Experiential Spiritual Oneupsmanship

Dear James,
I was reading Bernadette Roberts, “What is Self” yesterday. She says exactly what you have been saying as far as “experiences” and “samadhis” are concerned. However she goes ahead and says that ego death is followed by the death of the phenomenal self (the ceasing of the subject object division). She of course says that it is not something you can bring about because there is no ego or doer remaining in the first place, but it does happen in people who live fearlessly as Self. She does not use the word Causal Body but I inferred that she uses the word reflexive consciousness as Causal Body because her descriptions about it are exactly the same. She is talking about the possibility of extinction of the causal body while living.

What use is to extinguish it? What is to be gained? If it exists it is just awareness. And if it is awareness it cannot be extinguished. When you know who you are, it keeps doing its job but it has no effect on you. In this way you get to have it and be free of it at the same time.
Secondly who is going to extinguish it? Thirdly, it belongs to Isvara and is eternal so it is not going to be extinguished until the end of time.

You are awareness with or without the causal body so what is the big deal about its presence or absence? It sounds to me suspiciously like someone who is playing the game of experiential spiritual oneupsmanship. When does it end? Let’s extinguish extinguishment because it is a dumb idea. You can’t extinguish anything because what is real cannot be extinguished and what is not real does not actually exist. How can you extinguish a dream? It has no power when it appears …unless you do not know it is a dream.So any extinguishment is only an extinguishement of ignorance.

I know who I am and I live fearlessly as the self but I do not want my causal body to go away. I love it. Do I have to ask Isvara not to extinguish it? If she means that the vasanas are rendered non-binding it does not mean that the causal body is extinguished. When the causal body is gone, there is no world whatsoever. What keeps her here once the causal body is extinguished if not the causal body?

Is she self created? People who live fearlessly as the Self? If the causal body is gone where is the person to live fearlessly as the self? She already ‘lives without breathing’ to quote Shankara. She doesn’t know what she is talking about or if she does she needs to give us a lot more than her opinion. This is all smriti, knowledge derived from a personal interepretation of her experience. How can it be verified? It sounds to me like she is holding herself up as some sort of special enlightened being who has had something happen to her that she thinks sets her apart.

I know the woman is respected in the spiritual world but this is a stupid dangerous statement that just creates more seeking in people.


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  1. Anonymous
    Oct 24, 2014 @ 06:54:11

    I always see that your answers may be valid but always point to your own opinions being right.

    “Love, John”.


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