Rising in Love: My Wild and Crazy Ride to Here and Now, with Amma, the Hugging Saint by Ram Das Batchelder (Author)

Rising in Love tells the story of the author’s extraordinary spiritual awakening in America (which included meeting an angel), his discovery of Amma (the living Guru known in the West as the Hugging Saint), and the 27 amazing years he has spent in quest of Enlightenment as Amma’s devotee, most of that time in India.

The book is a suspenseful psychological thriller, a page-turner from the outset – yet there so much humor in the narrative that at times it reads like a comedic novel. From another angle, it is a story of profound healing from delusion, drug addiction and despair into a joyous and beautifully fulfilled life, and as such it is a ray of hope for all who suffer from addiction or mental illness. It is also a treasure chest full of gems from Amma’s teachings, and contains 22 photos of Amma. All royalties from the sale of this book will be donated to an orphanage in India.

Ram Das Batchelder was born in the USA in 1961, had a spiritual awakening in his early twenties (which included meeting an angel), and has spent most of the last 25 years in India as a devotee of Amma, the “hugging Saint.” He has written four children’s books for Amma’s ashram, each of which have been translated into four European languages.

He also wrote a novel in rhyming verse (“Sathyaram Discovers the Mother of All”), three full-length plays, and 40 original songs. In 2012, he and his wife, Tarini Ma, wrote and co-taught a university course on Hinduism in Venezuela. His highly acclaimed autobgiography, “Rising in Love: My Wild and Crazy Ride to Here and Now, with Amma, the Hugging Saint” was published in 2014 by O Books, an imprint of John Hunt Publishing.

He has given numerous talks and workshops about various aspects of spirituality in many locations around the world. He and his wife are currently offering luxury tours of the sacred cities of India, to both Spanish and English-speaking groups.


Ram Das Batchelder – Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

Published on Jan 22, 2015
Ram Das Batchelder was born in Pennsylvania in 1961, had a spiritual awakening in his early twenties, and has spent most of the last 25 years in India as a devotee of Amma, the “hugging Saint.” He has written four children’s books, which have been translated into several European languages, and also a novel in rhyming verse, three full-length plays, and 40 original songs. In 2012, he and his wife, Tarini Ma, wrote and co-taught a university course on Hinduism in Venezuela. He has given numerous talks and workshops about various aspects of spirituality in many locations around the world. He and his wife are currently offering 5-star tours of the sacred cities of India, to both Spanish and English-speaking groups.

“Rising in Love: My Wild and Crazy Ride to Here and Now, with Amma, the Hugging Saint” tells the story of Ram Das Batchelder’s powerful marijuana-fuelled spiritual awakening in America (which included meeting an angel), his two-year struggle with delusion and addiction, his subsequent renunciation of drugs, and his eventual discovery of Amma (the living Guru known in the West as “the Hugging Saint”).

The narrative then covers the 27 amazing years he has spent in quest of Enlightenment as Amma’s devotee, most of that time in India. It is a story of profound healing from drug addiction and despair into a joyfully fulfilled life, and is therefore a ray of hope for all who suffer from addiction or mental illness of one kind or another.

The book is a suspenseful psychological thriller, “a real page-turner” (as more than one reviewer has said), yet there is so much humor in the narrative that it reads like a comedic novel. It describes his struggles with dysentery and sexual desire during his first several years at Amma’s ashram, and also includes descriptions of numerous miracles he has witnessed, a vision of Krishna, and the steady progression of his meditation, which has culminated recently in states of samadhi.

It also discusses how the author left Amma’s ashram for a six year period, visited numerous other Gurus, and then returned, with a fiancée, and was married by Amma in 2001. One chapter is dedicated to the difficulties he and his wife have faced in their marriage, and the beautiful healing Amma has given them as a couple. There is also a section about the Asian Tsunami, which occurred when they were in Amma’s ashram; hundreds were killed in the surrounding area. “Rising in Love” will appeal to anyone interested in spirituality, Enlightenment, Hinduism, Saints or Gurus, as well as psychology, psychotherapy, angels or Jesus.

Website: http://rising-inlove.org

Other books: You Are The King- A Parable For Amma’s Children Sathyaram Discovers the Mother of All

Interview recorded 1/17/2015

Adyashanti – Spiritual Awakening: A Radical Shift in Identity – Opening of Wake Up Festival 2012

Published on Mar 27, 2014

Friends, please enjoy this video from our dear friend Adyashanti, as he opens the 2012 Wake Up Festival. To learn more about Wake Up, please see http://www.wakeupfestival.com.

