Awaken Interviews Caroline Myss – We Are Missing the Maximum Habits of the Heart

Posted on August 5, 2018
Donna Quesada: I guess I have two questions. Why isn’t this stuff taught in our curriculum? Why is it so antiquated?

And then, number two, I would really like to talk more about language. I think that it is overlooked how important it is.

Awaken Interviews Caroline Myss – We Are Missing the Maximum Habits of the Heart
Posted on August 5, 2018

Donna Quesada: I guess I have two questions. Why isn’t this stuff taught in our curriculum? Why is it so antiquated?


And then, number two, I would really like to talk more about language. I think that it is overlooked how important it is.

Caroline Myss: Yeah, 90 percent of what needs to be taught, is not taught, including, civics…including, teaching kids what their civil rights are. Basic civics. What our basic rights as citizens are. So, they have taken from us our curriculum, morality. They don’t teach anything about what their consciousness is about. When was the last time you saw the word “conscious” in a curriculum?

DONNA: You don’t see it.

CAROLINE: So, what does that tell you? You want to know why we have nothing but liars in Washington? And a president that lies for a living? And they don’t even have the wherewithal to say, “this person has no business representing The United States of America.”

DONNA: Seems like schools are afraid that things like morals are too wrapped up in religion and there is some fear there.

CAROLINE: And now ask me if we are awake? That, right there, is your proof.

DONNA: So, what will it take to break through that?

CAROLINE: There’s no throwing recycling in my face, when this is happening. Because that is ground zero for me.

DONNA: Point taken. But, to be fair…for twenty years, I’ve taught animal rights issues at a junior college and I’m like you…I could never see myself teaching kids. So, I get them when they are a little bit older. And in these twenty years, truthfully, Caroline, I’ve seen things change. When I first started, nobody heard of a thing like animal welfare. Or, even the option of going vegetarian. It was considered strange or hippie-like. And now, everybody has a vegetarian sister or a mother or a best friend. There are vegetarian restaurants on every corner. And it’s not that you have to be a vegetarian. I’ve just seen how the consciousness has moved a little bit in that direction. We are starting to see the interconnectedness of life. And seeing other creatures in a different light than before. And it tells me, maybe we are waking up a little bit.

CAROLINE: In very convenient ways. In very comfortable, convenient ways.

DONNA: So, when it comes right down to it…

CAROLINE: The way we eat. Do you see a rise in honesty?

DONNA: Well.



CAROLINE: There. So, there you go. In integrity? No. Do you see the laws change on behalf of humanitarian rights? No.

DONNA: So, what will it take to break through the fears that stop us, at the level of curriculum, including things like that?

CAROLINE: That’s when you bang into the school and you say, “I want this back on the curriculum. I want classes on moral consciousness back on the curriculum. Ethics. Where is Plato? I want something back that has to do with moral reasoning. The humanities. And by the way, put civics back. I want consciousness back.” It’s like the habitus maximus…we are missing the maximum habits of the heart, that are learned early in life. The maximus habits of the heart that need to be taught to the children early through ritual. Through repetition. Through witness. You don’t teach someone at age seventeen to be honest. They are, by that time, or they are not. And they have learned it, not by words, but by what they have witnessed, by what they’ve experienced and what they were taught, early on. By the time they are seventeen, they are out the door. They know at that age whether keeping something that is not theirs is okay. Maybe they wouldn’t take a car, but maybe a wallet. And I see stories in the news where a kid that returns a wallet gets a reward. When, if fact, it should have gone unnoticed. It should just be the thing that they do.

DONNA: So, this brings me back to what I was saying a minute ago…the language…


DONNA: The importance of language. And it reminded me of something else you said about this notion of being entitled because I think it goes hand in hand. This sense of being entitled to a reward, for instance. And I also see it at the junior college level. This idea that we are entitled to things that they don’t deserve. This is the biggest toxicity in our culture. This idea of being entitled or being deserving. Could you speak more about that and how this language has poisoned us?

CAROLINE: It’s language…the idea that you are special…that you are special just because you are born. And that being special…I know I was born for something special. If I had a nickel for every time someone has said that to me, I would be retired. I know I was born for something special. I’ll say, “what is that, exactly?” But, they sit there in wonderment. That the specialness is going to be delivered to their door and they always think it’s a glamorous career. And it’s always tied consciously or unconsciously to something to do with protecting them from being humiliated. That’s what’s special. So, I won’t be humiliated again and I will go back to the people who humiliated me when I was a child and say, “see, I really am special!”

So, it’s got this little twinge of bitterness to it. But when you believe that you are special or tell your kids that they were born for something special, you have this as a life path and what happens is extraordinary. Other than ordinary. And what you do is live in this bubble where ordinary things are not supposed to happen to me. I’m not supposed to get sick; you are, but I’m not. And you’ll be one of those people that says, “I can’t believe this happened to me.” But the other thing that is really treacherous is that you will give yourself permission to live outside the law because extraordinary means “I don’t follow laws. I don’t have to because I am extraordinary. Laws are for ordinary people. And I’m extraordinary. So, I am going to get privilege. Laws are for ordinary…extraordinary means, I’m privileged. I get special favors…I don’t have to wait as long in lines. I get to cut to the front. I get this. I get that.” And that is how people measure their self-worth, by being exceptions to the rules, rather than having to follow them. And as a result, we have a lawless society. That’s how society becomes lawless.

DONNA: And then when things don’t go that way, we fall into victim consciousness.

CAROLINE: Totally. Total victim. Or litigious. We go one way or the other. We become both victim and litigious. Sue everybody because it didn’t work out. I was entitled to this outcome. Nobody is entitled to an outcome. Outcomes are crap shoots. You never know how anything is going to turn out. From marriage to a dinner. You have no idea, I’ve blown a lot of dinners that I could have sworn were going to turn out great.

DONNA: Is that what really makes us sick, Caroline. Falling into victim consciousness? And how do we turn the key to let that baggage go?

CAROLINE: This is what Buddha and Jesus taught…again and again and again. It’s an illusion that you can control the outcome. It’s an illusion. That’s what you have to give up; this idea that believing you are entitled can determine and create outcomes. That the more money you have, the more arrogant you are… special you think you are…somehow casts a spell on life and commands life…that we can command nature. That we can control weather. That we are entitled enough that we can control seeds, like Monsanto. We can do all of this because that is who we think we are…and that we are entitled to do this. We are not entitled to do anything. And when you finally get that in your head and you really think, I really don’t have control of anything, except myself and my responses to myself. I need to follow my guidance and trust that if I follow my guidance, always, in how I speak to people, what I do with my work…If I’m integral, If I do a good job and my intention is not to harm anybody…It doesn’t mean harm will not come to you. That’s not how life is. You can’t believe in that child’s God: if I’m a good person than nothing bad will happen to me. And at the same time, have a belief in Karma and in past lives and everything else because that is a child’s belief. If you believe in that whole universe, that there is reincarnation and Karma and all of that, then stuff is going to filter in. And maybe a death from who knows where, is going to come in and it doesn’t matter how good you are. Who knows how the system plays out or sometimes something from a life yet to be lived comes in. We just have to trust that we go about our life being the best person that we are. And you don’t tell yourself that you are entitled…that you’ll have a life free of accidents…free of any bad things because it’s not…you can’t live that way. That’s not the way the laws work.

DONNA: Is all sickness emotional?

CAROLINE: No. You can have bad DNA. And sometimes an illness is part of a person’s journey. Part of what their whole contract is. I’m not emotional about that. You’re asking me, “is it because they are just toxic?” No. Not at all. Helen Keller wasn’t toxic. That was what she needed to have, so I don’t buy any of that nonsense.

DONNA: What about the idea that we are supposed to go through it to learn a lesson from it. Is that just a story, too?

CAROLINE: Yeah. We go through everything to learn a lesson. What are we not learning from? Health? We go through health to learn lessons. Our every day is learning. And if it was true that negativity would cause us illness, everybody in congress would be vomiting every day. But they are not. And Donald Trump would be on a respirator.

