Linda Clair ‘Enlightenment is in the Body ‘ Interview By Renate McNay”

Published on 8 Nov 2018
Linda Clair ‘Enlightenment is in the Body.’ Interview By Renate McNay
Linda is a Meditation Teacher based on ZEN practice. She is the Author of the book ‘What do you want – Conversations about Enlightenment.’
In this interview which is the second one with her Linda says that enlightenment is the beginning of a whole new way of living and although its the end of suffering and fear, there is no end to the practice as long as one is in the body. To be fully free you need to go through being grounded, so grounded that you’re able to let go of everything—even enlightenment.
Stay in your body. The silence is in your body. Its not out there. Stay in your body and you’ll be surprised what happens.
To really become immersed in the silence, you need to free your body – purify your body of the past. Only then will there be silence and that silence is overwhelming.

Sadhguru – Spiritual path is like digging a well..

Spiritual path is like digging a well for water..
you continue to dig. If you keep changing your mind every other day
you’ll have lot of holes in your land but no well;
-How do you put your demons to sleep?You stop creating them.
-What is individuality? individuality gets built up initially
for physical survival, for self-preservation.
-individuality is a disease, individual is a beautiful thing

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