Avenues of the Human Spirit ~ Graham Nicholls [updated Dec 27, 2015]

Avenues of the Human Spirit takes us on a compelling journey through many life-changing experiences towards a greater sense of spiritual fulfillment. Genuine life changing experiences such as perceptions through time, out-of-body experiences and a profound spiritual awakening illustrate how the author reached a philosophy of benevolence and freedom that we too can draw upon in our everyday lives.

These Avenues of the Human Spirit are the ecstatic changes we can experience beyond our bodies, in deep meditation or removed from the everyday world in nature, but they are also the everyday choices we make that define our world. The author’s spiritual awareness has also grown from an understanding of the spectrum of human experience, from the harsher sides of his childhood in working class London to the joys of spiritual exploration. The result of these combined perceptions is what makes Avenues of the Human Spirit a unique and life-affirming book.
Graham Nicholls – Navigating the Out Of Body Experience: Part One

Graham returns for a 2nd show to discuss his debut book, Avenues of the Human Spirit published by O Books. Graham shares his journey growing up as young boy in London where the real threat of constant violence was never too far away. At this time he was also having many vivid precognitive out-of-body experiences. Graham is now using his own journey to recognise the different paths one can take given the experiences and influences we are subjected to.

Graham Nicholls Interview 2010 – Spiritual Lounge
An interview with Dhara Kothari of Spiritual Lounge Magazine

What does spirituality mean to you?

Spirituality for me means a process of growth towards greater awareness of our interconnectedness to all people and life, a liberating awareness or truth. It is about dissolving the beliefs that divide and limit. Like the scientific method, spirituality in my approach is about tuning our perceptions so that we can see things as they really are. This often means giving up long held assumptions and going it alone outside of the security of religious dogma or mainstream society, which can be scary for people but I believe it is the only way to experience true liberation.

You have had many life changing experiences, can you talk about some of them?

I would say that there have been four main stages in my life in which I was transformed in some way spiritually. The first took place when I was a small boy. I awoke in the middle of the night and walked into the hallway outside my bedroom. As I did I encountered a tall figure standing at the doorway to the apartment. Not surprisingly I was terrified, especially as I could not have been more than six or seven years old. The figure just stood there looking at me with an intensity that I have never experienced since. It is not an exaggeration to say that that night changed the direction of my life and opened me to the possibility of other levels of reality.

The second major shift took place when I was around twelve. I began to have fleeting out-of-body experiences (OBEs). They didn’t last more than a few moments at that point but they again focused me on the idea of another aspect to the universe. So around a year later I bought a book on OBEs from a local bookshop and began experimenting with inducing the experience intentionally. It took me six months but I then experienced a jolt shoot through my body before I found myself floating in the air looking at an almost foreign vision of myself lying below. Energy seemed to pulse in every direction and the room seemed lit from a radiant light emanating from my floating form. I remained there rotating for a minute or two before I sensed the soft texture of the bed again and opened my eyes to see the moving shadows from the traffic outside subtlety cascading across the ceiling.

There was no turning back after that, my OBEs began to take place on a regular basis and I started researching all I could on the topic. I took up various spiritual disciplines from meditation to committing to abstain from alcohol, recreational drugs and meat. To this day I have never gone back on these commitments and have never drunk alcohol, smoked or taken drugs. I have not eaten meat for nearly twenty years now and I’m now a vegan.

Essentially my OBEs opened up my world and initiated me into a spiritual understanding of life that has defined me since that time. They also led to the next shift in my awareness that took place in 1999. I had arranged to run a workshop with a few friends on some new techniques and ideas. We had booked a space under a railway bridge, as it was cheap and very spacious. I spent the first part of the meeting going through a breathing technique I had developed that I nicknamed the G-Technique as it drew upon a process used by pilots to help them deal with G-force during their training. It was a very powerful approach and within minutes of working with it I experienced the most powerful OBE in my life so far.

I found myself standing on a London street watching the people passing by with the normal energy and life you might expect of a large city. Then, as I watched, an explosion seemed to burst out onto the street leaving broken glass and people running. Emotion seemed to hit me as if it was a tangible physical force. It was like nothing else I’d ever experienced. Once it was over and I was back in my body I had a sense that this was something going to happen in the future and sure enough five days later a bombing did take place in Soho on the same street I had seen it happen in the OBE.

This precognitive aspect to my experiences was only to become more prominent as I was also to witness the Aldgate East bombing that took place in London in 2005 long before it actually happened. But in-between these two events I was to have probably the most personally powerful and transformative experience in my life.

I was away on holiday in Sardinia, an Island off the coast of Italy, when because of a series of chance events I had no money left for the trip except a few pounds to cover very basic food requirements. The result was the holiday became a kind of retreat and I spent my time practicing a form of Zazen meditation and reading. After several days of this I lay on my bed and experienced a sense of liberation. It is very hard to describe, but in a subtle moment I felt as if the universe touched a part of me and transformed me. It was like seeing my life replayed but without fear, only compassion and peace. That day put in motion the process that led me to write my first book and to found the Shahmai Network.

Tell us something about your professional work and how it has helped you spiritually?

Well I’ve always been a person who is inspired by many diverse areas, so I suppose my professional work as an artist, writer and activist allows me to share my understandings with others and also to explore in a deeper way what my life means. Art, especially contemporary art affords a level of freedom that few other areas do. I also always wanted to immerse people in an experience that they might never have in another context. Art allowed me to build and exhibit complex environments that I designed to take people on a meditational journey deep within themselves. I also try to offer guidance and healing to people through my various workshops, courses, retreats and one-on-one sessions. This is a really satisfying way of working for me as I can see directly the impact that my approaches have, which are often very transformative for the people involved.

You are the founder of Shahmai Network, can you tell us more about it?

The network was envisioned mainly as a focal point for my activism, a way of reaching others who support my vision and understanding of the world; with the ultimate goal of putting something positive and life affirming out into society. Our first undertaking in this direction was to become members of the Make Poverty History coalition back in 2004. It underlined to me the importance of working not just for personal growth, but for a fairer more equal world. Spirituality when it is divorced from compassion or a real focus on others is not fully realised in my understanding.

Since the end of the MPH campaign in 2005 I have focused on three slightly diverse areas, these being poverty, animal rights and personal rights such as relationships free from state limitations. These are all areas that I see as causing great suffering. I hope to expand the network as more people become aware of what I do with the goal of making lasting change in the world.

What have you learnt about the scientific understanding of consciousness?

Well I have always been fascinated by science, especially areas like parapsychology that seek to answer some of the greatest questions in human experience. Do we survive physical death? What are the boundaries of consciousness? etc etc. So my understanding of consciousness is constantly evolving. Part of me feels that consciousness may be illusory in the sense that it may not really be a consistent whole in the way we experience it. This is because the brain fills in the gaps left open by our senses giving rise to the ‘stream of consciousness’ we experience. This is interesting to me as if it is true that the brain completes the process of sensory perception, what would it look like if the mind was extended beyond the brain or if we could project our awareness to another place such as in remote viewing or an OBE? It seems to me that what we experience in psychical perceptions would appear fragmentary without the filling in process of the brain, we would also expect that we might not have the references of full memory or emotional context. As far as I can tell so far in my understanding psi perceptions do seem to match very well with this hypothesis.

In order to explore these areas more I have worked with Rupert Sheldrake, a biologist and psi researcher, in a series of telepathy experiments and I also support his work challenging the limited perspectives of many sceptics. Sheldrake believes that the brain might be more like a receiver and that our mind might be extended via a morphic field. This idea of the brain being more like a receiver is also popular with scientists researching near-death experiences. For example NDE researchers Pim Van Lommel and Penny Sartori have both put across this kind of understanding, as has Dean Radin a prolific researcher into psi.

Tell us more about your out of body experiences?