DONNA: So, if someone were to come to you and I’m sure they have…if they were to say to you, “This happened to me. How can I heal myself?” What is the most important thing I can do right now, to change the situation that I have found myself in?” Whether it is emotional or physical…

CAROLINE: Well, it’s a good closing question. So, we’ll close on that. You know, everybody can always do something every day. Everything. Everybody can do something every day to help their wellbeing along. Every single day. What I would say to them is “take a look at your life and assess it. What do you know that you haven’t done?” Or, are you not doing as well as you can? What are you holding on to that is just dead weight, that you have to get rid of? What is it that you are postponing? What attitudes need to be changed that are not serving you?” These are the things that you can change right away. And everyone can do something, beginning with that.

DONNA: For example, forgiveness?

CAROLINE: Forgiveness. Or, even to agree to stop using negative words in their head. To stop self-pity. It’s lethal. And expectation and entitlements. Clean them out. I’ll end with this story. I was walking on the Camino last week, in Spain. And I had this experience where I had been walking and it had been raining and raining and raining and I was walking up this long path…crawling up this hill. I finally stopped. I needed a break. And just as I stopped, it also stopped raining. I put my head up and all that time, I was watching the ground because I was on a rocky path and because of the rain, you could slip on the rocks and I had to watch where I was going. I didn’t see anything that I was walking parallel to. So, I didn’t notice that I had begun a steep climb next to a valley…that below, there was this stunning, huge, Spanish valley. So, when I stopped I was almost to the peak and I pushed back my hood. It had been pouring rain. And now, the sun was beginning to peek out. And so, everything was shimmering because of the sunlight on the water…the dew drops. And I look and I see this panoramic view.

The Spanish valley was stunning. And I see all these little hamlets and some snow on top of the mountains. And I thought, my god is this beautiful! And I just stood there and smelled the air, that wonderful way that air smells with water in it. I just filled up my lungs and stood there and thought, this is so beautiful…I’ve never seen this before and I want to remember every single glimmer. I want to make this great, big, huge memory for the rest of my life. I want to remember this moment, standing on this mountain, standing here right now, this day. Then it occurred to me…that I couldn’t remember most of my life. Faced with desire to make a great, big, huge memory. I was confronted with the reality that I had very little memory of all the ordinary days of my life.

DONNA: Like dreams…

CAROLINE: And it took my breath away. And then I stood there and then the second tsunami hit. And I thought, I could die in this moment. Right now, in this moment. So much life is happening on the planet in this moment. People are being born, people are dying. People are making agreements. People are getting married. People are getting divorced. Souls are coming in. Souls are leaving. Businesses are being born. All these things are happening right now, in this moment, that I am standing here. Friends are meeting. Friends are saying goodbye. Strangers are sitting next to each other. New conversations are starting. And I’m imagining all the things taking place in the moment that could be my last moment. And I am looking at this valley and thinking, this could be the last thing I see. And I thought…and I hardly remember this life that I have lived.I remember so much about it, of course, but if you said to me, where were you on October 4th, 1967? I have no idea. In high school, somewhere. The truth is, I thought, what a humble experience. And who would even glance backwards, once I leave the planet and life would go on and that would be that. And then tsunami three. I didn’t remember hardly any of the things that I was once fretting about. Or, what made me so angry, or whatever, and that delighted me. And so, when you say, “what can people do?”Humble up! Get over yourself. There is nothing about your life that is that big a deal. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. You are not that important to anybody, at all. There is nothing that we are doing that someone else cannot do. Humble up! You want a practice? That’s it.

DONNA: Let that be the take away. That beautiful story.

CAROLINE: You got it.

DONNA: Thank you, Caroline. Thank you, very, very much.

CAROLINE: You got it. My pleasure.

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Awaken Interviews Caroline Myss – What Is In One Is In The Whole

So, breaking away from the tribe? Caroline Myss: But you have to understand what you just said.

What do I mean by breaking away from the tribe and what you may mean are two different things. I don’t mean like, Go Away!. I don’t mean that. I mean the capacity to engage in my reality. To pursue truth, on an individual, deeply spiritual path…to really understand that we live in our own subjective worlds. I don’t need to have my inner world match anybody else’s. Now, that’s not true for a lot of people. That’s not true. I have a quiet, mystical experience that shifts the way I understand nature…that tells me nature is a much more conscious place. I don’t report that to people. I don’t have to have people agree with me. I don’t run outside and say “stop chopping trees because they feel it!” I don’t do any of that. Because I don’t need to have the outside world validate what I see on the inside.

DONNA: Is that what you meant by self-esteem? That comfort and confidence in your own subjective reality?

CAROLINE: Yes. And I don’t tell myself “I must be nuts…I know I’m nuts.”

DONNA: Is that what awakening is? What is awakening?

CAROLINE: Yes. When you get to the point where you realize, I can have experiences… When people say “I heard this voice and I thought I was going crazy”… I never thought I was going crazy. I always knew that I was right on target with my life journey. But if someone else says, “I felt this guidance and I thought I was going crazy.” The guidance stops. Because healthy divine guidance is not meant to drive you crazy. And if you are so fragile that the slightest thing that varies from ordinary thought drives you crazy, you are cut off.

DONNA: And it seems that collectively, we have awakened together. I have heard you say that the whole approach to healing was much different 50 years ago, before World War II, than it is now. So, has there been a collective awakening? And how would you characterize that awakening?

CAROLINE: I think there is a collective pause. I wouldn’t call it awakening. Oh my God, look at this world! No, honey, I wouldn’t say awakening. Look at this world… Do you think it’s awakened?

DONNA: And yet, there are more people who are considering the trees to be conscious than there ever were before.


DONNA: There has been change. It’s just that there are too many people, I think. And so, as many people are awakening, there are just as many being born into a kind of collective dark night…

CAROLINE: Yeah. I think what we are seeing is… This is what is true… It’s like, why people don’t heal. Why people don’t awaken. It’s that they come very close to the end of the bridge. To that Rubicon. Why don’t they cross it? Why do they live on the edge? They might run across the bridge to the other side. But then they come back…and here is an example. All of the teachings that are now abundant about how our attitudes have creative force. That energy creates matter. Which means, our thoughts are the engine of what goes on in our life. They are the engine. They are the engine of what is happening in our reality. We should know that by now, but we don’t live there. We don’t live there.

This is my point. So, what is awakening? We don’t apply it. We don’t apply it. Why don’t we apply it to…? When people say, “what’s going on at work?” Or, why don’t they go to work and really apply their consciousness to the field of which they are in every day, as an ordinary exercise? As an ordinary practice? Knowing my thoughts… here is a law. What is in one is in the whole. What I do to every single person, I’m doing to everybody. What I do to myself, I do to everybody. That is a fundamental law of holy mysticism and holy biology. Do we practice it? No. So, all the things that we know… All the things that have been revealed in the last 60, 70, 80 years…it’s the same thing I see with people and their health. When they ask for help, and yet I look at them and before I say anything to you, I want you to tell me ten things that your spirit is telling you that you should be doing…telling you all the time, right now…that you should be doing to make you better, that you’ve been ignoring. Before I say anything, tell me ten ways that you are sabotaging. Your spirit already has been telling you “get off that food product…exercise…” Your own intuitive wisdom has been directing you, but you are not listening to it.

DONNA: How do you know the difference between your intuition and just noise in your head?

CAROLINE: Because you feel bad when you don’t listen to it. Do you feel bad when you don’t listen to noise? No. But guidance…guidance is relentless. And it makes you feel funky when you don’t pay attention because it’s relentless.

DONNA: But the noise in our heads makes us feel funky, too.

CAROLINE: Well, give me an example of noise in your head.

DONNA: Well, for example…we all do it. What we were just saying…it all starts with our head and the thoughts in our head. That’s what gives us the emotions.

CAROLINE: Your head. Give me some noise in your head.

