How to Bring Good Luck into Your Life?

Most people have a feeling that their life is not working out the way they want it to work, they are looking for more good fortune, well-being and better luck. What they don’t realize is that their inherent “dissatisfaction” with life is the major cause of their problematic reality. The reason why luck does not seem to favor them is because of their constant preoccupation with “negative” thinking. The sad part is that a vicious cycle gets formed – the negative thinking causes events that are not conducive and these events further aggravate the sense of negativity which causes more negative events to follow. In order to attract good luck into your life it’s important to have a shift in the way you perceive your reality in your mind; some pointers and insights, in this regard, are provided below.

Stop Judging Your Present Reality as Bad

If you want to attract more good luck and well being into your life, it’s important that you start changing your relationship with the “present” moment. No matter what form the present moment takes, stop opposing it in your mind and allow it to be the way it is. It seems highly counter intuitive to the mind to accept a reality that it perceives as “bad”, but it’s this acceptance that opens the gateway to bring in new solutions and good luck in your existence.
Don’t Dwell on a Negative Thought for More than 30 Secs

You need to be really conscious for this, so that you can catch your mind drifting off into a negative pattern of thinking. Our minds are conditioned to expect the “worst” out of any reality and it takes conscious disassociation to stop being dragged into the negative thought pattern. Whenever you see your mind complaining, worrying or getting anxious, just disassociate with it and focus your attention on your sense perceptions.

Write up a Page of Appreciation Everyday

This is a highly powerful practice if one has the trust to follow it on daily basis. All you need to do is write up a page appreciating everything in your life in the present moment. Just focus on finding things to appreciate about what you already have in your life; don’t focus on the things you are expecting in the future.

When you look at appreciating the present moment, it automatically aligns you with your life (which is always “what is” right now) and this alignment causes you to attract good luck. You will notice things beginning to work out for you more and more as you rest you begin practicing the habit of appreciating the “now” no matter what form it takes.

Let Go of Seeking a Future Happiness

This may seems highly counter intuitive to the mind. Most people believe that their expectation of the future is what helps them stay hopeful. The problem however is that when you are looking towards the future for happiness and fulfillment, it will cause you to be “unhappy” in the present. Your future is always a direct reflection of your state of being in the present. So you just focus on being appreciative of the present moment, your future will automatically be benevolent and things will always keep working out for you – in other words you will keep attracting good luck into your life.

Know that Life is Just One Stream of Well-Being

There is just one movement of energy present in the universe and this movement is one of well-being. The reason why you feel bad, or feel suffering, is because you are opposing this very movement. There is nothing more ridiculous than to oppose our own well-being but that’s exactly what our minds seem to do. Thinking negative thoughts, focusing on negative events, complaining and resenting what is, causes you to constantly oppose the flow of life. You cannot attract good luck into your life if you are in opposition to this stream of well-being.

To bring more good luck into your life, to improve your life situation, to have abundance of well-being, it’s important that you “align” with life. The only way to align with life is to stop being “negative”, to ignore any thoughts of lack or resentment that the mind might throw up, and to just realize that whatever is happening is fine just the way it is because life is always moving in the direction of your well-being.

In Conclusion

Life is always looking to bring more good luck and well-being for you. Life is always on the move to please you and give you happiness. The only problem is that you are always looking at life from your limited, misconstrued and misguided perception and hence you never see the miracle that is unfolding for you. To attract good luck is about becoming a magnet of positive vibration. Look at appreciating what is, just relax and let go of your need to control reality, and let life bring you the gifts that you so richly deserve.

Written by: Sen –

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  1. Anonymous
    Mar 13, 2013 @ 03:08:57

    This is one of the best articles I have read.


  2. Patricia Samsing
    Mar 12, 2013 @ 10:04:28

    Such very good advice. To be mindfull of the moment. I have shared this page on Facebook.


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