This could fill several books as I have now had hundreds of OBEs over some 23 years (as of October 2010). But what I can say is they have allowed me to travel to locations across the world and even to look down at the planet from the upper atmosphere. I have been able to explore the nature of consciousness directly without appeal to theory or dogma. That is the real value of these states of being, they offer us access to non-physical reality and let as ask questions about our spiritual nature. When I induced my first OBE at a teenager I simply wanted to experience something incredible, something life-affirming and that is exactly what happened. I entered a world of exploration and expanded my world view in ways I could never have imagined at the time.

How has astral projection helped you and in what way?

Astral projection is the term favoured in various esoteric traditions, many of which draw their ideas from Theosophy and western occultism, as someone focused on a more scientific approach I tend to use the term out-of-body experience. My OBEs have opened me to everything I now value in my life really. It is no exaggeration to say beginning to explore my OBEs made me look at the world with new eyes and begin to understand that there is more to this world than I ever imagined. I began to learn and educate myself in areas that I literally didn’t know existed before this shift in consciousness. Science, religion, philosophy, poetry and literature all became areas of fascination for me as a result of the desire for knowledge that arose from being awakened to psychical and spiritual potential.

You organize retreats, what do they consist off?

Yes, I run retreats that are focused on personal growth and spirituality as well as teaching approaches to help people have out-of-body experiences for themselves. My workshops usually consist of a one or two day event in which I guide people through a step-by-step process working with their strengths as well as limitations. When the group is focused on out-of-body experiences I use a wide range of approaches including my immersive technology, which I’ve developed since the late 1990s. I realised that most of the techniques for inducing OBEs were very generic and not based on the individual involved, so I started to develop a system that takes into account the psychology and particular strengths of the person I’m teaching. I then realised that most of the traditional techniques used only visualisations, which seemed limiting when we have all the other senses and the possibility to immerse ourselves in a compete sensory experience. I also draw on a much more scientific approach than anyone else I’m aware of, this helps to identify the approaches that are most likely to work drawn from the evidence in parapsychology.
I want people to walk away from my workshops and retreats with a sense that they have made a change, a real breakthrough. That’s my job in a way as the facilitator really, to take someone who is open to explore and grow and offer a genuine and personal teaching that lets them find the resources within the core of themselves.

Tell us more about your first book Avenues of the Human Spirit that is soon going to be published?

Avenues of the Human Spirit is a poetic journey through my experiences since my early childhood. But more than that it is an exploration of how they have transformed me and led me to a spiritual world view based upon direct experience, compassion and awareness. It was a very hard book to write and took me deep into myself and challenged me in ways that I could not have imagined. It even took me into the harsher sides of growing up in a large complex city like London. But the result I believe is quite unique in spiritual literature and early readers have already commented that they believe it is destined to be a classic. For example I have received endorsements from authors including bestselling Karen Ralls, who said that it is “Searingly honest, real and spiritually inspiring” and Herbie Brennan who said it is “An important, multi-layered work” and William Bloom also called it a “wonderful, entertaining and unique book”.

How do you envisage the future and spirituality?

I envision a spirituality that is grounded in change and growth rather than adherence to the beliefs of the past. This wouldn’t just be science and spirituality coming together in the sense of science supporting what we already believe about spirituality, it would be a spirituality grounded in the methods of science. A philosophy of awareness and human transformation that is interlinked with learning and inquiry in a way that has never existed before. I envision communities of spiritual awareness growing stronger and further reaching, so that the margins of aggression, violence and ignorance are diminished and ultimately replaced with compassion and peace.

It’s a Wonderful Afterlife: Inspiring True Stories from a Psychic Medium by Kristy Robinett (Author)

Available: August 2015

For over forty years Psychic Medium Kristy Robinett has communicated with thousands of spirits who have shared their experiences with death and what happened afterwards. In It’s a Wonderful Afterlife, Robinett delves into what heaven is like, if there is a hell, and what the transition to the Other Side is like depending upon cause of death (suicide, natural, accidental, illness, etc). With personal experiences and stories from clients, she also discusses the many signs and symbols that our loved ones share with us to assure that it is a wonderful afterlife.

Kristy Robinett (Livonia, MI) is a professional psychic medium. In addition to giving readings and teaching workshops, she uses her psychic skills to assist with police investigations. Kristy lectures across the country and has appeared on Fox News, ABC News, and Coast to Coast. She is also the author of Forevermore – Guided in Spirit by Edgar Allan Poe, Messenger Between Worlds – True Stories from a Psychic Medium, Higher Intuitions Oracle, Ghosts of Southeast Michigan and Michigan’s Haunted Legends and Lore. Visit her online at KristyRobinett.com.

What Messages Did Kristy Get From Beyond? View Here

Angel Astrology 101 Discover the Angels Connected with Your Birth Chart by Doreen Virtue, Yasmin Boland

Learn about the archangels who work with your birth chart in Doreen Virtue’s Angel Astrology 101. Co-authored by the widely published astrologist and Angel Therapist Yasmin Boland, this is the first book to combine angelology and astrology.

The 12 beautifully illustrated and easy-to-understand chapters describe the personality characteristics of each of the sun, moon, and rising signs, as well as which archangels to call upon in association with them. Angel Astrology 101 is perfect for anyone who is new to these subjects-but it also offers plenty of fresh insights and material for those who have long worked with either astrology or the angels.

Doreen Virtue, Ph.D., is a spiritual doctor of psychology and fourth-generation metaphysician who works with the angelic, elemental, and ascended master realms. She is the author of 22 books on mind-body-spirit themes, including Healing with the Angels, Divine Guidance, Angel Therapy, The Lightworker’s Way, and Archangels & Ascended Masters.
Dr. Virtue is the founder and former director of WomanKind Psychiatric Hospital at Cumberland Hall Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee, and she served as an administrator at Woodside Women’s Hospital in the San Francisco Bay Area. Both all-women psychiatric hospitals specialized in treating women’s psychological issues. Dr. Virtue also directed three outpatient psychiatric centers, including an adolescent drug & alcohol abuse center. Dr. Virtue has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN, Good Morning America, The View with Barbara Walters, Donny & Marie, Roseanne, and many others. You can also call Doreen on a weekly live radio show on http://www.HayHouseRadio.com

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Angel Messages for 2014 with Doreen Virtue

A 30-minute video of Doreen Virtue giving messages about 2014, a 12-month angel card reading, and a guided meditation to help you to have more confidence to move forward with your priorities in the new year.

Angel Therapy for Healing By Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue – Guardian Angels are always around

Doreen Virtue is a well known angel therapyst. She talks about the way science is regarding angels those days, the role of fallen angels and the John Milton book: Paradise lost.


Supernatural: Writings on an Unknown History Author: Richard Smoley

This gem-like, concise anthology provides thoughtful people with both an introduction to the paranormal and a reason to take a fresh look at it.

Nostradamus…channeling…Atlantis…divination. Most serious people consider such topics nonsense. But look again. Writing with intellectual verve and a deeply critical mind, religious thinker Richard Smoley explores and reconsiders the supernatural in history and today.

We are often conditioned to think of the Judeo-Christian tradition as the only valid, historically accurate, and rational spiritual philosophy. Occultism, magic, and the esoteric are, by contrast, considered illegitimate, delusional, and lacking in intrinsic worth. Supernatural challenges this prejudice, revealing that Western occult traditions are richer and more historically impactful than most of us imagine. The book reveals hidden diamonds and neglected ideas that characterize the magical tradition in the West.

For any reader, at any level of experience, who has ever been curious about an arcane subject – from psychical powers to secret societies – here is a book that gives a complete yet precise, critical, yet serious, and always respectful account of topics from the unseen world. Supernatural is a brilliant primer to the occult and magical traditions of the West.