Never Meeting Maharishi…Igor Kufayev

January 12th is Birthday of His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. The day is celebrated by hundreds of thousands of meditators around the World. The Master is largely known for bringing Transcendental Meditation to householders and followers of different spiritual disciplines, as well as to schools and uni campuses.

Although there are quite few who have met and worked with Maharishi closely, most have never met the man who some consider to be greatest Teacher the World has known in our Time. His legacy has entered collective consciousness and it would take decades before it could be adequately assessed by historians, scholars and sociologists alike.

Yet this is a deeply intimate story.

Being introduced to TM in mid 90-s, when I was in my late twenties, meeting the Master was not that important. TM for me was just a tool to complement my already rich by then artistic life. Gradually though Maharishi’s presence grow, my curiosity was aroused and a seed of desire to meet the Master one day was firmly planted.

From around mid 90-s Maharishi was no longer available for general public appearances. The Guru has retreated in Holland and gave televised Darshans to a large international community, and on special occasions only. January 12th was one such occasion. Watching these gatherings I was secretly envious to those who had the privilege to meet and be next to the Master.

By the time my desire reached its zenith, it was practically impossible to meet Maharishi by someone who wasn’t even working for the movement. That time has coincided with transformative awakening while attending one of the advanced TM programs. It was then when I had my first intense encounter with the Guru on the level beyond the senses…

The power of Grace filled my heart with such intensity of Love for Maharishi that mere glimpse of his image was enough to send my whole being in throbs of Ecstasy often mixed with tears of Joy and Gratitude… Soon my dwelling became a place of worship. Hundreds of roses were sacrificed at the altar, embalming my heart with the perfume of devotion never known to me before…

While my heart was filled up to its brim, the idea of meeting the Guru still lingered in the mind… Encouraged by those who have known Maharishi since the 60-s I’ve written a letter to the Master where I’ve shared my experiences of higher states of Consciousness but mainly trying to express the gratitude with as much humility as my knowledge of English allowed me to.

The reply came on that level where postman himself is the messenger by divine appointment. It was revealed deep in a state of Samadhi… And from there on my Sadhana was guided not just by Maharishi but by his own Master, Guru Dev himself.

By that time desire to meet Maharishi reached its sublime height, what happened then is too subtle to give it to pen…

To put it plainly, the seeker has drowned in the Sea of seen, where all desires have found its perfect fulfillment including that most pertinent wish to meet the Guru. That meeting took place in the Heart. The Union was so complete that no further physical contact could have possibly altered serene plenitude of being One with the Beloved…

Looking back in retrospect, it was interesting to observe how that relationship undergone transformation. From placidity of impersonal, through intensely personal and ultimately to universal sense of Love for the Teacher.

For at the beginning there was this arrogance which didn’t allow any subtler forms to be perceived, only to grow into very personal affair with time. I couldn’t care less how many loved Maharishi, he was mine in every sense. That was deeply personal, individualized relationship.

Which was eventually and beautifully transformed into understanding that Maharishi belongs to every being.

Moreover, every being in his or her essential nature is that Great Seer – The Rishi who sees through the Heart of All.

I prostrate at the place where your feet touched the ground… Oh Divine Being who carried Light so Brightly that it Illumined the World within and without.

Jai Guru Dev

Igor Kufayev

Cyclical Meritorious – Dispensation from Meteor Showers

The Pluvilis Meteorum Beatis

Great people are meteors designed to burn so that the earth may be lighted. ~Napoloeon Bonaparte
The Nature of Meteor Showers

Meteor showers are events that have provoked human curiosity since the beginning of mankind, and this is evidenced by the many records and stories that make reference to specific meteor showers through time. The earliest record of the Perseids Showers, for example, dates from the year 36 AD, made by Chinese astronomers. The Leonid meteor shower has been more intense in recent centuries, and is responsible for many events which were surprised by the amount of meteors observed.

A Meteor Shower is an event in which a group of meteors are seen radiating from a single point in the cosmos and entering the Earth’s atmosphere at very high speed. As our planet journeys through the infinite ocean of the heavenly skies during its translation movements, its orbit intercepts debris, which become meteors. A meteor shower is usually the result of interactions between a planet like the Earth, and the trail of debris produced by a comet or asteroid. Usually the comet material is detached from its orbit naturally, or when Earth crosses their orbit, its gravitational force attracts these particles into its atmosphere.

Most meteors are generally smaller than grain of sand and therefore almost always disintegrate and do not reach the surface of the planet. Heavy and unusual meteors are also known outbreaks or meteor storms, which are seen at a rate of more than a thousand meteors per hour.

