How to deal with financial insecurity and what it has to do with fear of death – Gangaji

Gangaji is a spiritual teacher and a direct disciple of the renowned advaita master Papaji. In this video she talks about how to deal with financial insecurity and / or whether we can eliminate financial insecurity. According to Gangaji – if we want to find an answer – we have to address the much more important question, which is how to overcome the fear of death.
Because we have this hope – according to Gangaji – that if we can accumulate enough of a barrier between ourselves and death, then we will be safe. But we aren’t! No matter how much money we have we are subject to death at any moment.
When it comes to the question: How to overcome the fear of death, we first have to see that fear (of death) is part of our animal nature and which is an alert system to the real possibility that we may die. Then she advises us to face our fear of death openly, to practice self-enquiry and actually explore it. Then, quite naturally and effortlessly we meet the fear of death, but not meeting as a way of getting rid of something.

After that Gangaji is asked about whether some people are naturally attracted to financial abundance. She is of the opinion that there is too much emphasis on money. Instead of thinking about how to spend money, we should rather think about how to spend our life. Because true abundance has nothing to do with the car we drive or the clothes we wear, but true abundance is a heart filled with love.

To summarize all this: If we want to learn how to overcome financial problems or even how to deal with bankruptcy, we have (first) to address the question of how to deal with the fear of death or how to overcome the fear of death. We do this by openly exploring our fear of death and enquire into this fear.

And of course, as a spiritual teacher, Gangaji reminds us that true abundance is a heart full of love.


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Published on Feb 2, 2018

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