Take Refuge in the Now

23 Nov 2018
A woman isn’t quite sure she understands what it means to ‘take refuge in the now’ when she is fearful.

Adyashanti Guided Meditation – The Invitation of Meditation

23 Nov 2018
– What is always and already present within every moment of existence? Adyashanti guides you to explore the awareness that is there before you even try to be aware. By switching your focus from the content to the context of your experience, a vast open spaciousness is revealed to you.

Quotes from this Video:

“The invitation of meditation is to take the one seat—to be fully open, fully willing to experience whatever is happening—to completely show up.”

“Awareness is there before you even try to be aware.”

“Notice that background quiet. Instead of focusing attention on some object of awareness, relax and open attention to the context, in which all experience arises and passes away.”

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