“The rude sea grew civil at her song, And certain stars shot madly from their spheres To hear the sea-maid’s music.” ~William Shakespeare
The orbits of debris are approximately elliptical, with the Sun at one focus. As the distance of the debris from the Sun is in general very large, the curvature is small and the trajectories can be considered approximately parallel.

The fragments are usually entering the atmosphere at high speed and combust, forming the so-called shooting stars or fallen stars. Meteor showers are annual periodic phenomena. The best known are the intense Leonidas and Perseids.

Any planet in the solar system with a reasonably transparent atmosphere can experience a meteor shower. Mars is known to have meteor showers that occur with different intensity and very distinct characteristics as of from Earth.

Cyclical Meritorious Dispensation from Meteor Showers

Esoterically, the meteor showers function as a temporary immersion of very specific energies originating from massive cosmic archetypes, such as the planets, constellations, comets and from inter-planetary regions of the solar system space.

The decoding of these showering elements can be easily found in mankind’s tales and ancient mythology. They are personifications of the original adamantine evolutionary templates and withhold characteristics that facilitate the understanding of our cosmic multidimensionality. These traveling energies, such any other cosmic event, bear influence in our common lives on this planet and influence how we progress as a race; as they represent the opening of windows of opportunities to facilitate the soul growth and soul works, especially from star-seeded souls.

Meteor Showers have a similar effect as the changing phases of the moon, but their influences are broader than the lunar, which concentrate specifically on the frequencies of the emotional field and astral bodies. The shower’s reach a broader spectrum as it can influence and trigger different levels of our subtle bodies systems.

Adamantine Templates

In ancient times, the rehearsal and dramatization of myths and legends were used as instruments for the initiate immersion in some of the intrinsic dynamics of the spiritual and multidimensional realities. Through the experience of these patterns, the seeker was able to expand their circle of reality, fulfilling the prerequisites of understanding and different perspectives that allowed him to capture all the diamond facets of human and trans-human experiences. The olden calendar of initiation also captured the power influence of the meteor showers, which, at the time, were considered temporary dispensations of meritorious grace that originated from the great Constellations of the ancient times.

Nevertheless, we must say that the influence of these showers can be perceived as an attempt to entrain and to merge two dimensions of time into the human template; one tri-dimensional, chronological and finite in nature; and the other, cosmic, transcendent, archetypical, and eternal in nature. One regulates the primary functions of our dualistic reality and the other adjusts the everlasting evolutionary movement of the soul.

These non-local energies stimulate certain aspects of our soul advancement and can greatly improve the internal and expansive spiritual work, through immersion in meritorious dispensations. Each one of these dispensations carries lessons and challenges that integrate new patterns and elements that amplify the reach of our ever-expanding consciousness and awareness.

Meteor Showers are powerful tools that open windows of opportunity for transcendence, as they briefly evoke, through the soaking into inner archetypal experiences, the release of Samaskaric elements of our nature, such as old fears, old belief systems and holographic karmic memories that are no longer valid as a geometric pattern in our stage of reality. Along with the rhythm of the Stellar Codes, the Pluvilis Meteorum Beatis or Meteor Showers Dispensations are valuable tools that can be assimilated and integrated into our energetic template, allowing the shift of perspective through the access of a unique reservoir of experiences that transcends the human spectrum of existence.

Copyright 2013 Humanity Healing Network

Beyond the Here and Now: Thriving in the Age of Change ~ Lucy O’Hagan

Publication Date: October 2013

Beyond the Here & Now is an account of how we have come to be where we are now, in the modern era. In explaining the things that have not served us well we can uncover how to put them right in order, if we choose, to bring about a way of experiencing this world, and each other, as never before. No need for great blind leaps of faith or trickery, as the book demonstrates, everything we need is already at hand. We must now apply what we inherently know and this book explains how.
Lucy O’Hagan resides in Co. Wicklow, Ireland occupying a senior post with the Health Services Executive. She has traveled extensively expanding her knowledge and practical application of many Eastern philosophical teachings and healing practices. Marrying these experiences with her background and qualifications in Western allopathic medical fields has allowed Lucy to share the resulting wisdoms with others.

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No Mistakes!: How You Can Change Adversity into Abundance by Madisyn Taylor, Sunny Dawn Johnston, HeatherAsh Amara

Have you ever wondered if there was any truth to the adage, “Everything happens for a reason”? Wonder no more. This is the book that demonstrates the truth in that old piece of conventional wisdom. Madisyn Taylor, Sunny Dawn Johnston, Heather Ash and twenty other motivational and inspirational authors and speakers explore how synchronicities, blessings, and miracles can be found even in the most seemingly daunting circumstances.