One of today’s most highly regarded writers on esoteric topics, RICHARD SMOLEY is a graduate of Harvard College and the University of Oxford. He was a longtime editor of the venerated spiritual journal Gnosis. Smoley is the author of books including Inner Christianity, The Essential Nostradamus, and Forbidden Faith: The Secret History of Gnosticism. He currently works as editor of Quest Books and of Quest: Journal of the Theosophical Society in America. He lives in Chicago.

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Richard Smoley – Supernatural: Writings on an Unknown History (The Moore Show)

Richard Smoley is one of the world’s most distinguished authorities on the mystical and esoteric teachings of Western civilization. He is the co-author of Hidden Wisdom: A Guide to the Western Inner Traditions, and of Inner Christianity: A Guide to the Esoteric Tradition. Richard’s book, The Dice Game of Shiva: How Consciousness Creates the Universe, View Here examines the roles God has played for us and reconciles them with what we today know through science and reason. Richard will be discussing his latest book, “Supernatural: Writings on an Unknown History”.


Angel Heart Sigils: Mystical Symbols from the Angels of Atlantis by Stewart Pearce, Richard Crookes

Inspired and guided by the 12 archangels of Atlantis, the cards in this collection present their heart sigils oracle. Beautifully designed and boxed with an instructional booklet, the card meditations can provide a feeling of sustainable joy and well-being, even after drawing just one or two cards. Sigils are seals, and like the Talisman of the fabled Grimoire, they bring about great magic.

Contributing to and building upon the Angels of Atlantis oracle card set, these heart sigil meditations can be used on their own or in tandem with the other set. The heart sigil cards celebrate embracing the power of love and the wholeness of a life touched by the angels’ beauty and grace. Those seeking something more to their spiritual experience will enjoy these cards and the opportunity to connect to the ancient realm of Atlantis.

Stewart Pearce is an angelic facilitator, a seer, a sound healer, and an internationally renowned voice coach who has held positions at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and the Drama Centre of London. He is the author of The Alchemy of Voice, The Angels of Atlantis, and The Heart’s Note. Richard Crookes is an artist and an illustrator who specializes in calligraphy and digital artwork. He is the illustrator of The Angels of Atlantis, Animal Whispers Empowerment Cards, and The Astrology Reading Cards.

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Akashic Inspirations Stewart Pearce Angel Heart Sigils


Wow! What a wonderful interview with Stewart Pearce we are so lucky and blessed to have shared with him and his absolutely amazing meditation and insights.

Hope you all enjoyed. Please check our his website at http://www.thealchemyofvoice.com
and http://www.theangelsofatlantis.com for his upcoming workshops, retreats and his new line of jewelry inspired by the Archangels.

Evidence of the Gods: A Visual Tour of Alien Influence in the Ancient World by Erich Von Daniken

“Erich boldly made us think about what no one else dared to even speak of. He continues to challenge our understanding of history.”
–Philip Coppens, author of The Ancient Alien Question

Ancient humans had the natural urge to document the world in which they lived, a fact that is evident in the cave paintings and carvings that still exist today. Why do rock paintings from various sites around the world all seem to depict the same things? Did the peoples of the prehistoric world have contact with each another? Is it possible that some were transported to far-flung locations in what our ancestors could only have described as “flying chariots”?

Erich von Däniken, one of the best-selling authors of all time and regarded by many as the father of the ancient alien theory, continues his mission to uncover Earth’s ancient past–this time with more than 150 extraordinary full-color photographs–in Evidence of the Gods.

This extensively illustrated book features never-before-seen photographs from his unique archive, compiled throughout decades of searching around the world for traces of the cosmic gods whom he believes came to Earth thousands of years ago. Evidence of the Gods offers the best and most impressive evidence to date, along with concise explanations for the images, to bolster the case that von Däniken has already been making quite convincingly for years.

Evidence of the Gods is his most convincing–and thoroughly entertaining–work yet.

Did extraterrestrial visitors really leave their unmistakable traces on our planet thousands of years ago?

The images will speak for themselves.

Erich von Däniken is arguably the most widely read and most-copied nonfiction author in the world. He published his first (and best-known) book, Chariots of the Gods, in 1968. It was a worldwide best-seller and has been followed by 31 more books, including the recent best-sellers Twilight of the Gods, History Is Wrong, and Odyssey of the Gods (all published by New Page Books). His works have been translated into 28 languages and sold more than 63 million copies. Several have also been made into films. Von Däniken’s ideas have been the inspiration for a wide range of TV series, including the History Channel’s hit Ancient Aliens. He lives in Switzerland but is an ever-present figure on the international lecture circuit.

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Meet Erich von Däniken

“I am not a UFO writer. My specialty is the past.”

In his groundbreaking work, internationally bestselling author Erich von Däniken seeks to challenge our fundamental conception of history.

Here he explains his radical investigation of religion, mythology, and ancient culture, as well as his greatest hope: that his theories will provoke controversy and discussion, rather than creating new dogma.

Ancient Aliens [S3-E3] – Aliens & Sacred Places [Full]

“FAIR USE Title 17 U.S.C. section 106A-117 of the U.S. Copyright Law:

This video is fair use under U.S. Copyright Law because it is:

(1) noncommercial
(2) educational purpose only
(3) transformative in nature, and
(4) does not compete with the original work or have any negative effect on its market.”

Ancient Aliens [S1-E1] – Chariots, Gods & Beyond [Full]

“FAIR USE Title 17 U.S.C. section 106A-117 of the U.S. Copyright Law:

This video is fair use under U.S. Copyright Law because it is:

(1) noncommercial
(2) educational purpose only
(3) transformative in nature, and
(4) does not compete with the original work or have any negative effect on its market.”

1.Oprah Special John Of God film 2. John of God Interview 3. John of God Documentary on Oprah HD

An excerpt from the film mainly used in the Oprah special. John of God (Joao de Deus) is a Brazilian medium who claims to work with spirits while working through prayer and meditation on the thousands who come to see him in his healing centre, the Casa Dom Ignacio in central Brazil. Seen on the Oprah Winfrey Show NOV 2010 and 2011.

Joao de de Deus Interview – John of God Interview

Extract from the DVD “Joao de de Deus – Just a Man”
Medium Joao de de Deus/John of God from
Casa Dom Inacio de Loyola Abadiania

Der brasilianische Wunderheiler Joao de Deus aus Abadiania, Brasilien
The Miracle Healer John of God from Abadiania, Brasil

HEALING – John of God Documentary on Oprah HD

HEALING – Miracles, Mysteries and John of God.

Through this award-winning documentary you will witness the outstanding abilities of John of God, one of the most powerful and respected healers in the world today.
During the past 50 years over a million people have visited this remarkable man in Brazil. As a result of his extraordinary gift, many have received healing for illnesses believed to be incurable. Featuring leading doctors of medicine and scientists, as well as testimonials from people who have been healed, this film provides an insight into their physical and emotional journeys which go beyond conventional medical knowledge.

Through their experiences, Healing sets out to answer fundamental questions regarding life, faith, and interaction with the spiritual world.
a david-films media network production

Angels in My Hair ~ Lorna Byrne

Lorna talks about Angels in my Hair:

“This is a life story that’s very different to any that has been written before.

It’s about a person living between two worlds: the human world and the spirit world. I’m human of course, but for a number of reasons as a child I found it easier to live in the spirit world than in the human world.

This book isn’t based on anything anyone else has written; the only source of knowledge for this book is the angels. They taught me everything I know. As a child, I found learning very hard and I have dyslexia, so as a result I am uneducated in conventional terms. I only read books with difficulty and so I haven’t been influenced by other people’s thinking. This book is the wisdom and truth that the angels have given me as I have grown throughout my life.

I may not be able to prove it, but the wisdom in this book genuinely comes from the angels and God and this book is based on reality, on a true life that has been lived and continues to be lived.

