The Only Now There Is – Rupert Spira

Published on 22 Jun 2018

Examines beliefs around memory, time, space and perception.


The “I” can’t be found as an object……Rupert Spira

Clear pointing to our transparent reality.

The Innate Peace of Our Essential Being – Rupert Spira

Published on 25 May 2018
A man asks Rupert how he would talk to one of his loved ones if they were dying.

Alan Watts ~ Try To Live In The Moment (Ship Analogy)

Published on 13 May 2018
It’s easy to blame our past for the mistakes we make in the present, but that’s no way to live a satisfying life.

Ken Wilber – Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

With over two-dozen published books translated in nearly as many languages, Ken Wilber has created what is widely considered the first truly comprehensive Integral Map of human experience. By exploring and integrating the major insights and conclusions of nearly every human knowledge domain in existence, Wilber created the revolutionary AQAL Integral Framework. In short, the Integral Approach is the coherent organization, coordination, and harmonization of all of the relevant practices, methodologies, and experiences available to human beings. Wilber states: “You can’t [realistically] honor various methods and fields, without showing how they fit together. That is how to make a genuine world philosophy.” He is the founder of the nonprofit think tank Integral Institute, co-founder of the transformational learning community Integral Life, co-founder of Source Integral exploring the nature of Integral Society, and the current chancellor of Ubiquity University.

The Hacking of the American Mind with Dr. Robert Lustig

The best-selling author and UCSF endocrinologist Dr. Robert Lustig explores how industry has contributed to a culture of addiction, depression and chronic disease. Always provocative, Lustig reveals the science that drive these states of mind and offers solutions we can use

Nonduality and the Consciousness of ‘Things’ – Thich Nhat Hanh

Do animals and plants have consciousness? Are electrons alive?
Thich Nhat Hanh in dialogue with University of Virginia Astrophysicist Dr. Trinh Xuan Thuan.

The Man With 4 Wives – ผู้ชายคนนี้มีเมีย 4 คน” 

Published on Mar 10, 2018

I had a dream that i told this story.. so i woke up and decided to tell it.. here you go 🙂
ผมฝันว่าผมเล่าเรื่องนี้ ผมเลยตื่นมาเล่าเรื่องนี้ 🙂

Break Down or Break Through? Jude Currivan

Published on Dec 5, 2017

In a talk that drew enthusuisatic applause from her audience at the 2017 SAND Italy gathering, Jude Currivan, cosmologist and communicator extraordinary, adds a new perspective to the usual dichotomy of duality and nonduality, uniting them as differentiations of unity. She tells us of the amazing fine-tuning of the universal constants that have enabled organic life, and reports some recent research – including the astonishing fact that 50% of the water in our bodies is older than the solar system. 

Finally she talks of the history of the universe as a journey from simplicity to complexity, of consciousness expressing itself, and suggests that we are witnessing a time when this complex system must either break down or break through. We have a choice to fall apart in fear or leap into love together.

Amoda Maa – 2nd Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

Amoda Maa is a contemporary spiritual teacher, author, and speaker. After years of spiritual seeking, meditation, and immersion in psychospiritual practices, an experience of the dark night of the soul led her to a profound inner awakening. Then, after a long period of integration, she began speaking from silence in small gatherings. Today she offers meetings and retreats, and is a frequent speaker at conferences and events, attracting spiritual seekers and people looking for peace and fulfillment in an increasingly chaotic world. Her teachings are free of religion and tradition, and she brings to them a deep understanding of the human journey, born out of her own experience.

She is the author of Radical Awakening (originally released as How to Find God in Everything) and Change Your Life, Change Your World: Ten Spiritual Lessons for a New Way of Being and Living. Both books were written shortly after her awakening and before she began to speak in public.

Her new book Embodied Enlightenment — written 15 years after her awakening — is based on the many conversations at the cutting edge of spiritual inquiry in her meetings with people from all around the world, and addresses many of the questions relevant to today’s seeker. It has been acclaimed as “a beautiful and precious gift to an emerging new humanity.”