DONNA: Well, it could be what we started out with. A profession. Maybe it’s, I don’t want to go to work today. Or, for instance, people who are in serious binds in life. Should they leave this marriage… Or, should they leave this work? Or, should they move?

CAROLINE: That’s a question. Underneath that is the guidance. Why are they asking the question? Could be rumblings. Some rumblings that are deeper. You don’t ask a question like that, unless there are rumblings going on in you….about you…About the circumstance you are in. And that’s where guidance comes from. And believe me, guidance isn’t about telling you to go or stay. Often times, guidance is about…Look at yourself. You are running away. You are fearful. You bite. You are snapping at people. You are creating distraction. What’s going on inside of you? You need to look at yourself. Guidance isn’t always about, pick up and go! Or, get a new job. It’s not always so pedestrian. It’s very frequently painful. And it’s about the pursuit of self-knowledge. Get to know yourself better. You are missing something here. You are attacking people. Don’t look at them. Why are you always attacking people?

DONNA: Is there a practice that brings us more in touch with that source of guidance? Meditation? Prayer? And if so, can I ask, what is your practice? Or, what would you consider is the most important thing we can do every day?

CAROLINE: Well, you shouldn’t be left alone in your head. Much less in your soul. You need a spiritual director. I’ve been with my spiritual director for 18 years. Two hours a week. You don’t go on a soul journey unescorted. Anybody.

DONNA: So, you need a teacher?

CAROLINE: Not a teacher. A director. A spiritual director. You don’t need a teacher, you need someone who examines you. The way I’m bantering with you. You know, you sway this way and I’m putting you that way. You don’t have the right vocabulary. You know, showroom…this is how you ask it, showdown. How do you access the soul, if you don’t have the right words? How do you know, this is what you want to ask? This is how you do it. You don’t need a teacher for the soul; you need a director. You need to be able to reflect on How did I behave today? How did I organize my thoughts today? Why did I organize them that way? Take your eyes off everybody else. And don’t go backwards. There is nothing back there. Your history is in your present moment. Your history is in your behavior. It’s jam packed in who you are today. So, there is no reason to go back there.

DONNA: So are you talking about a spiritual director, or not necessarily… Could it be a life coach or…?

CAROLINE: No. Me. I’m talking about a spiritual director. What do you need a life coach for? If you are going into your spirit, what are you going to do with a life coach? If you want a life coach, go to a life coach. But if you are interested in pursuing the spirit, you need a spiritual director. You need someone who can recognize what a spiritual crisis is. You need someone who really understands what is the darkness of the soul. That’s an archetypal journey that has well marked stages in it. It’s got the “Night of the Senses.” The Night of the Spirit. And they follow each other. And if I’m sitting with one of my directed, I need to be able to recognize where you are. Are you in the “Night of the Senses” or are you in the “Night of the Spirit?” It’s a journey that I need to know…which bench to sit with you on. I need to know exactly what part of your soul is getting cracked in half. And the last thing I would ever say to you is “How unfortunate.” The last thing that I’m going to do is commiserate because The Dark Night is not about that. It is a journey that while it may bring you to your knees, it’s a journey of profound liberation.

DONNA: And is it a necessary part of this path? To go through what Eckhart Tolle says is a “limit situation?” A dark night of the soul…a crisis…a trauma? Does it have to be difficult? Going to the path toward enlightenment, or awakening, if you prefer?

CAROLINE: Well, let me ask you something. Do you find giving up illusions, easy?

DONNA: So that’s the answer. Of course not. We need our illusions. There is a Woody Allen movie where he says, “we need our illusions like we need air.”

CAROLINE: There you go. None of us gives up easy. We don’t go down without a fight. And we will swear to the end that it is not an illusion, but it is.

DONNA: And so, then we come back to truth?

CAROLINE: Bingo. Buddha would say…and I love…even Catherine the Great…I just adore history. History is my thing. And even Catherine the Great knew that everything was illusion. And she always wore lots of jewels. And she was very charismatic and she said, “I don’t do this for myself. I do this for the Russian people because they need this illusion.” And… “I need them to believe this illusion that I am one of the Gods.” She said, “because the moment they don’t believe your illusion, they’ll realize that I’m only a human being…and I can’t let that happen.”

DONNA: You were talking in your TED TALK about the power of choice. And how the choices that we think are big, really aren’t so big. Could you explain that?

CAROLINE: Well, I think we make a mistake in thinking that there are such things as big choices and little choices. They may look big. We may think it’s a big choice to buy a big house and make a big move. Because it costs a lot of money. When in fact, you are choosing one word. A four-letter word…to move. It takes a lot of effort, but it’s really a small choice isn’t it? To move. I think I’m going to move. I’m going to move after this phone call. I’m going to go down stairs and I’m going to move. But in our minds…because there is so much more packing…but it’s still the same decision. To move…I’m just going to move more stuff with me. At the same time, you make think that going into your room at night and deciding—I just have to have a quiet few minutes and be alone—is not a big choice. And yet, in that moment, you might have given yourself enough space and enough quiet to let a realization emerge. And in that realization, you make a choice.

DONNA: And it might be huge.

CAROLINE: And it might be this tiny little choice that says, “I think I am going to go there tomorrow.” And then you go tomorrow and you meet your husband. You don’t know what a big choice is. You don’t!

DONNA: You were also saying that one of the most important things we can do is to lead a life that is integral. And I was wondering if you could expound on that. What does that mean to “live a life that is integral?”

CAROLINE: Integrate. Integrity. Honorable. A life of honor. A life that is Integris. Life, where, when you give your word, you keep it. It means something. That it means something to you. That…when you say “Yes,” you mean…Yes! And when you say, “No,” you mean…No. That…you don’t lie. You don’t say something that is not true.

DONNA: Why aren’t these things taught in our curriculum today? For example, the power of choice. You talk about the power of language and you’ve mentioned it in our time together today…that language matters. Even in terms of being on a journey. Even when we don’t realize we are on a journey, we are somewhere on a journey and the language we use is important. Directing ourselves.

CAROLINE: What could be more important?

Continued in Part III…

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“A spiritual teacher does exactly that – teaches. But a Spiritual Director works with a person in a one-to-one relationship with the specific intent to assist in the exploration and examination of that individual’s spiritual life and questions about matters related to spiritual growth.” – Caroline Myss

Awaken Interview with Caroline Myss Part 2

Awaken Interviews Carolin Myss – The Real Heart of a Spiritual Journey Is the Pursuit of ‘What Is Truth?’

And I just want to thank you personally, for sharing your time with us. I’ve been influenced by your books and your teachings for many, many years. And I want to thank you on behalf of our Awaken readers and viewers.

Caroline Myss: My pleasure.

DONNA: They will be thrilled to hear what you have to say. And for those of you who may not know, Caroline Myss is the author of Anatomy of the Spirit, Entering the Castle…one of my favorites, Defy Gravity, Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can, and a roster of others. You have been so prolific over the years and you started as a medical intuitive…


DONNA: And with that, I just want to jump in and ask you, do you still consider yourself a medical intuitive or a spiritual teacher?

CAROLINE: Both. One’s not mutually exclusive but my work as a medical intuitive brought me… It was a natural path, which kind of unfolded because I never knew there was anything like a medical intuitive. That wasn’t my intention to do that. I was headed into the world of publishing and hopefully I wanted to be a fiction author. That was my big dream. I mean, fortunately, heaven put me together and it gave me a genius for something I had never even heard of and no talent for something I wanted to do.

DONNA: I have to jump in and share this with you. I thought, don’t share that with her, it will be silly…but you said it before I did. I heard you say that in an interview before…that you wanted to be a novelist. I never knew that about you, until recently. I thought, isn’t that fascinating?…because I grew up wanting to be a singer and I wasn’t given a gift to sing. And I ended up a teacher just like you did. And so, I related on a personal level, so much, when you told that story.