Anyone who reads this book will discover that they are not alone, that there is always someone there by their side, to help them no matter what difficulties they are in. They will discover that they are loved unconditionally.

This book will help readers recognise times in their past when angels have helped them, even if they didn’t realise it at the time. We have all been helped at times by angels, and recognising these events, even in hindsight, is a very powerful support when we face challenges in our life.

It will help them to understand how easy connection with the angels can be. It’s so simple, all they have to do is ask. That realisation alone is something wonderful.

Readers will find answers to many of the questions they have deep inside themselves, the questions that they hide, that they may be afraid to ask in case they are ridiculed. It will stir questions in their minds about what is happening in their lives and give them insights which will help them.

I can’t say everyone will find the answer to every question though because at times the angels won’t answer a question; it’s simply not the right time in that person’s life to know the answer.

Anyone who reads this book will be given hope and affirmation that there is a reason for life. It will open them up to the world of the angels and of God, they will realise that they are not just flesh and blood, that they have a soul, that there is a meaning to life. They will understand more about how precious this gift of life is.

If you do read this book with an open mind, it will make a big difference to you. Even If you say you don’t believe in angels, read it for curiosity, suspend your cynicism for a short time and have a look. What have you got to lose?”

Book Description
In this uplifting autobiography, a modern-day Irish mystic shares her vivid encounters and conversations with the angels and spirits she has known her entire life.

For anyone who has ever wondered about the mysteries that lie beyond everyday experience, or doubted the reality of the afterlife, Angels in My Hair is a moving and deeply inspirational journey into the unseen world.

For as long as she can remember, Lorna Byrne has seen angels. As a young child, she assumed everyone could see the otherworldly beings who always accompanied her. Yet in the eyes of adults, her abnormal behavior was a symptom of mental deficiency. Today, sick and troubled people from around the world are drawn to her for comfort and healing, and even theologians of different faiths seek her guidance. Lorna is trusted for her ability to communicate with spirits and angels—and by sharing her intimate knowledge of the spiritual world she offers a message of hope and love to us all.

Angels in My Hair is an engrossing chronicle of Lorna’s incredible life story. Invoking a wonderful sense of place, she describes growing up poor in Ireland, finding work in Dublin, and marrying the man of her dreams—only to have the marriage cut short by tragedy. Already a bestseller in Ireland, her story gives readers a unique insight into the angelic help that is around us and available to us all the time. As Lorna says, “All you have to do is ask.”

Lorna Byrne has been seeing and talking to angels since she was a baby. Now that her family are raised she talks openly for the first time about what she has seen and learnt. She lives quietly in rural Ireland.

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Lorna Byrne – Why we should all support the Occupy Wall Street Movement


Lorna Bryne talks about Angels in Human Form

Lorna Bryne talks about Angels in Human Form

Possible Futures for the Earth by Lorna Byrne

The angels have told Lorna Byrne that it is up to us to determine our own future as a planet…. There are some amazing times ahead for humanity, if we all work and love each other.


Lorna Byrne, Author of International bestseller Angels in my Hair, talks about Angels, Islam, Mecca and people of people faiths praying together.

Click Here for her latest book

Crossing the Cusp: Surviving the Edgar Cayce Pole Shift ~ Marshall Masters

The Bad News You Expect and the Good News You Need

In July 2008, a two-stage crop circle larger than three soccer fields materialized in England on a farm near Avebury, Wiltshire. Unlike more common symmetrical snowflake formations, this one evidenced a clear and unmistakable message: That in December 2012 we will see the appearance of a celestial harbinger. One that portends a global tribulation in which life as we know it will come to an end.

Fully coherent and free of exceptions, the Avebuy 2008 formation is an urgent warning from distant friends to those who get it and who want to get through it. That is why the first part of this book, “The Bad News,” presents a series of more than 50 illustrations to decode this message with easy-to-follow, building-block explanations. Intended for the common man, the goal is to empower the reader and this need is great.

This is because those who survive the tribulation will live to bear witness to the single greatest die-back event in the history of our species. A pole shift as predicated by America’s “sleeping prophet,” Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) and it could happen as soon as 2013. When it does, it will be a time of testing that favors the meek over the wealthy and powerful. But not for reasons you might think.


The Big Picture
The Last Pole Shift
The Trigger Event
The Dragon’s Tail
The Great Winnowing


Welcome to Awareness
How the Meek Prevail
The Enlightenment


We Can Do This
We Have Friends
We Can Reprogram the Future
Alphabetical Index

If you get it and want to get through it, this is the book you’ve been waiting for.

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December 21, 2012 – Two Suns in the Sky

2012 researcher and author Marshall Masters, offers an in-depth look at the predictions made in a crop circled formation he calls the “2012 Star Map of Doom.”

Known as Avebury 2008, it tells us that on December 21, 2012, we’ll begin to experience the onset of a protracted global catastrophe. It will last for years and will include a pole shift, such as the one predicted by Edgar Cayce.

For the readers of Marshall’s book, Crossing the Cusp: Surviving the Edgar Cayce Pole Shift, this video offers an in-depth back story not included in the book.

11 Days in May ~ JD Messinger

11 Days in May is the story of one man’s quest to answer to the great questions:

* who am I,
* why am I here and
* where did I come from? .

After breaking his neck, leaving his body, and returning, JD Messinger experienced prophetic visions and insights. Over the course of eleven days, he takes us on a journey with a mysterious friend. The two bicker like brothers but converse like sages as they investigate the answers to thirty-six of life’s most important questions. Messinger delves deep into the inner sanctum of his mind and soul to unveil knowledge long submerged.

11 Days explains that we live in the World of Form, a box that has clouded our minds with faulty and outdated programs. Inside this box, man believes he exists to conquer, but the World of Form is not the true nature of reality. It exists within the World of Light, where matter is not solid, death is not the end, and time is an illusion. While the World of Light draws us together, the World of Form tears us apart. 11 Days reveals how scientists are people of faith, we are all agents of God, and the sixth sense is more than a movie.
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11 Days in May Trailer

11 Days in May is a book by JD Messinger. Is the story of one man’s quest to answers to the great questions: who am I, why am I here and where did I come from? Over the course of eleven days, he takes us on a journey with a mysterious friend. The two bicker like brothers but converse like sages as they investigate the answers to thirty-six of life’s most important questions. Who or what controls your life? The answer may shock you. There are no accidents. Separation, death and time are an illusion. Where you go from here, is for you to decide. In the end, we are energy.

JD Messinger is the former CEO of Ernst & Young Consulting (Singapore), one of 37 distinguished graduates from Annapolis (1981), a former fireman, nuclear submarine officer, and former radio and television show creator, producer and host. In the world of business, he helped supervise the Valdez Oil spill cleanup and is an advisor to Fortune 100 clients and governments on five continents. He lives in Texas with his wife and their three children.

IMPOSSIBLE REALITIES: The Science Behind Energy Healing, Telepathy, Reincarnation, Precognition, and Other Black Swan Phenomena ~ Maureen Caudill

IMPOSSIBLE REALITIES: The Science Behind Energy Healing, Telepathy, Reincarnation, Precognition, and Other Black Swan Phenomena is a book about the truth.

The truth that psychic phenomena are real and not imaginary.

The truth that the paranormal is far less “para” than it is “normal.”

The truth that “being psychic” is, most likely a natural human capability.

The truth that there is a ton of rigorous, scientific, peer-reviewed evidence that supports all those other truths.

Impossible Realities is one of the first books to examine the science behind psychic and paranormal activity. A former Defense Department expert on artificial intelligence, Maureen Caudill provides evidence for a wide range of paranormal phenomena.

