2013: The Beginning Is Here by Ervin Laszlo (Author), Geoff Stray (Author), Jose Arguelles (Author), John Major Jenkins (Author), Young Jim (Editor)

This anthology offers wide-ranging views by various global experts about the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012, as well as related prophecies and associated physical changes of Earth’s structure. The purpose of this collection is to broaden your perspective about such issues and concerns, so you can discern for yourself what your commitment to planetary life will be-and then to demonstrate your commitment into being, beginning this very instant.

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Ervin László: A new mindset is emerging

Ervin Laszlo, who was twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, is interviewed by Lilou Mace about a new mindset, a new paradigm, that is emerging on our planet.

Said Laszlo:
I talk about what interests me most. It’s a new way of thinking — what I call a new paradigm — updating the way we think about ourselves and the world, which is very much needed because the world evolves much faster than our thinking does…
We are moving from a mechanistic, fragmented paradigm to a holistic, quantum-based paradigm… The outcome of it is that we actually feel ourselves much more belonging to this larger community of life…
Something larger doesn’t have to be a divinity. Something larger can be the whole community of life that has evolved on Earth. With over seven billion people, humans are a member of that. But, we are forgetting that we are a member of that, and we are forgetting that we are a whole community. We just think of ourselves…
I think that there are no foreigners on this planet… We are all brothers and sisters. We closer to some because we live together — more with some than with others. But, there are no people who do not belong to this large human community and the community of life. That, I think, is a new paradigm — the sense of becoming one, which is keynoted by this concept of love. Love means feeling one’s belonging to each other, which I think is the new paradigm. If young people grow up with that and start acting on that basis, we won’t have all of these problems that we’ve had (all this crises), because we will use our creativity to collaborate — instead of working against each other, trying to out-compete each
other, or become more powerful that the other — we try to see how we can together solve the problems.

Laszlo also talks about the Akashic field…Ervin Laszlo is a systems philosopher, integral theorist, and classical pianist. Twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, he has authored more than 70 books, which have been translated into nineteen languages, and has published in excess of four hundred articles and research papers, including six volumes of piano recordings.

Dr. Laszlo is generally recognized as the founder of systems philosophy and general evolution theory, and serves as the founder-director of the General Evolution Research Group and as past president of the International Society for the Systems Sciences. He is also the recipient of the highest degree in philosophy and human sciences from the Sorbonne, the University of Paris, as well as of the coveted Artist Diploma of the Franz Liszt Academy of Budapest. Additional prizes and awards include four honorary doctorates.

His appointments have included research grants at Yale and Princeton Universities, professorships for philosophy, systems sciences, and future sciences at the Universities of Houston, Portland State, and Indiana, as well as Northwestern University and the State University of New York. His career also included guest professorships at various universities in Europe and the Far East. In addition, he worked as program director for the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR). In 1999 he was was awarded an honorary doctorate by the Canadian International Institute of Advanced Studies in Systems Research and Cybernetics.

For many years he has served as president of the Club of Budapest, which he founded. He is an advisor to the UNESCO Director General, ambassador of the International Delphic Council, member of both the International Academy of Science, World Academy of Arts and Science, and the International Academy of Philosophy. source http://ervinlaszlo.com/

Vedic Astrology New Moon in Gemini

The New Moon will be in Gemini early Monday morning. This New Moon is also joined Mars, Jupiter, the Sun and Mercury retrograde.

The Gemini Factor – Making Adjustments
Gemini is the sign of intellectual duality. The symbol is a man holding a club and a woman holding a musical instrument. This is meant to symbolize a very gentle, creative mind – mixed with a very strong and courageous one. The result is a perspective that delights in seeing all sides of an issue, often simultaneously. Once we see all sides of an issue, we can receive an unbiased answer. Then we have a choice: to act on what we now know, or pretend we do not know better. Gemini is where we can adapt to the situation, and act accordingly. The range of possible outcomes falls somewhere between the man with the club and the woman with the instrument.

Masculine Planets – Mars, Jupiter and Sun in Gemini

The three masculine planets are all in Gemini now as well, making this a particularly ripe time for change and starting something new. The courage to change is seen from the masculine planets, in general. The need to stabilize and enjoy is seen from the feminine planets – Venus and the Moon.

Putting our principles (Jupiter) into action (Mars) is very important now. It is important to connect to your highest truth (the Sun) and connect to that deepest inner light – and (of course) make the necessary adjustments.

Saturn Turns Direct
In addition to the new Moon, Saturn turns direct on the same day, which will help to clarify our long-term commitments.
– See more at: http://www.mydailyastrology.net/join/news/new-moon-in-gemini-2013/#sthash.jvpkHVSy.dpuf

Sure Ways to Self Realisation ~ Swami Satyananda Saraswati

Sure Ways to Self-Realization is a practical and informative text on systems of meditation from cultures all over the world. To assist today’s seekers to find a suitable path back to the source, the real self, and to find stability of mind in a rapidly changing world, Sri Swami Satyananda Saraswati describes the path of meditation, the obstacles confronting the practitioner and the means to overcome them.