CAROLINE: It’s so true. And my father would say to me when I was growing up…which was a typical piece of guidance from the era that I grew up in…when most women who went to college became teachers or nurses… And so, he would say, “I don’t care what you do when you go to college, as long you become a teacher or a nurse.” Because he was looking after my wellbeing. And I remember thinking, I can’t do either of those things. Either one, for me, was the kiss of death. Because I associated teaching with being with kindergarten kids or five-year-olds or six-year-olds, and the idea of being in a classroom with children all my life… UGH! I have never changed a diaper. I am not kid friendly. And then the idea of being a nurse and sticking needles in people… And I admire these people. I do, but when I thought about it, those were my associations. So, to end up being a teacher…and I’m good at it…it’s funny how that works. The skill of being a medical intuitive…I was always very intuitive. I always flew in the intuitive world as my natural habitat. And I always looked at people as How can you function without being intuitive? Even as a child, I would think, ‘How can you function?’ How can you function in the world, not seeing the world this clearly?

DONNA: Is it enough to be good at something? Do you also have to be passionate?

CAROLINE: Well, I’m not sure. That’s kind of a luxury item. Passion is a luxury item if you really think about it. It’s kind of a high-end grace. And if you look at the world, do you think everybody is passionate? Really? Do you?

Donna: No.

CAROLINE: And do you think it’s really realistic to say, “Hey, everybody!… Follow your passion!” Do you think that is really advice that goes down easy for all of humanity?

DONNA: I’ve been wondering this for many years. And so, the next question is, where does enthusiasm come from, in the absence of passion, for those that don’t have the luxury of following their passion?

CAROLINE: Well, the operative word you use here is “following.” Why do you assume it’s a journey? What do you associate with passion that you would say “following?”

DONNA: I suppose I think of it as some kind of calling.

CAROLINE: How is passion a calling?

DONNA: Or, it’s kind of an internal being lit up on fire.

CAROLINE: About what? You associate it with a career. You are career driven. For you, passion is a career.

DONNA: So, it might be directed toward something else like serving and we can channel that in many different ways?

CAROLINE: It could be experiences or it could be perceptual. But white people are practical. White Western people… They come from that kind of God. They come from a practical, Western, Christian God. It’s very practical. So that association with passion is that it has to be a practical, career-oriented thing. It comes right out of the middle class.

DONNA: So, can we be practical and passionate at the same time, or can we cultivate that sense of “being on fire” in a practical world?

CAROLINE: You know, like mystical passion is not career. It’s experiential. It’s internal…experiential. It doesn’t convert to occupational. That’s the mystical passion. It’s a relationship with truth. As Buddha would say, “Breaking through illusions.”

DONNA: If we have that, it doesn’t much matter what we do with our career.

CAROLINE: (Laughing) Get your head out of the career, will you! The mystical understanding of passion as a mystic would understand it…the passionate grace is about the pursuit, the experience of revelation. The truth of shedding the scales of one’s interior. I’ll give you an example. Francis of Assisi hears a voice and it says “Francis…rebuild my church.” He hears this voice and eventually it becomes clear that this voice, that is speaking to him, is Jesus. And he becomes impassioned to communicate that reality is real. That it is not an imagined being. This communication between that world and this world is real. That becomes his passion. The truth behind the story of Jesus is that it’s real. He becomes impassioned with a mystical truth. That becomes his passion.

DONNA: And would you say this finding of truth is behind every spiritual mission or journey?

CAROLINE: The real heart of a spiritual journey is the pursuit of what is truth? And letting truth reshape you. Like, in a very small way, the journey in my life, from realizing Catholicism wasn’t the only God. Ok, so I let that fall away. And eventually the larger truth…a long way down the road, was that all religions are costume parties. That the universe doesn’t have a religion. And eventually, that there is no God that looks like a human being. Eventually, that there is no earth-centric God. That is the reason that all religions are falling apart now. That moment has come. We have to release the myth that God looks like us, walks like us, operated the world of earth politics like us. That it’s the end of the road now. Leaving behind those myths in ourselves and the cosmos. That’s the pursuit of truth. If this isn’t true, then what is?

DONNA: And so, what is God, once we leave that fictional sense of God behind?

CAROLINE: What is God? Well from my point of view, to the best of what I can see from where I am perched right now… This is where my own inner journey as a mystic has intersected with what I have learned as a medical intuitive. My journey as a medical intuitive started out…I didn’t even know we had chakras. I came right out of a school system where I never even took science. Much less, eastern religions and chakras and all that. So, when I started to do readings and sensed the human energy system, this was virgin territory for me. And I began to realize that we breathe into something. We connect. We interact with our health in a very intimate way. The first chunk of my years was concerned with figuring out, how is that we have an intimate relationship with our health and with our illness? And, do certain stresses create illnesses?

What I realized, is how incredibly specific the design of our thoughts is. But I didn’t have an interest in healing, as such. I didn’t have an interest in illness. Then I developed an interest in not healing, but why we don’t heal and why we we’re afraid of healing. And that brought me into a different vocabulary. I needed a different vocabulary and I didn’t even realize it…to begin to access human nature. And the critical word was “power.” I began to research our relationship to power. And that changed my understanding of human nature and everything about us. And eventually, that led to the study of archetypes and our archetypal patterns. Our patterns of power.

DONNA: So, you’ve brought up a few things I want to talk about. In your book, Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can, it seems to all come down to…why we’re losing energy…power. You mention eastern philosophy and I think of Buddha’s big question, “Why do people suffer?” Why do we suffer? Why don’t we heal? Does the same thing answer both questions? And in other words, are we miserable for the same reasons we are sick?

CAROLINE: That’s a good question! Are we miserable for the same reasons we are sick? In some cases, yes. In Buddhist language, Buddha said…and I fully agree with this…I couldn’t agree more that suffering happens because we want things to be other than the way they are. And we don’t accept things for the way they are. Change is constant. So, you say, “what is God?” Now, this is where the question began and we are still in the…think of that one question…of which, this is a sub-question. Why do people suffer? What is the nature of God? The nature of God…then if you say, “What is God?”… You look at the nature of all that is, to identify God. The nature of all that is…is change. So, there we put on the table one characteristic of God is change.

How do we know what God is? God has to apply to all things. All things in the universe. All things in the universe change. All things in the universe have a pattern. All things in the universe are consistent. They are what they are without deviation from pattern. They are impersonal. Regardless of who you are…what you are. Gravity is gravity. You and I will both fall off a bridge if we jump, regardless of how many candles you lit and how many I did not. We will fall. So, the laws of the universe are governing rulers of all life. What is God? God is law. The nature of God is law. How does your body work? Your body works on laws. The laws of science, the laws of biology, the laws of reproduction, aging… How does disease work? It works on law.

DONNA: And yet we can defy that with the miraculous.

CAROLINE: Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah. You don’t defy anything! Even that is subject to law. If you understand mysticism, you are simply working at laws in a higher realm.

DONNA: For example, when we talk about grace and jumping out of that predictable time pattern and what society tells us is normal for healing?

CAROLINE: What you tell yourself is normal for healing. But what is a miracle? A miracle is when heaven alters a law and puts it into mystical time just for you. It takes it out of chronos and puts it into…time for you.

DONNA: So, it’s not that we’ve defied law, it’s that we’ve jumped into another realm, where different laws apply. Would that be correct to say?

CAROLINE: You haven’t jumped anywhere. It’s that your soul, your consciousness, has become receptive to the experience of timelessness. And because of faith…and it’s not just faith…this is a really important thing to understand…it’s not just faith, but a part of your self-esteem. The manner in which you esteem your psychic self, your consciousness, has become strong enough to sustain an experience that is an out-lier…that stands apart from the experience familiar with the collective. That is what a miracle is. Miracles don’t happen to most people. Not because they are not holy enough or good enough, but because they are unable to sustain the consequences of having a miracle.

DONNA: Could you explain that? Are they afraid of the consequences? Meaning, they might say they want to heal, but is there something in us that actually doesn’t?

CAROLINE: That’s one reason. Another reason, of course…we are still along the river of do we make our own suffering? This is one of the reasons that we make our own suffering. In the stages of our growth…people start us in that fragile stage of looking for identity by looking at how others see them. I don’t know, I’ll wait for someone else to notice if I look okay.