Impossible Realities presents a wealth of anecdotal and empirical evidence to prove the existence (and power) of:

psychokinesis (most famously spoon bending)
remote viewing
energy healing
telepathy, animal telepathy
survival after death

Caudill presents the strongest case yet for bringing paranormal phenomena from the margins into the realm of the normal and credible. This is a book both for true believers and skeptics alike.
Maureen Caudill spent more than twenty years as a computer scientist, fifteen of those as a researcher in artificial intelligence and neural networks. She was a program manager and Artificial Intelligence researcher working on such advanced projects as DARPA (“High Performance Knowledge Base” program) and ARDA (“Advanced Question Answering for Intelligence” program).

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Return Again: How to Find Meaning in Your Past Lives and Your Interlives~Dr. Georgina Cannon

Discover your true purpose in this life, by exploring your past life in this do-it-yourself guide to past life regression. Award-winning hypnotherapist Dr. Georgina Cannon shows how we can consciously influence our future by better understanding our past in Return Again. Cannon offers a practical and accessible approach that anyone can use to discover:

>Body and soul agreements
>Planes of existence
>Levels of understanding
>Soul Mates–you may have more than one!
>Past lives and your “interlife”–where you meet those with whom you have a soul
contract to plan your next life

Cannon offers a step-by-step process with simple explanations and pragmatic exercises that readers can use to answer questions about their past and current lives. Return Again is an easy-to-use tool that anyone can use to live life to the fullest.

Dr. Georgina Cannon is an award-winning author, corporate speaker, international facilitator, and practicing consulting hypnotist who brilliantly and skillfully uncovers the powers of the subconscious mind-body connection. She is the founding director of the Ontario Hypnosis Centre, Canada’s leading hypnosis training facility and clinic. She has produced numerous self-hypnosis CDs, DVDs, and videos and is a regular contributor to the Shirley MacLaine website. Dr. Cannon has appeared on REMFM, Talk Radio Europe, CBC-TV, REMFM/Talk Radio Europe, Slice TV and Vision TV, and has been featured in the Globe and Mail, National Post, Toronto Star.

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Past Life Regression with Dr. Georgina Cannon

Past Life Regression with Dr. Georgina Cannon

Discovering Interlife Journeys with Dr. Georgina Cannon

Discovering Interlife Journeys with Dr. Georgina Cannon

The Way of The Heart: Teachings of Jeshua and Mary Magdalene ~ Sophie Rose

Astonishing Lessons for the 21st Century from the Spiritual Masters

After years of daily meditation, Sophie Rose was contacted by a being that she perceived as Jesus. A non-religious person, at first she was shocked by the possibility that the divine presence might be real. Ultimately, Rose realized that she was to be a conduit for two of the greatest spiritual masters who have ever lived. Her astonishing new book presents a series of detailed spiritual lessons as relayed to her by Jeshua and Mary Magdalene.

Dictated to the author during the silence of her meditations was the “Way of the Heart” course, consisting of thirty-six lessons. In the tradition of the international best-seller, A Course in Miracles, Rose lays out the channeled series of spiritual messages as a blue print for connecting with one’s soul, with God and with others in a compassionate, loving way. Also included in the book are questions from a small group of people who were able to -remarkably- receive answers from the two beings.
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Sophie Rose: Jesus & Mary Magdalene
Hosted by Simran Singh
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The Author

Sophie Rose
was born in France. She holds a Master’s Degree in Law but mostly worked in marketing until 1999, when she moved to the United States.

She began her spiritual quest in 1998, practiced meditation with different teachers and quickly became an avid meditator. Sophie was contacted by Jeshua and Mary Magdalene in February 2010. The Way of The Heart was dictated in 2011.

She is a contributing author of The Sacred Shift, Co-Creating Your Future, and writes spiritual articles for national and international magazines.

Sophie is not aligned with any particular religion or tradition and has always favored a direct experience of spirituality. She is a spiritual counselor and thoroughly enjoys mentoring people on the path.

The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom

From the author who’s inspired millions worldwide with books like Tuesdays with Morrie and The Five People You Meet in Heaven comes his most imaginative novel yet, The Time Keeper–a compelling fable about the first man on earth to count the hours.

The man who became Father Time.

In Mitch Albom’s newest work of fiction, the inventor of the world’s first clock is punished for trying to measure God’s greatest gift. He is banished to a cave for centuries and forced to listen to the voices of all who come after him seeking more days, more years. Eventually, with his soul nearly broken, Father Time is granted his freedom, along with a magical hourglass and a mission: a chance to redeem himself by teaching two earthly people the true meaning of time.

He returns to our world–now dominated by the hour-counting he so innocently began–and commences a journey with two unlikely partners: one a teenage girl who is about to give up on life, the other a wealthy old businessman who wants to live forever. To save himself, he must save them both. And stop the world to do so.

Told in Albom’s signature spare, evocative prose, this remarkably original tale will inspire readers everywhere to reconsider their own notions of time, how they spend it and how precious it truly is.

Mitch Albom is an author, playwright, and screenwriter who has written seven books, including the international bestseller Tuesdays with Morrie, the bestselling memoir of all time. His first novel, The Five People You Meet in Heaven, was an instant #1 New York Times bestseller, as were For One More Day, his second novel, and Have a Little Faith, his most recent work of nonfiction. All four books were made into acclaimed TV films. Albom also works as a columnist and a broadcaster and has founded seven charities in Detroit and Haiti, where he operates an orphanage/mission. He lives with his wife, Janine, in Michigan.

Writing The Time Keeper

Deep into the writing of The Time Keeper, Mitch posted a weekly podcast for three Wednesdays in January. Inside his office–the cave–he brings us into the writing process and shares some early details from his new book.
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Author of Have A Little Faith: A True Story, Tuesdays With Morrie, The Five People You Meet in Heaven and For One More Day, writer and broadcaster Mitch Albom has become an inspiration to millions around the world.

Tuesdays with Morrie became an international phenomenon with over 14 million copies sold and is now the bestselling memoir of all time. The Emmy Award-winning TV movie featured Jack Lemmon and Hank Azaria, and was produced by Oprah Winfrey

Albom’s follow-up, The Five People You Meet in Heaven, debuted at #1 on The New York Times bestseller list and sold nearly five million copies in its first year. In 2004 he wrote the screenplay for the ABC TV movie starring Jon Voight and Ellen Burstyn.

His #1 New York Times bestseller, For One More Day, explores the themes of family, divorce, and lost loved ones. The TV film aired in 2007.

His latest #1 New York Times bestseller, Have A Little Faith, begins with an unusual request when his rabbi asks him to deliver his eulogy. An 8-year journey, Albom’s story is about how community and faith pull people together, and the potential in all of us for a giving, meaningful life.

A columnist for the Detroit Free Press, Albom also hosts two radio shows on WJR-AM. He has appeared on many TV programs including Oprah, The Today Show, Larry King Live and Charlie Rose, and his articles have been featured in The New York Times, GQ and Sports Illustrated.

Confessions of a Rebel Angel: The Wisdom of the Watchers and the Destiny of Planet Earth ~ by Timothy Wyllie


A rebel angel’s observations from her half-million years on Earth and her perspective on the spiritual journey of her human charge

• Explains the hidden motivations behind Lucifer’s angelic rebellion 203,000 years ago and watcher Georgia’s participation in it

• Explores the benevolent intentions of the Multiverse both in quarantining our planet to contain the rebellion and in now allowing our return

• Describes how the coming spiritual transition will be gentle and our future positive

More than two hundred millennia ago the high angel Lucifer launched a revolution among the angelic hierarchy, which led to the quarantine of 37 planets, including our own, from the rest of the Multiverse. Now, after eons of isolation, the rebel angels are being redeemed and we are being welcomed back into the benevolent and caring Multiverse with a massive transformation of consciousness and a reconnection to our celestial destiny.