Amoda lives with her husband and beloved, Kavi, in California.

Is There a Place for Ethics and Morality in the Non Dual Understanding?

Published on Nov 24, 2017

Rupert discusses why there is a need for ethics and morality if everything is consciousness or love.
From the weekend in Amsterdam, September 2017

Is the “I” an Illusion? ~ Julian Baggini

A Journey to Metanoia: My Life Transformed by Mr. John R Samsen jr (Author)

Over a course of many decades, John Samsen followed a quest to understand the “big questions” of Life;

  • why are we here,
  • what is Life all about,
  • and who am I, really?

Along with careers in Aerospace Engineering and car designing, John studied the sciences, mythologies, religions, philosophies, and psychologies, to expand his understandings. A pattern of paranormal experiences opened his mind to areas of experience beyond the paradigms of Science.

In 1970, he embarked on a quest of Self Discovery, participating in hundreds of hours of intensive consciousness exploration with such noted researchers as Dr.s Jean Houston and Robert Masters, Dr. Lawrence LeShan, Robert Monroe, and others involved in the “human potentials” movements of the 1970’s.

After a series of traumatic events in his life, John experienced a “metanoia”, what some call a transformation or “awakening”. John’s quest ended, and in the years since, he has been enjoying Life, knowing peace of mind, “unconditional love” of self and world, and freedom from fear and anxiety.

John has been working on a verbal description of his experiences that does not rely on traditional metaphysical or religious ideas, but is consistent with modern scientific concepts of space, time, matter, and energy. Included essays offer his unconventional concepts of physics, time, thinking, consciousness, and human evolution. He believes that a dramatic experience of “awakening”, which is rare and very difficult to achieve, is not necessary for enlightened living; that with proper guidance and consistent effort, most people can achieve that state of being.

While pursuing a life-long quest to understand the “big questions” of Life; John had careers in aerospace engineering and car designing. In 1970, he embarked on programs of self discovery, participating in hundreds of hours of intensive consciousness exploration with such noted researchers as Dr.s Jean Houston and Robert Masters, Lawrence LeShan, Robert Monroe, and others.

After a series of traumatic and tragic events in his life, John experienced a “metanoia”, what some call a spiritual transformation or “awakening”.

John’s quest ended, and in the years since, he has been enjoying life, knowing peace of mind, “unconditional love” of self and world, and freedom from fear and anxiety. He has presented programs and workshops in self-discovery.

John Samsen, now in his eighties, resides with his wife Tucky in the Sun City Hilton Head community. John and Tucky, are active in spiritual evolution groups, and, following a forty-year career in mental health nursing and education, Tucky is currently on the board of the SC Coastal Empire Mental Health Center. John also paints and teaches art classes locally.

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I’m Afraid of Trump—The Work of Byron Katie

A woman suffering from a deep-seated fear of Donald Trump questions her many thoughts about him. “He will create concentration camps,” she has written on her Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet, “cause a nuclear war, and ruin the environment. I want him to not be president, to disappear, or at least to get a better, kinder set of cabinet members. He should step aside and offer the space to Hillary Clinton or another Republican candidate. Trump shouldn’t say things that are racist, sexist, able-ist, homophobic, and xenophobic.”

Slowly, with Katie’s help, she questions these terrifying thoughts, sometimes with the help of the audience, and the heaviness of the thoughts begins to dissolve. After completing the inquiry, she has a moment of insight, as she realizes that it is the thoughts that create her fear, not Trump. She proceeds to tear up her Worksheet in a flourish of delight, to cheers from the audience. Katie turns to her with a smile and says, “You’ve just made America great again!”

Tara Talks: Not Enough Time – with Tara Brach

Published on Oct 10, 2017

Tara Talks: Not Enough Time – with Tara Brach

The more stressed we are, the more likely it is that we’ll mistake the needs of someone we care about for “an interruption.”


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