Both theory and practical instructions for a vast range of age-old meditation practices are presented, including yogic techniques such as antar mouna, yoga nidra and ajapa japa, as well as meditations from ancient Egypt and Greece, the Celtic and Taoist traditions, Tibetan and Zen Buddhism, Sufism and alchemy. Moving meditations as well as meditation techniques for children and for the dying are included.

Sure Ways to Self-Realization is suitable for all levels from beginners to advanced and is an ideal reference book for yoga teachers.

Satyananda Saraswati

Swami Satyananda Saraswati was a sannyasin, yoga teacher and guru in both his native India and the West. He founded the International Yoga Fellowship in 1956 and the Bihar School of Yoga in 1963. He has authored over 80 books, including the well-known Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha, recognised internationally as one of the most systematic yoga manuals today. Since its first publication by the Bihar School of yoga in 1969 it has been reprinted seventeen times and translated into many languages.

Evolution of consciousness part-1 By Swami Satyananda Saraswati

Excerpts from Evolution of consciousness lecture given by Swami Swami Satyananda Saraswati during his tours in Australia during 1983-84

Timewave 2013 Trailer : The Future is Now –The Odyssey II

Timewave 2013
The Future is Now –The Odyssey II

A Film by Sharron Rose
Featuring Jose Arguelles, Gregg Braden, Riane Eisler, William Henry, Jean Houston, John Major Jenkins, Rick Levine, Dennis McKenna, Terence McKenna, Daniel Pinchbeck, Geoff Stray, Whitley Strieber, Alberto Villoldo and Jay Weidner.
Dennis McKenna, Daniel Pinchbeck, Whitley Strieber, Jose Arguelles, Gregg Braden, John Major Jenkins, Rick Levine, Sharron Rose, Geoff Stray, Moira Timms, Alberto Villoldo, Jay Weidner

What lies ahead for the human race? Will we reach the destiny that awaits us? In the film 2012 The Odyssey, author Sharron Rose went on a quest to understand the many prophecies around the year 2012. In this sequel to that film, she travels far beyond the world of 2012.

During this fascinating expedition into the nature of time itself, Ms. Rose speaks to many of the world’s experts on mythology, alchemy, astrology, anthropology and ancient history; Jose Arguelles, Gregg Braden, Riane Eisler, William Henry, Jean Houston, John Major Jenkins, Rick Levine, Dennis McKenna, Terence McKenna, Daniel Pinchbeck, Geoff Stray, Whitley Strieber, Alberto Villoldo and Jay Weidner. They discuss topics such as the shift of the ages, the galactic alignment, global warming, the pervasive role of the media in our lives, the secret place of refuge, the mystic work of Benjamin Franklin, renewal of the American spirit and the transformation of humanity.

Journey with Ms. Rose beyond the Georgia Guidestones, Denver Airport, Cross of Hendaye and Mayan Calendar to the Sacred Valley of Peru where we sit in ceremony with the powerful Shaman/healers of the Q’ero people and listen to their powerful prophecies for the future of humankind.

While firmly based in a rich perspective on our past history, and a new understanding of the nature of the times we live in, Timewave 2013 offers a clear, yet positive vision of what is to come.

Timewave 2013
is the sequel to 2012: The Odyssey. For a complete understanding of 2012 and what it really means it is suggested that both films be viewed together whenever possible. For more information see http://www.2012theodyssey.com

Offering some incredible insights and practical suggestions for all who love our planet. This is
definitely an adventure into the nature of time intself, with some of the world’s foremost metaphysicians, sages and experts lending their wisdom. Buckle yourself in for a breathtaking ride!
-Jennifer Hoskins, New Dawn Magazine

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar New Year’s Message for 2013

Sri Sri gives a special message for 2013 and conducts a meditation to welcome the New Year

Sri Sri founded The Art of Living as an international, non-profit, educational and humanitarian organization in 1982. Its educational and self-development programs offer powerful tools to eliminate stress and foster a sense of well-being through powerful breathing techniques such as Sudarshan Kriya and Yoga. Appealing not only to a specific population, these practices have proven effective globally at all levels of society.

2012 in review and Happy 2013 Wonderful World

Wishing All Viewers, Commentators, and Bloggers another passionate year of blogging, and pray that the great transformation and ‘shift’ in higher state of consciousness will progressively descend to be fully awakened to realize their own essential nature.

The 2000 odd postings in this blog contain practical and useful pointers towards reaching an enlightened state of awareness and awakening.

The WordPress.com stats helper prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

19,000 people fit into the new Barclays Center to see Jay-Z perform. This blog was viewed about 60,000 times in 2012. If it were a concert at the Barclays Center, it would take about 3 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Evolutionarymystic Post wishes to thank the following top 5 most active commenters and hope they will continue to be in their earnestness in 2013:

1 driuorno 31 comments

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What A Wonderful World With David Attenborough — BBC One

What a wonderful world – LOUIS ARMSTRONG

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