Writing through Timothy Wyllie, rebel angel Georgia describes her half a million years stationed on Earth as a watcher. Arriving 500,000 years ago as part of the first angelic expedition to Earth—sent here to prepare the indigenous inhabitants for higher consciousness—she details the archaic roots of humanity and explains the connections between the 7 dimensions of intelligent life and the chakras as well as how beauty and creativity are vehicles for angelic inspiration. Interweaving her story with parallel observations of Wyllie’s youth in World War II England and his spiritual journey beginning with the Process Church, Georgia explains the motivations behind Lucifer’s uprising and the lasting impact it has had among the angels on Earth and on humanity’s natural spiritual development.

Revealing that there are more than 90 million rebel angels currently incarnated on Earth—almost all of whom are unaware of their previous celestial lives—Georgia explains how this is their opportunity to personally redeem the past and contribute their particular talents to the world. She calls on all of us, especially these incarnate angels, to wake up to who we truly are and embrace our spiritual heritage as earthly vessels for God’s presence. In this way we can prepare for the imminent transformation of global consciousness and embrace the astonishing and wondrous destiny facing our world.

Timothy Wyllie is a writer, artist, and musician who began specializing in the study of nonhuman intelligences, such as angels and dolphins, after a near-death experience in 1973. The author of several books, including The Return of the Rebel Angels and Love, Sex, Fear, Death, he lives in Mountainair, New Mexico.

Timothy Wyllie: God, Man & The Rebel Angels – Part 1/2

Timothy Wyllie joins Dr. Rita Louise where they discuss the status of the earth according to the Urantia Book, where he goes into detail regarding the rebel angels and their role in the universe today.

Timothy Wyllie: God, Man & The Rebel Angels – Part 2/2

Love Promised: A Future Life Revealed by Kent Smith

A True Story – The Continuation of Life and Love in Spite of Tragedy

Join Kent as she takes you on her mystical journey through life. The fatal car accident of her lover, Russell, in 2005, has an unforeseen outcome. Not only does he let her know that he is still alive and with her, but he also reveals specific details—names, dates, places, events—of a future life they will have together when reincarnating in the middle of the 21st century as Mark and Eva Wexford. But he doesn’t stop here…He says “tell our story” and asks that a time capsule be buried 1300 miles away. It is to be opened July 24, 2067. When asking why, it was simply stated, “It is time for the truth to be known.”

Along with her father, Wick, who crossed in 1995, Russell helps Kent to unravel some of life’s greatest mysteries including what to expect for 2012 as information flowed across this etheric wavelength. This beautiful story will not only make you laugh and cry, it will also reveal the higher truth of who we are as human beings living in “parallel universes or finite planes of light.” Kent also shares her captured visions from beyond the veil—a gift on one of her many spiritual scavenger hunts.

This journey is not without the watchful eye of her spirit guide, St. Thomas of Aquinas, who guides and consoles her during her challenges on Earth and brings forth many beautiful messages. Everyone loves a love story …and to combine it with some cutting-edge thoughts about science and spirituality will no doubt captivate every reader. Kent too feels that her many personal experiences, challenges and triumphs, could be an inspiration for others as we all search for love in our lives, and the deeper meaning to life itself.

Kent Smith

About this author

Kent received a Bachelor of Science degree from Murray State University, Murray, Kentucky, in 1976, with an emphasis in Social Work and Psychology.

As a NASA contractor for 22 years working for United Space Alliance (USA), she held several technical support positions within the Mission Operations Directorate. While at USA, she coordinated flight operation review meetings for space shuttle flights; supported flights in real time as a backroom flight controller; and, coordinated flight crew procedures for International Space Station (ISS), expeditions both domestic and abroad. Currently, she works for Wyle, who is contracted to NASA, to provide support in the Human Heath and Performance Directorate. As an Operational Psychology Coordinator, she supports astronauts and their families prior to, and during, International Space Station (ISS) on-orbit crew expeditions.

On a personal note, Kent’s involvement with metaphysics started at a very young age when she started having out-of-body experiences (OBEs). With a curious mind, she has always questioned the reality of life itself and this experience we call “death.” Since her teenage years, she has sought answers about life through many sources. Upon finding that she could communicate regularly with her deceased loved ones, she set out to learn as much as she could about life from their perspective. Amazing answers were revealed and a story that should not be left untold.

Kent has three grown children and one grandchild. She lives in the suburbs of Houston, TX.

Love Promised: A Future Life Revealed – Book Trailer

Love Promised: A Future Life Revealed is for anyone who has lost a loved one, sought a deeper meaning to life or mulled the mysteries of life beyond death. It’s a love story, a soul adventure and a guidebook to a world beyond normal perception.

Accompany Kent on “spiritual scavenger hunts” with deceased lover Russell and father Wick as they unravel some of life’s greatest mysteries.

Love Promised is a reassuring and riveting read for anyone who has had paranormal experiences with those who have crossed over. What is life really all about when the unexplainable happens? Kent Smith provides a compelling framework for exploring the boundless possibilities of spirit communication.

What’s really in store for 2012? Kent Smith’s deceased lover Russell and father Wick tell Kent to be prepared for natural, power and electronic disruptions in 2012.

Kent Smith weaves her wealth of experience as a grief counselor, intuitive insights, and knowledge of metaphysical and cutting-edge science into an accessible examination of life after death, reincarnation and communication with the other side.

Extra-planetary Experiences: Alien-Human Contact and the Expansion of Consciousness by Thomas James Streicher

Deep insights into human consciousness revealed by accounts of travel to other planets, moons, and stars

• Includes interviews with 7 people who have had extra-planetary experiences, including astronaut Edgar Mitchell, Norma Milanovich, and Ingo Swann

• Reveals the positive effects of these events on the interviewees’ lives, from cosmic consciousness and loss of fear of death to enhanced spiritual insights

• Contextualizes these accounts with 19th- and 20th-century reports as well as alien-human encounters in ancient Sumerian, Vedic, Egyptian, Tibetan, and biblical records

Since prehistoric times all cultures report encounters with strange beings and crafts from the sky as well as stories of extra-planetary experiences–that is, travel to other planets, moons, and stars. In the case of modern accounts, these benevolent alien-human interactions bear striking resemblance to one another, even among people with no knowledge of other alien-human claims. And all experiences marked a spiritual turning point in the person’s life, providing a loss of the fear of death, enhanced spiritual insights, a connection to cosmic consciousness, or increased motivation to be of service to humanity.

Exploring fresh dimensions of ET contact and extra-planetary experience (XPE) using Harvard professor and researcher John Mack’s witnessing approach to paranormal incidents, Thomas Streicher interviews 7 renowned people who have experienced XPE–including astronaut Edgar Mitchell, Norma Milanovich, and Stanford-tested remote viewer Ingo Swann–and shares the positive spiritual effects of XPE on their lives. Placing their experiences in the context of historical accounts of alien-human encounters from ancient Sumerian, Vedic, Egyptian, Tibetan, Hopi, Dogon, and biblical records as well as 19th- and 20th-century testimonies from Orfeo Angelucci, Billy Meier, Elizabeth Klarer, and others, the author reveals the similarities of these experiences with those of his interviewees. Streicher shows these experiences are not contrived hallucinations but genuine transformative spiritual awakenings akin to near-death and out-of-body experiences.

About the Author(s) of Extra-Planetary Experiences
Thomas James Streicher, Ph.D., a student of Dr. John Mack, earned his doctorate in psychology from Saybrook University. The founder and director of Divine Spark, a nonprofit dedicated to helping people through free meals and other means to activate the divine spark within each of them, he lives in Nevada City, California.
OffPlanet Radio Live-06-06-2012-Thomas James Streicher-XPE and Human-Alien

As our guest, Thomas Streicher, demonstrates, we limit experiences by our human perceptual concepts and the categorizing of phenomena. The field of UFOlogy would do well to expand the boundaries of inquiry, and that is what Dr. Streicher achieves in his book, and on this show. A childhood contactee, Thomas had nowhere to go with his personal experiences. Religion, science, and academia all deploy narrow methods of inquiry and dogma that stifle the human spirit’s quest into the unseen realms.

