When Understanding is No Longer Extraordinary ~ Rupert Spira

A man who has been to several retreats feels he is doing something wrong because he is not getting it.

Adyashanti – The Instinct toward Greater Consciousness

Published on Dec 1, 2018

We each have an instinct toward greater consciousness, and our spiritual practice is a way of responding to that. Adyashanti explores how the spiritual impulse originates and the importance of bringing our consciousness into the depths of our unconscious.

Quotes from this Video:

“When the mind is dreaming, it is endlessly talking to itself, and sometimes the way it is talking to itself seems to be completely disconnected from anything that’s happening right now.”

“We’re not only dreaming at night. That’s one of the things that contemplative introspection shows you, and at the beginning it’s unsettling.”

“So much of our narrative is just like your dream in the middle of the night. It’s trying to work things out—things you felt, things you experienced, things you heard—and you don’t know how it’s doing it, because it often just sounds like unconnected self-talk.”

“Contemplative practice is a way of taking your consciousness down deep into y

Adyashanti – The Heart of Spirituality

Adyashanti explores the heart of spirituality and invites you to drop this inquiry into your being: What is dictating the orientation of my life? Setting aside judgment and the endlessly dissatisfied ‘me,’ you can dive deeply into the exploration of your highest values, and with clarity, you can orient towards them.

Quotes from this Video:

“One of the most important things about spirituality is to get clear on: What is my orientation?”

“Judgment and shame are the most powerful ways that the ‘me’ orients all attention towards itself.”

“To establish a good orientation, look at the values that come from the deepest state of being: truth, love, compassion, service.”

“A good form of spirituality will give voice and structure to those self-transcending values.”

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