Written from the perspective that every experience that you have is designed to be an opportunity for growth, No Mistakes contains over twenty-five uplifting chapters, each contributed by a different author. Each story demonstrates in concretely how what appear to be dire circumstances are ultimately opportunity for blessings. Drawing on situations ranging from financial hardship, divorce, and even death of a loved one, these accounts leave no doubt that even in the darkest moments of our lives, a divine hand is at work.

For anyone traveling a rough road or experiencing difficulties, this will provide the fortitude to move ahead. There is indeed a silver lining behind every dark cloud.

Madisyn Taylor is the co-Founder and editor-in-chief of DailyOM.com. Created in 2004, DailyOM serves well over 1.1 million subscribers with daily essays on all areas of self-improvement and creating a better life. Madisyn is an award-winning author of 2 books and has a regular column on Oprah.com. Previously, Madisyn was the creator of an aromatherapy line of products sold worldwide. madisyntaylor.com

Sunny Dawn Johnston is an angel communicator, psychic medium, and author of the bestselling book Invoking the Archangels: A Nine Step Process to Heal Your Body, Mind, and Soul. For more information, please visit her website at sunnydawnjohnston.com

HeatherAsh Amara is a teacher, guide, and author of numerous books. As the founder of the Toltec Center for Creative Intent (toci.org), she has facilitated hundreds of workshops in the Toltec tradition and taught extensively with don Miguel Ruiz. Visit her at toci.org.

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The Light of the Christ Within: Inspired Talks by Reverand John Laurence, a Direct Disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda

John Laurence minister, modern mystic, and direct disciple of the great spiritual master and world teacher, Paramhansa Yogananda (author of the bestselling classic, Autobiography of a Yogi) presents, in this volume of talks, an outline of the inner path with practical spiritual teachings. Laurence’s speaking style is refreshingly straightforward and lively as he highlights timeless truths via fascinating stories from the lives of saints from East and West. Laurence’s message of how to grow spiritually is universal and non-denominational, and his compelling discussions of life after death are centered in the foundation of Laurence’s own psychic abilities and high spiritual state.

Rev. John Laurence

John Laurence: Seventy Years of Discipleship
by Nicole DeAvilla Whiting

On January 17,2003, as this article was being prepared for publication, John Laurence peacefully passed away at age 95. John always referred to his impending death as “a time of joyous graduation.”

Seventy years ago, John Laurence was walking down 16th Street in Washington, D.C. when he saw a brown-skinned man in a black coat and hat, with his hair tucked down into his collar. John thought — “That’s Swami Yogananda!”

A “chance” meeting
John had heard of Yogananda through Amelita Galli-Curci, a disciple of Yogananda and well-known opera singer. John knew that Yogananda had a center in Washington, D.C., so John didn’t approach Yogananda on the street but went to the center and waited until Yogananda came in. John introduced himself and asked Yogananda for his autograph. Yogananda wrote:

With unceasing blessings. There is no East nor West nor North nor South, but pervaded by my one Father whose children we all races are. —Swami Yogananda. November 2, 1933.

The framed autograph hangs in John’s tiny studio apartment in San Diego along with a photo of Yogananda. Recalling his first meeting with Yogananda, John said: “He wrote this standing up. He had his cane on his arm and he wrote this whole message. I still have the little book that I paid 35 cents for.”

An ecumenical path
Shortly before meeting Yogananda, John had left a Franciscan monastery without taking final vows in order to support his mother after his father’s untimely death. Inspired and forever changed by his first meeting with Yogananda, John became a disciple of Yogananda and a life-long student of his teachings.

Not long after meeting Yogananda, John moved to San Francisco and met Kamala Silva, Yogananda’s personal secretary. With Yogananda’s blessings, John assisted Kamala during the 1930s, ’40s, and early ’50s as she laid the groundwork for a thriving Yogananda center in San Francisco’s East Bay.

Yogananda also encouraged John’s predisposition towards a non-denominational, ecumenical path—independent of organized religion. John later founded his own church in San Francisco, the “Metaphysical Design for Living Church,” which he dedicated to Yogananda.

Unknown to John, in 1951 Kamala attended one of his lectures in San Francisco during which he discussed Yogananda’s life and major work, Autobiography of a Yogi. Kamala wrote down what John said and shared her notes with Yogananda when she next saw him in Los Angeles. Kamala told John, “tears came to Yogananda’s eyes and he went right over to his desk and tore a big sheet of paper and wrote a letter.” Yogananda’s letter to John reads:

Dear Mr. Laurence — dear me,

I so rejoiced to read your soulful review of my “Autobiography of a Yogi.” Sounds like you usher others back to God, through the example of your good life.