DONNA: That’s the first place we lose power…

CAROLINE: No, we’ve never had any power. We have to amass…we don’t lose power. You don’t lose it. We start out as collective beings within our tribe. And then as we mature, we begin to… We start out like eau de toilette, then cologne and then hopefully, perfume. So, nobody starts out perfume. So, our sense of self in a tribe is like toilet water. We’re a collective. We are a “we.” And when people are at that stage, their sense of self esteem is a collective sense. We’re like young chicks trying to learn how to walk in the world. So, we dress like everybody and we look like everybody. We cut our hair like everybody. Because we are trying to find out what our identity is. Then we begin to break free of that and go through that painful stage of trying to develop a sense of self. And become cologne from toilet water. We’re trying to develop our own stronger fragrance.

DONNA: So, would it be truer to put it this way…it’s not that we are losing power by investing in other people’s opinions; it’s that we are prolonging our own growth…

CAROLINE: We are sensing…we are developing a sense of self, but at some point, we have to start deciding this is who I am. And this is my boundary between what I seek from other people and what I’ll allow from other people. This is where many people don’t have that boundary. And what they do is…they need so much affirmation from others that even when they have an idea…I have an idea…do you think it’s a good idea? Do you think it’s okay? They still need to take everything that goes on in them and run to the collective for opinion. So now you have an experience, like a miracle…like a feeling. That happens out of time and space and nobody else can validate it. And not only that, it’s an experience that falls into the category of enviable. It suggests that there is something special about you. That for the collective, hits the wrong button. What’s special about you? So, you come over and you say to them, I’ve been healed of this. The scientific community doesn’t approve of that. A lot of people will say “maybe you weren’t sick in the first place…maybe you really weren’t that sick.”

DONNA: So, there is something in the collective that doesn’t want to acknowledge…

CAROLINE: That you had something given to you that was not given to them. And in many cases, what will happen is, the person who was healed…if they cannot sustain the feeling…knowing that they did have that experience and I don’t need your validation…I know what I went through…most…there are so many times that it would make that person angrier. Because you didn’t validate it. That, in fact, you are not strong enough to sustain an experience by themselves…keep it to themselves, regardless of what people think.

DONNA: And so, what would you say is the biggest thing that holds us back from having that kind of experience or allowing that in?

CAROLINE: We still need to experience things collectively.

Continued in Part II…


Entering the Castle: Finding the Inner Path to God and Your Soul’s Purpose By Caroline Myss

Internationally renowned motivational teacher and popular theologian Caroline Myss has created a transcendent work of unique insight and revelation in Entering the Castle. A highly original inner path to self-knowledge, the Castle is also the r oad to spiritual knowledge of God and your own soul. In fact the soul is your spiritual castle and doing interior soul work helps you find your path in the world.

Teresa of Ávila’s vision of the soul as a beautiful crystal castle with many mansions, and many rooms within those mansions, is the template for this modern spiritual journey on which you meet different aspects of your self and spirit and prepare for the ultimate encounter with God and your own divinity. Seven stages of intense practices and methods of spiritual inquiry develop your personal powers of prayer, contemplation, and intuition, which in turn reinforce your interior castle and build a soul of strength and stamina.With stories and inspiration from mystics of all traditions, Entering the Castle is a comprehensive guide for the journey of your life — a journey into the center of your soul. There, peace, God, and a fearless joy wait for you to discover them…and claim them for your own.

Caroline Myss is the author of the New York Times bestselling books Invisible Acts of Power, Sacred Contracts, Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can, and Anatomy of the Spirit, and is a pioneer and international lecturer in human consciousness. In 2003, she founded the CMED Institute, an educational program that specializes in intensive classes on archetypes, personal power, and mysticism. Her audiotapes include Entering the Castle (Hay House) and Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can; Spiritual Madness; and Spiritual Power, Spiritual Practice (Sounds True). Her work is featured on her popular website She lives in Oak Park, Illinois.

About this video, and I know this is hard to understand, but after watching the videos you will understand.

To work with yourself, you need to recognize the reptiles in your life, you need to recognizing your own soul´s voice. You have to find your soul´s qualities, that means you need to find the deeper path , you need self-examination and contemplation. You have to unveil God in you through the four veils of God.

You have to cross the drawbridge, make spiritual detachment. You have to fight your own reptiles, that are living in you. And they live especially outside this drawbridge, keeping you from God. You have to make a transitioning between worlds. You need to chose to wanna cross the drawbridge, to start the work with your self ( soul )

The power of prayer and humility, is what gets you through this.
The chaos must be stopped, and Divine seduction is needed, to continue.
You will go through many rooms in this castle you are entering, this castle is your soul.
you have to recognize the pull of the two worlds: divine guidance and Divine chaos. You have to explore the chaos in your soul
In this work you will find inner vision and soul companions, through the practice of illumination of inner vision and purification of soul companions.
through this exploring the chaos in your soul, you will find divine seduction.
The need of practice of illumination, you will find rooms of inner vision and a commitment to the divine.

You have to see the difference of the defeat of reason / the presence of God.
You need to defeat reason, and find the archetypal desert in the soul.
the contemplation in the desert, will open up the mystical heart, and you will go into the heart of the sacred, where you need to receive God, you need to prepare to receive God´s love.
This is the power of your cosmic soul.
The prayer of recollection, is also called the soul fight.
We need to dissolve into holiness, from silk worm to butterfly. In this living in a higher state, we are dissolving into our soul.
this is the characteristics of a mystical experience.
we are having a mystical marriage to ourself.
We are getting essential wisdom and the final fire will burn inside us.
Be mindfull of evil, doubts and fears qualify as the workings of evil. The force of evil finds weakness in your psyche and takes advantage of it at every possible opportunity.
We get into rooms with divine communications, the experience of holy rapture. This is a authentic contemplation.
We need this divine marriage, healing and reentering the world and the mystical trinity will be revealed. The tranquil soul.
Here are all 7 videos, put in one video on youtube below.

Love, light and understanding to all.
Ani hu Love

From the book Entering the castle, Caroline Myss, here in video form.

Discover what it means to be of service to this world
as a person who has the soul of a mystic while leading an ordinary life.

Music at the end of the song is : “Awake My Soul” – Mumford & Sons

Entering the castle – Caroline Myss – All 7 meditations in 1 video -By Jean Riget

Carolyn Myss with Alan Steinfeld on her book “Entering the Castle”

Published on Mar 22, 2018

From the New Realities archives, Alan Steinfeld interviews Carolyn Myss about her visions and her medical intuitive abilities.

Entering the Castle is based on St. Teresa’s seven interior mansions, which are explained and elaborated here…so beautifully, clearly, compassionately, lightheartedly, wondrously…[as] seven steps…to your own deepest self or soul. Teresa became not only a spiritual woman who had written a brilliant practice manual, but a saint who saved Caroline’s life, showed her her soul, awakened her heart, and set her on the never-ending…timelessly fulfilled road of practice. I just know that Teresa would say ‘amen’ to this luminous book as the fruit of her calling to you, a calling to all of us to be mystics without monasteries in a world sorely in need of a touch of the divine…the true self in each and every one of us.” — From the foreword by Ken Wilber, author of A Brief History of Everything and Integral Spirituality

A description of Spiritual Direction ~ Caroline Myss

Many people have written asking me to provide a description of Spiritual Direction. There are many ways to describe the art of Spiritual Direction. One way that I think offers some clarity is to realize that we engage in the world through both our physical senses and our spiritual senses.

Our physical senses allow us to see, touch, feel, hear and taste the contents of our environment and through those senses, we derive facts, information, and details. We draw certain conclusions and we often refer to those conclusions as “what is true”.

Our spiritual senses, on the other hand, perceive the world around us, absorbing all that cannot be heard or seen, touched or tasted. These subtle, delicate psychic receptors pick up the words we do not speak but feel, the thoughts we transmit through our vibrations and receive from another person. Our spirit reads the air around us and other people, transferring that to our intuitive system.