Human-alien contact becomes a wider scope of understanding when examined from the unique perspectives of experiencers who lack empircal data, but go directly to the experiences which mark and change their lives and consciousness. In this interview, Thomas talks about his own experiences and how they have defined his life mission, his outlook, and his need to engage a true “service to others” ethic. His experiences, and those of his interview subjects, create another line of inquiry which establishment disciplines would do well to emulate. His book is an achievement of mapping human experiences to the ongoing changes in the Earth and the linkages of human consciousness back to our origins.

Thomas James Streicher, Ph.D., a student of Dr. John Mack, earned his doctorate in psychology from Saybrook University. The founder and director of Divine Spark, a nonprofit dedicated to helping people through free meals and other means to activate the divine spark within each of them, he lives in Nevada City, California.

Extra-Planetary Experiences : Alien-Human Contact and the Expansion of Consciousness. This is a serious UFO book and can even be considered academic. It sheds a positive look on alien abductions from people who have had experience with extra-planetary experience (XPE). This book stands out compared to similar genres because it introduces the term XPE. Extra-Planetary ExperiencesAlien-Human Contact and the Expansion of ConsciousnessBy (author) Thomas James Streicher, Ph.D.Foreword by Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.

The Barn Dance by James Twyman

On November 27, 2005, two men broke into Linda Twyman’s apartment in Evanston, Illinois, and brutally ended her young life. Three and a half years later, guided by a series of visions and dreams, James Twyman was mystically drawn to a barn deep in the Nevada wilderness where Heaven and Earth collide and magic changes lives.

If you’ve ever wondered if we really can communicate with our loved ones who have passed to the other side, this book is your answer. If you’ve ever thought that Heaven and Earth never meet, then this story will reveal a world you never imagined . . . a world where love never ends and life goes on forever. Once you pick up this amazing book, you won’t want to put it down, and your life will never be the same.

The Barn Dance by James Twyman

The Barn Dance: An Interview with James Twyman

The Barn Dance is James Twyman’s thirteenth book, and his most personal to date. Though known internationally as The Peace Troubadour and the author of several bestselling books, many became aware of him when the news of his former wife’s murder outside Chicago was reported around the country. Nearly five years later, Twyman is releasing a book that not only chronicles the tragedy, but dives into the mystery of life-after-death, and direct communication with loved ones on the other side of the veil.

The book has already been called a triumph, and in the few short weeks since its release, has inspired thousands. Neale Donald Walsch, the author of The Conversations with God series, said: “Once in every generation a book comes along that changes the way we look at life itself. This is one such book.” Now, in this very personal interview, Twyman explains why he felt inspired to tell such an intimate story, as well as how he thinks it will help people who are also suffering from the loss of a loved one.

Question: First of all, it must have been a very difficult story to tell. Clearly Linda meant a great deal to you and you felt compelled to honor her memory through The Barn Dance.

James Twyman: Linda did mean a tremendous amount to me. She was my first love and I never stopped trying to win her back. She was actually considering moving out to Oregon to be with our daughter and I when she was killed. You’re right when you say that I wanted to honor her with this story, but there’s also a deeper reason. I wrote this book because I knew that everyone would be able to relate to it, regardless of whether they’ve suffered a similar type of loss or not. We’ve all had to say goodbye to loved ones, and we’ve all had to experience grief in our lives. But the idea that there really is a magical place in-between Heaven and Earth is very deep in our subconscious. We all would love to meet someone we’ve lost, someone who is on the other side of the veil, and The Barn Dance is a way for us to realize that dream.

Q: Has anyone told you that you might be taking advantage of her death by writing this book?

JT: It’s something that I’ve tried to be aware of, even though I’m very secure in my reasons for releasing The Barn Dance. First of all, this is a story that will inspire people, and one that they probably won’t be able to set down. That was my primary objective … to show that death is not an end, but a beginning. But the other reason is definitely more personal. I wanted to write a book that would honor the woman who changed my life and taught me about love and how to be a good father. I also hope that it will continue to bring attention to a case that is still very much unsolved. That’s one of the reasons I’m very interested in getting The Barn Dance into every bookstore in Chicago, as well as around the world.

Q: The story really develops when you find out that someone has been arrested for her murder. Is that true?

JT: Yes, it’s very true. And yet at the same time, the police are being very careful, which we all understand. One of the things I was really impressed with was how personally the police and detectives were taking this case. It was almost as if Linda was their sister, as if the same thing could have happened to someone they love.

Q: How much of this story is actually true? It’s one of the most magical books to be released in a long time, but there are bound to be questions about whether this is fact or fiction.

JT: That’s a hard question to answer since the story takes place at different times and on different dimensions. To me it’s completely true, and I’m never going to back down from that. What I can say for sure is that every detail about Linda and my life with her is unexaggerated, and as far as the barn goes, that’s something people are going to be asking about for a very long time.

Q: If there was only one lesson you hope people walk away with after reading this book, what would it be?

JT: I want people to believe in magic, and to know that life is not something that ends with the death of the body. Of course most of us believe that already, at least mentally, but to have a tangible experience of that, even if it’s through a story like The Barn Dance, makes it very real. I really do believe that there’s a place between Heaven and Earth where the magic never ends. For me that was in a secluded barn in the middle of a magical forest. For the rest of us, it could be anywhere and everywhere. We just have to open our eyes to see it.

James F. Twyman is the New York Times bestselling author of thirteen books including Emissary of Light and The Moses Code, as well as a filmmaker and Peace Troubadour who has traveled to many countries during wars and conflicts to share his message of peace and perform The Peace Concert. He is also the president of The Beloved Community, an inter-religious spiritual organization dedicated to spreading the message of peace found at the heart of every major religion, as well as the founder of The Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking, which has ordained over 500 peace ministers around the world. http://www.JamesTwyman.com

Courtesy from http://www.creationsmagazine.com

The Barn Dance – An Interview with James Twyman
by Edie Weinstein

On July 1st, the Red Barn at Pebble Hill Church in Doylestown, PA was filled with a standing room audience as three local interfaith communities, Pebble Hill, Circle of Miracles and Common Ground Fellowship hosted New York Times Best Selling Author James Twyman. He is also known as “The Peace Troubadour”, having traveled to some of the most dangerous war zones on the planet to offer songs of understanding and peaceful co-existence. The room was abuzz with anticipation as Twyman shared excerpts from and discussed the concepts in his soon to be released book (September release date) entitled The Barn Dance. Autobiographical, the story follows Twyman’s ordeal following the brutal murder of his ex-wife Linda in Evanston, Illinois that made headlines when it occurred. The book takes the reader along a spiritual journey as Twyman encounters a literal location that he refers to in this way: “somewhere between Heaven and Earth, there is a place where magic never ends.” (note: I will use bold to indicate the name of the book while leaving the type-font standard to indicate when he refers to it as a place to which he travelled)

Following Linda’s funeral, Twyman has a life changing experience that he shares as if his pen were dipped in raw emotion itself. He expressed to the gathering “When an artist has to dig deep into heart and soul, the act of digging mines gold. The deeper the artist goes, the better they can reach others.” That was certainly the case with The Barn Dance. Stretching the bounds of what we view as ‘reality’ vs. ‘dream’, Twyman has an encounter with his ex-wife 3 ½ years after her death, at The Barn Dance. Referring to it as a “13” journey from head to heart,” Twyman goes on to explain that “Grief is one of the most human experiences where our hearts can crack open and the Divine can come rushing in.”