Words are futile to describe how I feel towards you and your divine activities.

Keep on becoming daily a bigger beacon of Divine Light through the practice of SRF teachings in daily life.

With all of my love and blessings for all you are doing, ever yours, very sincerely,

Paramhansa Yogananda

Yogananda’s gratitude and compassion
In January, 1952, two months before Yogananda’s passing, John wrote a poem and enclosed it in the birthday card he sent to Yogananda. Yogananda was so pleased with the poem that he asked that it be read aloud at his birthday banquet. Yogananda later wrote John, telling him how deeply touched he was by the poem.

John’s enthusiasm for his guru led him on one occasion to behave somewhat insensitively. After one of Yogananda’s public lectures in San Francisco, John went back stage, grabbed hold of Yogananda’s hand, and gave him so forceful a handshake that Yogananda winced. Nearly everyone else greeted Yogananda with a pronam, an Indian form of greeting done with folded palms and without physical contact.

Years later, while sitting in the San Diego church where Yogananda had often lectured, John recalled that inappropriate “handshake” and began to weep. John said he then looked down at his hands and could hardly believe his eyes: “I saw Yogananda’s hand in mine! Right there. He had been gone from this earth for I don’t know how many years! He was saying, ‘It’s OK, don’t worry.’”

An ongoing ministry
A lot has happened in John’s life since that first meeting with Yogananda 70 years ago. John has led a colorful life as an opera singer, radio personality, lecturer, minister, counselor and teacher.

I first met John about ten years ago when he was living in San Francisco. Mutual friends of ours were being married at the Marina Yoga and Health Center, which I then owned. John officiated at the wedding, using the ceremony written by Swami Kriyananda. I stood next to him and turned pages as he read. John was a youthful 85 at the time.

Soon after, I began attending the Wednesday evening healing prayer services that John co-led at Trinity Episcopal Church. John used Yogananda’s healing prayer techniques and inspired us with stories of miracles by Yogananda and other saints. The sign “Expect a Miracle” was always on the altar.

John never accepted money for these sessions and refused to take credit for the healing miracles that occurred. He never let us forget that “God was the healer.”

At the end of the healing prayer sessions John would bless each of us by placing his index finger on our spiritual eye. Whenever I received his blessing, I felt a powerful transmission of spiritual energy. The more time I spent with John, the more I felt my attunement to Yogananda deepening. Because of his humility and devotion, John was a powerful channel for Yogananda.

John’s idea of retirement is not typical. He continues to counsel and inspire people through healing prayers, phone conversations and during visits. At age 95, despite some health concerns, John remains amazingly robust, intellectually sharp, and witty. His daily practice of Kriya Yoga, his devotion to God and guru, and his ongoing service to others keeps his magnetism strong.

John looks forward to his 70th anniversary of his first meeting with Yogananda in November of 2003 like a child anticipating a birthday. John always speaks of his beloved guru with deep devotion, saying: “He was a great soul. We will not see his like again.”

A longtime Yogananda disciple, Nicole DeAvilla-Whiting lives in Marin County, CA with her husband and two children. She teaches Ananda Yoga in Marin and at The Expanding Light guest retreat at Ananda Village.

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The Cup of Our Life: A Guide for Spiritual Growth ~ Joyce Rupp

From the publisher…

Anyone thirsting for a more intimate and disciplined life of prayer will find a rich wellspring in The Cup of Our Life. In this original and practical book Joyce Rupp shares how the ordinary cups that we use each day can become sacred vessels that connect us with life and draw us ever closer to God. She explores how the cup is a rich symbol of life, with it emptiness and fullness, its brokenness and flaws, and all of its blessings.

This creative guide for individual and group prayer offers six weekly themes based on different images of the cup. The open cup, the chipped cup, the broken cup, the blessing cup … each in turn becomes a teacher in prayer. For each day the author offers a short inviting essay, a wisdom saying, a scripture verse, a brief meditation, questions for journaling, and a suggestion for keeping the theme close to one’s heart throughout the day. The reflective art that accompanies each theme offers yet another inspiration for prayer. The Cup of Our Life can also be used with groups that meet regularly for spiritual growth. Simple, helpful suggestions for group sharing and ritual are provided for each of the six weeks.

The Cup of Our Life will both revitalize and enrich your relationships with the Divine.

Thoughts from the Author…

“…I have found the cup to be a powerful teacher for my inner life. The ordinariness of the cup reminds me that my personal transformation occurs in the common crevices of each day. The cup is an apt image for the inner process of growth. The cup has been a reminder of my spiritual thirst. As I’ve held it, filled it, drunk from it, emptied it and washed it, I’ve learned that it is through my ordinary human experineces that my thirst for God is quenched. In the cup I see life, with its emptiness, fullness, brokenness, flaws, and blessings.