Which data do we actually rely upon the most, then? What we see and what is said or what we do not see but what is felt? Spiritual direction is a way of validating the unseen world that communicates to you, the realm you actually rely on the most for navigating the path that is your life.

This is the domain of truth that provides you with more direction of your spirit than perhaps you realize and through Spiritual Direction, you finally acknowledge this dialogue. This explanation is one window into why I am so passionate about teaching Spiritual Direction – it validates your spiritual and intuitive instincts.

Twelve Greatest Spiritual Truths – Caroline Myss

All good things must come to an end, as they say, and writing my Salon is no exception to that. I’ve been writing this monthly Salon for more than ten years now and it has been a pleasure to share ideas and guidance with all of you. Now I find that my time and energy is drawn more to developing my online courses, most especially in Spiritual Direction. I will write Newsletters instead of Salons, although they may not come out on a monthly basis.

That said, I’ve given a great deal of thought to what I should say in my last Salon. I decided to end by offering you a list of my “greatest spiritual truths” – how’s that? These are the teachings I hold most dear to my heart and I hope they will serve you as much as they do me:

1. Miracles are real.
However, don’t expect a miracle to do something you can or should do for yourself. Miracles are not for cowards but for brave and courageous people who are filled with an unrelenting faith in the Divinely possible. Anything and everything is possible with God. Lazy, complaining people never experience miracles. People filled with hope who never give up trying or believing no matter the odds are prime candidates for Divine intervention.

2. Kindness and patience matter at all times.

3. Believing you are extraordinary – or that your kids are – is an unnecessary suffering in life.
Of course your children are special to you – but they aren’t to the rest of the world. You were not born to be extraordinary. No one was. Just step up to the challenges that life presents to you and do your best. Doing something extraordinary for others – now that’s a worthy goal.

4. Stop searching for God, for purpose and for meaning.
If you haven’t found it by now, you should ask yourself, “What the heck am I looking for? Is it attention? Is it success?” God is in the small details of your life, not in how others see you or in big opportunities. The Divine works behind the scenes, not in front of the camera. At the same time, every function of nature is a testimony to the order of the Divine: The laws of Nature mirror the nature of God. Learn the Tao. Learn to live according to the laws of balance. God is balance. God is cosmic law and order. You are the engine of meaning and purpose. Those forces will never show up at your door. Either you generate them or you don’t. You can make anything meaningful. Meaning comes from how you value something. Nothing has meaning or purpose until you are able to generate those graces from within.

5. Look for something special in each day – something new.
Don’t assume that this something new is going to change your life or do something for you. That something new could be that you notice how much a flower has opened up since the day before; yet, in noticing something so ordinary, you realize the elegance with which life carries on. Life is constantly growing, moving – alive. Life is everywhere. This planet is a huge, alive Being. We are walking and living and sleeping on a huge living creature that provides food and water and shelter for us. That is wildest of thoughts – and it’s the truth.

6. Put your life force into something useful.
Don’t waste a second of your life on things that are useless – like painful memories or grudges or resentments. What good does that do you? Every day is one less day of your life. In fact, today could be the last day of your life for all you know. Make it a good last day.

7. Dedicate your life to a good cause along the way.
Make a difference in this world in some way. Leave a positive footprint, not just a small carbon one. Make a difference. Your life should count for something.

8. Take time to pray in your own way.
Prayer is power – pure mystical power. It’s not rational power and it’s definitely not intellectual. You can’t see it. There is no proof that prayer is “working”. But it does and it is. And praying is not a hobby; it’s devotion. Figure out a way to weave prayer time into your daily life.

9. Feed your inner life. Do things that enrich your soul.
I believe people need spiritual direction. I believe that many psychological disorders are unrecognized spiritual sufferings. Professionals are still intimidated by the reality of spiritual crises. They don’t know how to treat a spiritual crisis or what to say to someone or how to respond to questions about the reality of the unseen outer – and inner – world. You need to know your soul and you need to know when to reach for spiritual guidance. Drugs will never solve a spiritual crisis – never. Drugs cannot combat darkness or evil.

10. Evil is real. Sin is real.
A basic definition of sin is this: Knowingly doing or saying something that you know will damage another person’s life OR knowingly/deliberately allowing another person to pay the price/take the consequences for a negative action of yours. The conscious act of knowing that what you are doing is wrong – and that what you are doing is harming another in any way – and yet you do it anyway – is Sin. Done. No getting around it. A conscious negative act against another human being is not just a boo-boo or a bummer. It is a Sin because it is CONSCIOUS and thus an act of CHOICE. It is a conscious misuse of your power of creation – and we are held accountable for these choices. That is why we cannot shake free of such choices. That is why the guilt from these choices sticks to us like gum on our shoes. That gum is our soul connected to the soul of the person we harmed. Never tell yourself that evil does not exist. It does. Every time you easily play with the truth, ask yourself, “How come it’s so easy to lie? What’s wrong with me? Why is telling the truth so difficult? Shouldn’t this be the other way around?” The spiritual path is a path of becoming One with Truth, which means confronting our relationship with the shadow in ourselves. It’s not easy and that shadow meets us around every corner in our life. My counsel to everyone – and the one I practice is to repeat a simple prayer whenever you feel that fragile edge of weakness or compromise-of-self coming on, “Hover over me, God – right now.” Surround yourself with grace. Live in grace.

11. Practice joy, love, charity, compassion, understanding, and healing.
Share your graces. Be ridiculously generous with your gifts. Don’t listen to people who tell you not to spread yourself too thin. Spread yourself so thin with your graces that you become invisible. Be as loving as you can – you’ll find that you recharge instantly. (Loving by the way is not the same as behaving foolishly. It means holding lovingness in your way of being, in the tone of your voice, in how you approach people, in giving someone that extra second before you get feisty with impatience.) No one should ever say, “I’ve got so much to give and no one to give it to.” That’s just being selfish. All that means is, “All I want to do is love one person who loves me back.”

12. Finally, live a bold life.
Don’t retire. Die exhausted from creativity, loving, adventure, service, sharing and wonder. It doesn’t take money to make a difference in this world; it takes choice, courage, and your willingness to get off the couch and make a commitment to show up and do the work. Pray for others. Send grace to the places in this world that are on fire with pain – the suffering people of Aleppo comes to mind. Channel grace wherever you go. So long as you are alive, remember that every choice you make is either one that releases grace or withholds it. Simple as that. At the end of the day, reflect on your choices. In those circumstances in which you have withheld grace, figure out why you made that choice and then think about others withholding grace in their choices when it comes to you. It’s an uncomfortable thought, to say the least. But it’s the perfect motivator to make us aware of the power of every choice we make in life.

Thank you again for all the support through the years in being a part of the Salon family and all my work. My gratitude to you is more than I can express. Expect to see me via Newsletters.

I wish all of you a blessed holiday season and a holy and wondrous 2017 – wow, look at that number – 2017. Whew. See you next year, I hope, at a workshop or at an online class – or in my prayers.

Source: Caroline Myss

What is the Purpose of Spirituality? by Caroline Myss

The spiritual path is a journey of constant preparation and refinement. The inner work you do is the means through which you challenge illusions about your life that need to fade away and to introduce Truths that have the power to expand your relationship to this vast, subtle, integrated, co-creative universe. The spiritual path is a constant preparation to respond to your personal world and to the greater field of life with an ever-growing sense of clarity, compassion, and courage.

Through the years, countless people have asked me about what it means to be “called”, often saying that they were seeking their “calling” in life. No one must seek a “calling”. The word alone implies that when a person is ready, he or she will recognize that unmistakable message. We are all familiar with stories of the disciple who tells the Buddhist master that he is ready for enlightenment. Upon testing, the disciple immediately falls upon his fragile ego.