Hay House, one of the most prominent transformational publishing companies in the world, had given away 5000 pre-release copies of The Barn Dance for people to read in advance and discuss in gatherings cross country. Twyman had 90 such events scheduled this past summer. He expressed feeling that Linda was looking over his shoulder as he wrote the book, which many in the crowd said that they had read in 1-3 days, so compelling was the narrative. He sees the book as a way of assisting those who have lost those close to them, to find healing. And by a show of hands, many had also had encounters with loved ones after they passed, so Twyman was in good company.

Wisdom: Do you believe that there are soul contracts? That even things we perceive as terrible, on some level, we choose them?

James: The question of what we choose on a soul level, is a difficult one, especially in the face of great tragedy. When I went through the experience I did with losing Linda, people would often come up to me and say these terrible things like “You realize that she did choose this.” When someone is going through the loss of a loved one, that is not what you want to hear. It’s almost insulting. It makes it seem like if we choose it on a soul level, we are choosing it consciously. And clearly, that is not something anyone would choose consciously. I do happen to believe that on the highest level, there is nothing that happens to us that we have not chosen for our lives. For me, I had to honor my own human-ness. It was important for me to go through the grief and all the normal emotions one goes through and to honor those, while at the same time, knowing that what happens on the soul level is just perfect. You just can’t use that as a way of usurping the normal emotional releasing we have to do when we lose somebody.

Wisdom: It’s also not the most compassionate thing for someone to say, even if it’s true. The way to be supportive of someone is to honor their grief.

James: Exactly. You have to be really careful when you say something like that. I’ve seen it happen with a lot of situations, where people speak about these things in an almost haphazard way and it can be injurious if they aren’t careful.

Wisdom: Did the book itself serve as a therapeutic tool to help you with your grief, to help you move through what might have felt unresolved with Linda?

James: Absolutely. I wrote this book first and foremost for myself. I needed to work through some of these emotions I was still processing. When I finished writing the book, it served that purpose well. The only other person I wanted to take into account in a serious way was my daughter. She was the only one who had a say whether the book would be published. If Angela were to have read The Barn Dance and felt it didn’t honor her mother in some way, then I would never have shown anyone else. The fact is Angela loved the book and just reading it helped her as well.

Wisdom: The book has been comforting for me, as my mother is in hospice, my dad died two years ago and my husband passed eleven years ago. What is your perception of heaven? Did it change from before you wrote the book?

James: I would like to speak to something else you shared, before I answer that question. I’m really glad to hear that the book effected you on a deep level too and I have been hearing it from other people who have read advance copies. I think that’s the power of The Barn Dance. It’s important for all of us to know that death is not the end of life. The Barn Dance is a personal story for me, and it is something everyone can relate to since we have all lost someone in our lives. The magic I discovered is something we can relate to and that we can all find healing from.

Wisdom: So the personal is universal and vice versa?

James: Exactly, and that is what every writer is looking for, something that hits that larger nerve in just the right way that brings healing.

Wisdom: Did Linda’s death change your perspective on life beyond this realm?

James: I would have to say it did. Of course I have always had faith in heaven and the afterlife and there is enough evidence to support that, that certainly there is something beyond this level of reality. To have a tangible experience of that takes it from a mental understanding to something that is very real. My experience of being with Linda in the barn and actually be in this place where heaven and earth seem to collide, helped me to know on a complete level that life goes on regardless of what happens to our bodies.

Wisdom: Do you think that your earlier spiritual experiences made this transition a little bit easier?

James: Because some of the things I wrote about in the book happened in multi-dimensional ways, I’m accustomed to that. I was able to know the difference between a dream and something that is happening on a different level. Everything has prepared me.

Wisdom: What do you think makes people more receptive to the messages you are putting forth?

James: I think that The Barn Dance will touch people in a mass way. It is not just for people who are already on a spiritual path. The story itself is so relate-able, that people who have never been exposed to this type of material, will find a lot in it. That’s the reason I wrote it the way I did. When you are telling a story, they can relate to it. That is why people are getting so excited about The Barn Dance, because the themes are universal.

Wisdom: What are the loud and clear messages you would like people to receive from the book?

James: I hope, that like me, people have a tangible experience that death is not the end of life and they can have direct, even face to face communication with their loved ones who have passed to the other side. Because of the experiences I have had and wrote about in the book, I was able to map out a method that could help people have a similar experience. I put it together into a scientific study called Dream Dancing. There are about 300 people in the study who were practicing these techniques. A little over 50% of them had very real, tangible experiences, very similar to mine that they were able to verify. I think this is the overall benefit, not just reserved to what I experienced. There are ways that we all have a tangible, face to face experience with our loved ones, regardless of whether they have passed to the other side.

Wisdom: In many ways, is Linda just as ‘real’ to you as she was when she was alive? Is her presence that solid for you?

James: In the experience I had in The Barn Dance, yes. It varies, of course, depending on what state of consciousness I am in. When you are asking the question, is what happens in a dream real or not, we also have to ask ourselves that question in our waking reality. All of the mystics have said that this waking reality is just another form of dream. We are dreaming different realities at different levels all the time. Just because something happens in a sleeping dream, does not mean it is not real and because something happens in a waking state, doesn’t mean that it is real. What we are challenging here, is what reality is and how we can access that. That being said, just because someone has left their body, doesn’t mean they can’t be just as real to us as they were before.

Wisdom: Another theme in the book was forgiveness and redemption. How did that play out for you?

James: The reason I wrote this book was because I had a great need to forgive myself for the ideas I had in my mind for how I could have saved Linda. Even though they were just ideas, they were still feelings I had that were holding me back. Writing this book was a huge part of my healing. We have all made mistakes and had regrets and situations that occurred that we wish we could have controlled. I think if we can learn to forgive ourselves and that everything is occurring exactly as it should, no matter how difficult or terrible, then it will not only help us forgive ourselves but forgive others. This is one of the greatest spiritual lessons we can learn.

Wisdom: And the other component of forgiveness isn’t just that which you offered yourself, but also toward the men who killed Linda.

James: One of things I wrote about in the book was that I was holding onto my anger toward these two men who committed this crime, so that I wasn’t able to see that it was really the anger I was holding onto for myself. I found that as I was able to forgive myself, it was easier to forgive them. That doesn’t mean that I don’t want to see justice be done or that I don’t want them to be taken off the street, but at the same time, if I ever did have the chance to be in front of them, I would hope I would feel the forgiveness toward them that I’m sure Linda does feel.

Wisdom: Was the crime ever solved?

James: The person that I wrote about in the book who initiated this whole journey for me, 3 ½ years after the crime, and confessed to it, is still in custody. He has not yet been charged, because they are waiting for him to give critical information. He is in jail for another murder anyway. There were two men involved. I try not to focus on that too much because it’s obviously very frustrating. It would be really wonderful for my daughter to see some completion of this.

Wisdom: What is your perception of God? I know you talk about that in the book and a reference that I thought was kind of cool; God as a Mexican woman.

James: My perception of God changes as I change. I have always been a deeply spiritual person. I was raised in a very Catholic family and had studied to be a priest. My experience of God evolves as I evolve and deepens as I deepen. It is the most important part of my life but it is not something that can be described in words. It is one of those intangible experiences that is so deep and so personal that it can only be felt. For me, the Divine is everywhere at all times and my only challenge is to be aware of that.

Wisdom: How do you live that awareness of the Divine in your life?

James: For me, the easiest and best way is to see it everywhere and try to have the mindfulness in every interaction to see that person as holy, to see that person as Divine and give that gift to others. The more I am able to give that gift to others and see it in others, the more I am able to give it to myself and see it in myself.

To learn more about James Twyman and The Barn Dance, go to http://www.james twyman.com

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Power of The Soul Inside Wisdom for an Outside World by John Holland

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POWER OF THE SOUL Inside Wisdom for an Outside World, John Holland

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