A cup is a container for holding something. Whatever it holds has to eventually be emptied out so that something more can be put into it. I have learned that I cannot always expect my life to by full. There has to be some emptying, some pouring out, if I am to make room for the new. The spiritual journey is like that–a constant process of emptying and filling, of giving and receiving, of accepting and letting go.

“…the main purpose of a cup is to have its contents given away.”

The cup has taught me many valuable lessons for my spiritual growth. I have learned that my life holds stale things that need to be discarded and that sometimes my life feels as wounded as a broken cup. I have learned that I have flaws, chips, and stains, just as any well-used cup may have, but that these markings of a well traveled life need not prevent me from being a valuable gift for others. I have learned that the contents of my life are meant to be constantly given and shared in a generous gesture of compassion, just as the main purpose of a cup is to have its contents given away. I have especially learned gratitude for all those moments when the unexpected has transformed my life into an abundant cup of blessings.
“…The spiritual life is a journey toward becoming whole, a day-to-day movement of continually growing into the person we are meant to be.”

(The) yearning for greater spiritual oneness with God is the foundation of The Cup of Our Life. I hope that this six-week guide, which is centered around the many facets of the cup, will inspire you to grow in your relationship with God and will fill your cup of life to overflowing. – Joyce Rupp

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The Real Rules of Life Balancing Life’s Terms with Your Own by Ken Druck, Ph.D.

Finally someone is telling the truth about how life really is. And Ken Druck knows what he’s talking about.

No matter what we say, do, or believe in, life has its own terms. And they’re not what we thought. Life presents us all with challenges and setbacks. The life we thought we’d signed up for is not the one we get. Then what? How do we summon the raw courage and strength to go on? Create Plan B and grow wiser from the experience?

Ken Druck’s personal journey through tragedy after the death of his daughter Jenna led him to discover the secrets of how we survive life’s worst losses and uncover its hidden opportunities for spiritual deepening, renewal, discovery, meaning, and even joy. We discover how to be a part of the unseen miracles and opportunities that are right under our noses.

Ken Druck knows the Real Rules of Life. From his own experience and as a trusted coach and confidant to people all over the world, including leaders facing their greatest challenges, Ken knows the difference between wishful thinking and grounded truth. His refreshingly honest approach to turning adversity into opportunity makes up the heart and soul of this book.

The Real Rules of Life is not a quick fix, nor does it trivialize life’s struggles. It shows you how to heal. How to grow your soul. How to thrive. How to be both broken and whole at the same time by getting and staying real. And how to live more consciously. Ken Druck inspires you to make peace with life as it really is. Once you know the Real Rules, you can balance life’s terms with your own and live boldly.

Ken Druck, Ph.D.
Ken Druck, Ph.D., is one of the nation’s pioneers in personal transformation, breaking fresh ground in male psychology, executive coaching, organizational consulting, parent effectiveness, healing after loss, and, most recently, the art of turning adversity into opportunity. Druck Enterprises, Inc. (DEI), is a leading coaching, consulting, and team-building firm with a broad base of clients including Microsoft, Pfizer, IBM, U-T San Diego, and the YMCA.
Ken Druck: The Real Rules of Life book trailer

Ken Blanchard & Ken Druck talk about The Real Rules of Life

Ken Blanchard and Ken Druck discuss Druck’s new book: “The Real Rules of Life: Balancing Life’s Terms with Your Own” and how faith and courage help lead us back to love following a life change, loss of a loved one, medical issue…

1. Legacy of the Heart :The Spiritual Advantages of a Painful Childhood 2. Sabbath: Finding Rest, Renewal and Delight in our Busy lives by Wayne Muller

It requires a tremendous leap of faith to imagine that our deepest sorrows, our losses and our grief, may become gifts for us.

In this bestselling book, featured on Oprah, Wayne Muller explores how the pain and hurt of our lives can become catalysts that bring forth remarkable strength and wisdom, courage and peace. We do not need to repair what we believe is damaged, so much as to awaken what is already alive and well, a deep, spiritual magic that burns bright and refuses to be extinguished.

Sabbath: Finding Rest, Renewal and Delight in our Busy Lives

In the relentless busyness of modern life, we have lost the rhythm between action and rest. When action is universally prescribed as more useful than rest, we inevitably lose our way. We bypass the nourishment that would give us succour, and we reject the quiet that would give us wisdom. Poisoned by this hypnotic belief that good things come only through unceasing striving and tireless effort, we can never truly rest. And for want of rest, our lives are in danger.

