape. Order must come about through a choice-less state in which no will as resistance operates.

Where there is a deliberate action to bring about a change, it is no change at all but a waste of energy.

Change means explosion and to explode needs energy. To have energy there must be no resistance. This means a change in which thought has not entered as will.

Virtue is order brought about without deliberate thought or intention. There is great beauty in that.

Order is not of time; time breeds disorder.

Questions from the audience followed the talk.

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