Natural Law throughout the Four Yugas (Ages)

Natural Law throughout the Four Yugas (Ages) ~ Igor Kufayev


I’m going to ask you something truly basic and probably foolish, but why do you think that there is so much suffering in the world? Why are children being abused, beaten up, starving, animals being horribly killed, and also why is there so much ignorance and superficiality? Especially regarding romantic relationships now a days, where zip codes and wallets seem to matter more than brains and heart and humor? I could think of ignorance, loss of values, etc.

But from your perspective, which I have come to feel close to, what could explain these, and its current increase? Is it a test, is it a result of something we did along the way? I know we have talked about real and unreal suffering, but this question goes beyond that, I hope I explained myself. And finally, is there an example of what you mention before? How and what has been done by someone without having to move one finger to solve the root of the problem of poverty, hunger, in comparison with millions of “real” external actions? I would really love to grasp this thoroughly, I feel that your reply will be very soothing and enlightening… it’s rainy and cold in Mexico 🙂 I truly wish you very good health and happiness!


Your question is not foolish. This question arose in many dialogues and every generation addressed that question to the custodians of all known spiritual traditions. The subject is not easy and would take more than just an exchange in this format. Nevertheless that’s what we have and let us hope we can address at least the very root of the condition you’ve referred in your letter. In order to do this we need to establish few terms and what they mean. As well as to give a retrospective outlook on the time we live in itself in terms of its cycles.


We’ve already agreed that (that what we call) Life has its origin on levels beyond the perception of the senses, beyond the reach of the mind and intellect and beyond the confines of ego. It springs from beyond the limits of space and time and even beyond the unmanifested realms of void. Yet equally important that everything that happens in creation on its manyfold planes is due to the manifestation of the Natural Law which lays at the origin of all the qualities we naturally compelled to experience precisely due to their latent presence in our psyche-physiological setup.

Natural Law governs everything quietly and most efficiently with perfect orderliness. Enough to observe how a blade of grass makes its way under a paved road to marvel at the power and subtlety with which Nature conducts its affairs.

Natural Law upholds the evolutionary flow towards greater experience of happiness, joy and fulfillment throughout its entire creation. And it does it invisibly via perfectly organized network of subtle channels which like rays of the sun impregnate the soil and all that grows on it with its life-giving substance.

So far all is fine and we only left to wonder how come that the Natural Law which is at the source of Joy for all living creatures can debase its own creation to the degree we found impossible to tolerate for the obviousness of it discord is overwhelming.
Just before we proceed to that most perplexing dilemma let us address what we call problems of the world and its opposite.


All the symptoms you’ve mentioned and more with which the world is sick today could be called as negative vibrations or negativity. It is obvious that all these manifestations are negative in its impact on each particular individual and on life as a whole. Doesn’t matter if one is exposed to it directly they still have an effect on us irrespective of where we are geographically. The increase in negativity thwarts the chance for experiencing happiness and fulfillment which is a legitimate birthright of every individual.

As the opposite to negativity, we all agree life is a gift to experience happiness, love, creativity and fulfillment, those qualities we know as positive or life-promoting. These qualities uphold evolutionary flow towards the highest experience possible in the human body. The experience of bliss. Life itself is a stream of Natural Law which expresses itself as an individual soul. Now and that is very important, as long as one hundred per cent value of Natural Law is lived in daily life, people and all creation act in accordance with the Natural Law. In other words, in accordance with the ‘Will of God’. Or else speaking the language of science – the state of perfect balance of physiological, psychological, sociological, and ecological integration – with its base in mental and physical health.


When one hundred per cent value of Natural Law is lived all aspects of life are spontaneously fall into the integrated whole and every code of conduct is mutually correlated without causing the interference between its components. This is a period when mastery over Natural Law belongs to everyone. The self-referral state of Transcendental Consciousness is the basis of all activity in all the members of society. The infinite potential of life as the field of all possibilities is awake and lively in everyone’s physiology and consciousness. In fact physiology is experienced as an expression of consciousness directly.

This period is known as Golden Age or Sat-Yuga (sanskrit) it is the Age of Enlightenment. Vedic concept of time is not linear and is not dissimilar to the current understanding of time from the point of view of the modern cosmology. It is concentric just as the Universe itself is concentric in its structure. Vedic concept of time is concentric and an infinite continuum of time is measured in terms of cycles or Yuga.

There are four Yugas: Sat-Yuga, Treta-Yuga, Dwapar-Yuga, Kali-Yuga. Whether The Yugas correspond to the Western Chronological or Biblical Concept of Time, I don’t have enough knowledge, for the concept of time for the ancients was not as linear as it is often understood by us moderns. Golden Age, Copper Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age. Poignantely enough major calamities are being recorded around the time of the collapse of the Bronze Age and the shift towards the Iron Age.


In Sat-Yuga consciousness on both, individual and collective, levels is in perfect accord with the Natural Law whence every aspect of life is evolutionary. The Administration of all spheres of life is at its most invisible level, and every impulse is evolutionary.


In Treta-Yuga manifestation of the Natural Law diminishes by one quoter making it seventy five per cent. It is believed that during that time the verbal need to communicate arose and brought about the birth of the language. In Sat-Yuga communication was possible on the primordial level of telepathy and pure intuition.


The cycle followed by Dwapar-Yuga and further decline by fifty per cent of Natural Law. The decline in human awareness brought the necessity of order from the ”outside”, religious codes arise to help man and guide him to maintain stability as close to the Natural Law as possible. This time is often associated with the birth and rise of religions. The decline is understood as inability of man to live his full potential or act spontaneously in accord with Natural Law.


Further and further decline of Natural Law brings the manifestation to twenty five per cent only and the cycle called Kali-Yuga. It is known in both hemispheres, Orient and Occident, as period of ignorance. The ability of man to live in harmony and balance deteriorates to such degree that he cannot live even the codes of his respective religions. Religions or rather the custodians are not separate from the prevalent conditions of the cycle.

The essence of religious practices are being diluted, simplified and often replaced by dogma. Sectarianism and fragmentation spreads as the result of that, while at the same time newer religious forms arise in respond of the need of the time.

There comes a point when Natural Law reaches its lowest point of expression on the manifested level in Kali-Yuga. The acceptance of suffering as a norm is the sign of a complete degradation at the given moment in time. The ignorance is considered a human condition, with total identification to the gross physical condition of the body. Immerse in materialism, abuse of the senses at the expense of the mental attachment to pleasure of all sorts is just a byproduct of the Law being violated to its minimum expression.


Despite the gloomy picture, the Kali-Yuga has the quality inherent in its very absence of the Natural Law, Thence comes the point of return. The beauty is that the Natural Law is in its pure potentiality and fully awake within. When the zero point is reached it brings about the Great Leap of the Natural Law within itself from its zero level of expression to its hundred per cent. Moreover if the transition between the Cycles took long span in terms of time, the Great Leap happens within a very compacted period of time.

Could be even faster than we imagine. Although the transition would not be an easy one, it is evident that we are witnessing a qualitative shift in awareness, even in the midst of the worst out-brakes of negativity, each on an individual level and as collective mass of consciousness. Needless to say one can wait or one can make steps towards that process to met the Sat-Yuga half-way through already in this life-time and in this body.

May we all regain what is our inborn capacity to experience bliss while in the physical body and may we radiate happiness, love, creativity and fulfillment.

Jai Guru Deva

Igor Kufayev Tashkent, Uzbekistan. March 2009

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