All spiritual traditions insist that a life well-lived requires rest. Only from rest may we gain the nourishment, wisdom, courage and clarity necessary to heal the world. In this book, Wayne Muller explores how we may reclaim the wisdom and delight that make our lives and work fruitful.

Wayne Muller on the Sabbath.

Wayne Muller_Caregiver.mov

Grace, Guidance, and Gifts Sacred Blessings to Light Your Way by Sonia Choquette

About the book: This fantastic book-with-CD provides Sonia’s best guide to finding your aim in life and letting go of your ego. Our greatest purpose in life is to free ourselves of the limiting patterns of ego and soul that keep us chained to painful, disempowered lives. Once we have done this we can fully realize the authentic and holy Spirits we are. This journey can feel overwhelming – even impossible – unless we gain access to the three sacred blessings of Spirit, made available to us from God. Without them we fail.

These sacred blessings are God’s grace, inner guidance and personal gifts. Grace lifts us beyond our own ability, inner guidance leads the way, and personal gifts are both the inner and outer resources given to us to succeed at every step. It is up to us to ask for these sacred blessings, and we must do so now more than ever before. This inspiring book will show you how. Through the use of daily lessons, specific prayers, personal intentions and powerful mantras, you will be showered with these blessings every day of your life.


As Divine Beings we are on a continuing transformational journey from limited human consciousness to limitless Divine Spiritual consciousness, and we have two distinct aspects of self that are in the process of merging: our soul and our Divine Spirit.

Our soul is not the same thing as our Spirit, although for many people, myself included, this has been, at times, an unclear and confusing distinction, because both are aspects of our nonphysical being and are therefore difficult to separate.

Having been asked the difference between Spirit and soul over the years by my clients and students, and having wondered myself, I have set my heart and mind to finding this answer for decades. Now, after years of prayer, meditation, contemplation, discussion, wonder, and intuition, I have finally arrived at a more grounded and defined distinction between the two that, at least for me, feels true. Our soul self reflects the sum total of our conscious experiences throughout each lifetime, and we carry this totality of consciousness from one lifetime to the next. Throughout our human journey, our soul seeks to find its way back home, back to Source.

The soul contains all our feelings, involvements, learning, love, confusion, and understanding from our first moment of separation from Source to the present, where we yearn for the moment of reunion. That is why the soul seeks. It is on a mission to get back home, back to Source, and it draws from all of its experiences as it works to achieve wholeness.

Our Spirit, on the other hand, is the timeless divine spark of holiness within, the eternal flame of light that has never been separated from Source. An extension of the One Spirit, our Spirit oversees the soul on its journey home. While the soul is the “self” that experiences life, the Spirit is the witness overseeing the “experiencing” part of you that is learning.

Energetically, the vibration of soul and Spirit are quite different. The soul vibration feels energetically dense, contracted, concentrated, and sticky (for lack of a better term). The soul energy feels at times cloudy, heavy, and attached, while at other times yearning, restless, intense, and compelled, even shadowy like the moon. The soul is complex because it is comprised of so many experiences: positive, beautiful, and transcendent, as well as horrific, traumatic, and painful. It reflects and expresses these complexities through our ego as it seeks the light, and draws from the patterns of the past for guidance and support on its quest. Sometimes this is good. Other times this holds back the soul.

When ruled solely by the soul/ego, we repeat old, outworn patterns of behavior, become clouded by our perceptions, lack clear boundaries, get distracted and confused by others, live sentimentally in the past, allow our ego’s fears to outshine love, and lose our true identity. We absorb the negativity and needs of others, and lose a strong connection to our authentic Self in present time. We become easily depressed and angered, and feel victimized. Our eyes are dull, our emotions are heavy, our energy is depleted, and we become passive and overwhelmed.

Our Spirit, on the other hand, feels energetically light, buoyant, without edges or limits, like a clear, bright eternal ray; a vibrant, always-present sun. There is no past to one’s Spirit. There is no story or experience to carry. There is no darkness to illuminate. There is no timeline to follow, no urgency to seek, no restlessness to overcome. There is only peace, only light. The Spirit within is our God-self being itself. In Spirit there is no “dark night,” as with the soul. There is only perfect and ceaseless illuminating light.

When the Spirit within us rules, we have a clear and strong sense of who we are, and we know our boundaries and express them clearly, as well as respect the boundaries of others. We can easily deflect negativity, stand in the waves of strong emotion without losing ourselves, remain grounded and calm under pressure, see the humor in all things, and easily laugh at ourselves and at life’s absurdities. We have a bright sparkle in our eyes, an easy smile on our lips, and a bounce in our walk. We live in the moment; are fully aware of our co-creative power; and have energy, enthusiasm, confidence, and love to give, receive, and share.