A “calling” implies that you have spiritually come of age, that you – knowingly or unknowingly – have come into alignment with your values and therefore you “are called” by a Higher Power to live fully from the “authority of your higher nature”. A “calling” may happen in an instant, such as the experience of having an epiphany about how you understand the nature of God or life. Astronaut Edgar Mitchell described having such an experience when he saw the Earth from space for the first time. He left the Earth as an American astronaut but when he saw the Earth from his capsule in space, he felt deeply in his soul that we were one humanity sharing one planet. He devoted his life to promoting that spiritual vision of one humanity for the rest of his life. He was “called” to be a witness to a greater potential for humanity. A “calling” is an awakening of your soul’s visionary skills and graces so that you become an agent of transformation in the world. The “how” is never your choice.

What a “calling” is not is a glamorous occupation or a guarantee of success. A “calling” is the equivalent of being drafted into a path of service on behalf of others, a signal that the time has come to “put your spirit to use in the world”. A “calling” is a test: Do you believe what you say you do or not? Are you a person of service or not? Are you someone who believes in love and in the power of good – or not?

This past Sunday at Mass, the priest gave a sermon that sent shock waves through the church. We all know the chaos that was activated once again by a cavalier and illegal Executive writ from the White House. Because of a campaign promise used to generate widespread fear and hostility – and get votes – citizens from seven countries (primarily Muslims) were banned from entry or returning to the United States with their visas. No thought was given to the long term or even short term consequences of this heinous action.

By coincidence, Friday was Holocaust Remembrance Day, the same day this Executive writ was signed. If that is not a symbolic message not to be missed, I don’t know what is. Also by synchronicity, the Gospel for Sunday was Jesus given the crowd the Sermon on the Mount in which Jesus gave the crowds the eight Beatitudes. A beatitude, according to Saint Gregory of Nyssa, is “A possession of all things held to be good, from which nothing is absent that a good desire may want.” I keep these near me. I have always loved them.

For those who are Christian, the eight Beatitudes provide a crystal-clear window into the message of Jesus. The priest read all eight Beatitudes and with each one, it was obvious his voice was getting more emotional. I have never in all my life heard a priest call for social action from a pulpit. I have never, ever heard a sermon in which the priest told his parishioners that “there comes a time when evil needs to be recognized as an active agent in our society.”

Then he said, “There comes that time, that moment when we must recognize that we are being called forth to take a stand against injustice. That time is now. We can no longer be silent as human beings – many our fellow citizens – face an injustice that comes painfully close to a time that sent others to their death. Today it is the Muslims. Tomorrow it will be some other group of people. This is how the horror that became Nazi Germany began.”

A calling is that voice inside of you that tells you that what you are witnessing in your country – in this country – is wrong. And not just wrong; it is evil. A Constitutional crisis is happening in front of your eyes. A moral crisis is happening. Do not tell yourself that these decisions are “okay” because our safety is at stake. Nonsense. Do not become seduced by the propaganda pouring out of Washington. The 9/11 terrorists were from Saudi Arabia and that is one of the countries not – repeat, not – on the list of countries whose citizens are banned from entry to the US. It is your freedom that you are comprising by ignoring the chaotic nightmare that is happening in Washington – your freedom. This crisis is about our nation. It is no longer about political parties. It is about saving this Democracy and our humanity.

Many of us have been involved in our spiritual development for years. It’s time to reflect upon what that path means for you. The spiritual path is not about finding happiness and love; it is about developing stamina and resilience. It is about recognizing the truth and standing for principles. From truth comes the capacity to love with courage. Happiness is the result of not compromising your values, of making choices with courage – ones that do not betray your inner guidance. You don’t “find” happiness; you generate it from the essence of who and what you are.

Maybe all the years we have invested in reading spirituality and in inner work has been in preparation for this time right now. Protests are going to happen more and more. Unrest is going to grow. We have anticipated “change” happening. But as has always been the case, we never have control over how that change will happen. The choice we do have, however, is to remind ourselves of what we believe to be the Truth. The inner spirit has infinitely more authority over the physical world than chaos. You need to understand how that authority works and you need to trust Divine authority. And you need to cooperate with it. Fear and anger are poison. Teresa of Avila called these forces “reptiles” that contaminate your mind – tools of the darkness. If you start to believe in “dark messages” from the media, tell yourself that a “reptile is trying to get into your mind.” Pray it out of you: “Hover over me, God. Pour grace all over me. Remind me of all good things, that all people belong to you. I would not want others to think of me as I am now thinking of them. Grant me the grace to dwell in thoughts that contribute to the healing of humanity. Do not let me become a channel for darkness. Not now. Not ever. Amen.”

The Eight Beatitudes

  • Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. (Poor in spirit means to be humble, to not let pride or the fear of being humiliated control you. You are easily destroyed by the illusions in this world if you are controlled by the weakness of pride.)
  • Blessed are they who mourn, for they shall be comforted. (Mourning refers to growing in awareness of what is good and what is evil and the choices we make accordingly. We “mourn” for what we could have done better, for what we could have done more courageously, for what we should have said when we had the chance. And yet, from acknowledgement of our lesser choice comes the grace or comfort to do better.)
  • Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. (Meek refers to the decision to not respond with hatred, aggression or anger in this world. This decision requires constant personal reinforcement. It is a spiritual path unto itself.)
  • Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied. (Jesus commanded people to seek social justice in the world, to stand up for those who cannot represent themselves, to right evil in the world.)
  • Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy. (The grace of Mercy, in short supply these days, is best recalled in this Mystical Law: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Or, if you prefer: What goes around, comes around.)
  • Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God. (Pure of heart refers to seeing others without judgment, having a welcoming heart. Said differently, seeing the Divine in all people, in all creation. Who are we to decide that other people are not our equal or that their spirituality is of no value? Where does this madness end?)
  • Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God. (Peace is the most challenging of all, for this is a world that thrives on conflict and war, as do individuals.)

The time has come. We are all called to bear witness to the higher authority of our nature. For what excuse can we give others or ourselves for not living per the dictates of our spiritual path?

The time has come.

I close with this greeting: Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you. (John 14:27)


Source: MYSS

Caroline Myss: Except for the Grace of God Go I

I remember hearing that spiritual prayer of acknowledged gratitude over and over again while I was growing up. And I certainly heard the nuns say it. As a child, I loved the sound of that phrase because it was a phrase that seemed to hide a great jewel of wisdom. It was a type of treasure chest made of simple words that when strung together communicated a powerful truth. “Except for the grace of God go I.” It was apparent that those words conveyed some sort of profound meaning because I noticed how the nuns would nod their heads in a type of collective agreement after one of them uttered that phrase. Eventually I let go of my mission to crack through the deeper meaning of this phrase and got on with the business of growing up. I was about eight-years-old when I made that decision.

That phrase exploded out of the dust of my mental archives in my early thirties, right on time you might say. It was just one of those days, really, that starts out gorgeous but ends up being a game changer. That day was made for walking. So that’s what I did. After a few hours, I got an iced-tea and sat on a bench to check messages and all that sort of thing. I didn’t pay any notice at all to the guy who sat on the bench a few minutes later. Why would I? But, as I was about to find out, certainly noticed me.

He asked me if I would get him an iced tea. One glance told me he was homeless or en route to that crisis. I asked him if he wanted a sandwich, so long as I was getting him a cold drink. He did. I turned to leave as soon as I gave him his meal but then he said he hated to eat alone and would I mind just sitting with him. I was uncomfortable as all get out – I mean down to the pit of my stomach. But I was in a familiar park and it was day light and I knew I could run faster than him…so I figured, ugh….okay. UGH

He took one bite out of his sandwich, one gulp of his drink and said, “I know you want to get the hell away from me. I know you are uncomfortable as hell right now. You don’t know me or anything about me. I’m a veteran. The war in my head won’t stop. I just try to find quiet places now. That’s all.”