Our conscious human quest is to merge our soul with our authentic Spirit, to lead our soul home. And the best way to do this is to strengthen the attention and focus we place on our Spirit over that of the soul.

As human beings fascinated with our own history, dramas, false perceptions, and pains, our attention has sadly drifted away from our Divine Timeless Spirit as guide. We have instead become ensconced in using soul perception as our guide. While we are here to grow our soul and learning takes place within the soul, we will not find the light of Spirit and return to Source by strictly following the path of the soul. The way home is the other way around. When we connect to the light of Spirit within and let its brilliant light lead, our soul finds its way back to Source much more quickly.

In keeping our attention and focus on our Spirit, we reeducate the intellect, and guide the soul to fully surrender and follow the light rather than fight and struggle in the darkness. This sounds difficult, because we are used to learning through the lens of the soul, and through that lens, everything feels challenging. I am grateful that with our Spirit in charge, all becomes clear, just like turning on a light in a dark room.

The following excerpt is taken from the book, Grace, Guidance and Gifts, by Sonia Choquette. It is published by Hay House (July 2012) and available at all bookstores and online retailers.

Published by Hay House

Sonia Choquette is a world-renowned author, storyteller, vibrational healer, and six sensory spiritual teacher in international demand for her guidance, wisdom, and capacity to heal the soul. Her books have sold over a million copies world wide including her New York Times bestseller The Answer Is Simple… She is most recognized for her ability to instantly change vibration, lift depression, and connect others to their intuition. She helps people understand their souls’ plan and purpose and leads them to a successful, meaningful and peaceful lives.

Dedicated to liberating people all over the world from the severe limitations, that comes from perceiving the world with only five senses when we in fact have six senses, and opening others up to the joys, healing and personal empowerment of six-sensory living.

A gifted and often hilarious teacher and speaker, Sonia is straight to the point in showing people exactly how to immediately transform their life experience from fear to joy, activate their intuition, awaken their spirit, and live as the empowered beings they are naturally designed to be.

Educated at the University of Denver, and the Sorbonne, Paris in addition to holding a doctorate in Metaphysics from the American Institute of Holistic Theology, and a member of the Transformational Leadership Council, Sonia has been featured on ABC,NBC,CNN as well as New Woman Magazine, USA Today as well as The Chicago Tribune and The London Times.
Sonia Choquette on Activating Your Spirit

Revolutionary psychic and sixth-sensory trainer Sonia Choquette, PhD, shares ways to activate your Spirit and open your heart to a life of infinite potential. Here, Sonia is speaking at an A.R.E. headquarters conference in Virginia Beach, Va. (see EdgarCayce.org/conferences).

How Then, Shall We Live?: Four Simple Questions That Reveal the Beauty and Meaning of Our Lives by Wayne Muller

We all long to experience a sense of inner wholeness and guidance, but today’s notions of healing and recovery too often keep us focused on our brokenness, on our deficiencies rather than our strengths. Wayne Muller’s luminous new book gently guides us to the place where we are already perfect, already blessed with the wisdom we need to live a life of meaning, purpose and grace.

He starts, as do so many spiritual teachers, with simple questions:

> Who am I?

> What do I love?

> How shall I live, knowing I will die?

> What is my gift to the family of the earth?

He then takes us deeper, exploring each question through transformative true stories. We meet men and women–Wayne’s neighbors, friends, patients–who have discovered love, courage, and kindness even in the midst of sorrow and loss. And through them we glimpse that relentless spark of spiritual magic that burns within each of us.

Woven throughout are contemplations, daily practices, poems, and teachings from the great wisdom teachings. Page by page, we become more awake to the joy and mystery of this precious human life, and to the unique gifts every one of us has to offer the world

Wayne Muller_23rd_Psalm.mov

Psalm 23

The Pearl of Psalm 23

Psalm23 – The Lord Is My Shepherd

A psalm of David.
1 The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not be in want.

2 He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters,

3 He restores my soul. He guides me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.

4 Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, [a] I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.

5 You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.

6 Surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.

The Gentle and Forgotten Art of Blessing ~ Humanityhealing

To bless, says Pierre, means to wish, unconditionally and from the deepest chamber of your heart, unrestricted good for others and events.

To bless is to acknowledge the omnipresent, universal beauty hidden from material eyes

Music: Secret Garden, Sleepsong
Text: Freely adapted from Pierre Pradervand, The Gentle Art of Blessings: Sasha T Moore, The Forgotten Art of Blessing; and Daily Om, Understanding Oneness

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