My heart hurt. I could feel the pain in my chest explode. My eyes filled with tears and all I could hear in my head was, “Except for the grace of God go I.” I could have been sent to harm others or to face some type of horror. Or I could have witnessed nightmares early on, but I did not. I sat next to him and felt the whole of my life reshape itself into a simple but deeply meaningful prayer of gratitude and one of grace for the other. It is these moments, these tiny encounters that just show up out of nowhere, that are the purest expression of God in the small and present details of your life. This man changed my life. I have looked for him many times in the park near my home and have never seen him again – not to imply that he was “not of the Earth”. We have yet to cross paths again, but I hope it does happen.

Through him, I entered into yet a deeper mystery about life but with so much gratitude about each day of my life. This is one of my own prayers:

I never know where I will find You or how You will speak to me. Some days it is through new person and other days it is through a new experience. Each day I become more aware of something I did not understand or realize before. I knew I should be grateful for all that I have but now I realize I should also be grateful for all that I do not have. For I do not have traumatic war memories and I do not have scars from being a refugee and I do not have the fear of a homeless person. I am grateful for all I have and for all I do not have. If I am grateful for having been spared a suffering, give me the grace to help those who are suffering. Amen”

The Fifth Mystical Law: Maintain Spiritual Congruency by Caroline Myss

Whether you strike out on the path of consciousness in order to heal yourself or to engage more profoundly in matters of the spirit, one way of describing your goal is to say that you want to become a congruent human being…
Congruency can take many forms, but in essence you are congruent when your beliefs match up with your everyday actions and your spiritual practice. Say what you believe and believe what you say; act on your belief and follow through on guidance that comes from inner reflection. In this way, body, mind, and soul finally come into an alignment that allows for the harmony of the graces to flow through you as naturally as your breath. You maintain congruence by honoring the spiritual truths that you have consciously made a part of your interior life.

Truth is its own monitoring device; that is, you can never lie to yourself about compromising a truth. Your biology itself will show signs of the stress when you become incongruent with a truth. Part of us realizes that acknowledgment of a belief – whether private or public – stands as an official commitment to it, if only before our own conscience.

A consciousness left in a fog is incapable of creating any clear path in life, much less of healing anything. There is nothing easy about living a conscious life, but it’s even more treacherous to live an unconscious one.

Simply being as conscious as you can be at each moment is a full-time job, because becoming a conscious person is all about realizing the full potential of the power of choice. Of all the choices that you can make, none is as empowering as the decision to live in a spiritually congruent way.

What you can do:

  • Practice spiritual congruence by living these truths:
  • You should say only what you believe and believe what you say.
  • Power originates behind your eyes, not in front of your eyes. Once power becomes visible, it evaporates. True power is invisible.
  • Thought precedes the creation of matter. Therefore, your thoughts are instruments of creation as much as your words, deeds, and finances. Become conscious about the quality of your thoughts, because each one sets patterns of cause and effect into motion. Every thought is a tool. Every thought is a prayer.
  • Judgement anchors you to the person or thing you judge, making you its servant. Judge others too harshly and you become their prisoner.

Source: Caroline Myss

The Fourth Mystical Law: Trust in Divine Paradox, Irony, and Synchronicity by Caroline Myss

Paradox is one of the languages of the Divine, an apparent contradiction that nonetheless contains the truth. The power of a paradox, by its very nature, cannot be captured in a single definition. Paradoxical dynamics are currents that animate the wild cards of our lives, sometimes with such a dramatic force that it gives us pause to consider, “Who could possibly have masterminded such an event?”

Ironic events along with paradoxical ones stand out in our lives, calling us to notice them. They come together with rare, once-in-a-lifetime ingredients that may never coalesce again. These facts alone beckon us to take notice that unusual forces have consciously gathered around us to make that one event happen.

How often has something happened to us that in the moment we think is devastating, only to discover six months or a year later that it was the proverbial “blessing in disguise”? Sometimes the blessing is simply that these events draw us out of our ordinary “sleeping” state; that is, they cause us to wonder about the greater cosmic map, and that’s purpose enough.

The ego is always frightened and cannot discern a blessing from a tragedy, because its only compass is its own survival. As a result, it bases every decision on either what is already knows and its familiar with or what it views as safe. Times of change are about exactly that – a need to change. But changes of circumstance are the illusion, not the intent. You are always the object of change, never your situation. When life presents you with a crossroads and you are not sure what to do, the ego will always fall back on what it has already done. The ego pulls out its resume, which is, paradoxically, exactly the wrong thing to do. Change arrives because you need to move forward, not retreat to the past.

People who look to their past will not do well, because the past is no longer relevant. We can only go forward and toward the fact – and it is a fact – that learning to rely on divine paradox and wisdom will become a great survival grace.

What you can do:

To fall into harmony with divine paradox, irony and synchronicity remember:

  • What is big is really small; what is small is really big.
  • What is frightening is really the safe path; what looks safe is your fear talking.
  • What looks like chaos is actually a future blessing in disguise.
  • Your greatest power is humility; your greatest weakness is humiliation.
    The mustard seed (one clear soul) has more power than the mountain (a group of people in chaos).
  • The power of prayer and grace – knowing how to work in harmony with the cosmos – influences the whole of life, whereas tying to dominate one person destroys you.
  • Your ego – and not someone else’s – is your most ruthless adversary.

Live these truths. Take them into your life and act on them. Look for these mystical energies in your life and note that they are not accidental but represent dynamics that are cause for a conscious response.

No Ordinary Times: What You Are Called to Become

It’s taken me years – and years – to reach a willingness to want to share my own spiritual life with others. Even speaking about some of my own experiences outside the sanctuary of the dialogues shared with my own spiritual director has required months of reflective decision time. I am extremely private about my inner life. I encourage people all the time to “stay off the radar” spiritually, to keep silent about matters unfolding in their soul, especially when rumblings actually begin, and to truly discover what it means to pray. I live by these rules. I have for as long as I can recall.

I have learned so much along the path of my own life and to be honest, I have had an on-going love/hate battle with mysticism and my own call to that journey for years. I suspect this struggle will be on-going. But on the love side of that path, I remain awestruck by the absolute truth – the huge, cosmic, beautiful truth – that life is genuinely a spirit-driven experience. That one truth, if understood as a “mystical truth”, frees the human mind from so much suffering, as it disarms our compulsion to make life yield to our desire for logic, order, personal justice, and control.

Every one of these compulsions stem from personal fear, for who actually shares their sense of what is logical with another person? As for justice – well, every person believes he or she is “in the right”. So, what exactly is “just and fair” in this world? And as for this business of being controlling, let’s face it – every person needs to exert a measure of order and responsibility in life. But we enter into the sphere of madness and insanity when we break the boundaries of the natural order of life, believing that we can – and should – control the balance of nature. Now we are tampering with laws that are out of our league, if for no other reason than we are too immature to consider long-range consequences. We think in terms of profit instead of nature-consequences. We have so tampered with our own “thinking mechanism” out of fear and greed that we can no longer “discern” our own disaster-driven collective mentality.

So, why am I even speaking in such a voice to you? What do such thoughts have to do with spiritual direction or prayer – or you? Well, in these past months on the road teaching, I have read your FB postings every day, though I have not had the chance to respond on-line because (believe it or not), I do not travel with a laptop. I read your postings via my cell phone.

I love the many comments from all of you who regularly read my daily thoughts that are posted. I so appreciate your sharing those postings that are meaningful to you.

l take time to read the postings of those in the Spiritual Direction classes because I know that all of you are now walking an inner path together. You have dwelled on the same questions, you have “gone down deep” into the same stillness of yourselves together, and you have reached out to each other from the first day, forming a loving, supportive spiritual community.

Combined together, your insights and the sharing of your thoughts and often pieces of your life stories in the moment add to the insights that I have gathered and continue to gather on why spiritual direction is so essential to people at this time in our lives. For the past few years, I focused so much of my attention on world changes and the impact these tumultuous times are having on us as individuals and as a society. And of course, that impact is unparalleled. But of equal or greater value – at least to me – is what I am learning about how each of us is absorbing these extraordinary times within the confines of our ordinary lives. We are truly leaving everything familiar and venturing into the unknown.

For what do we really know about living in a fully high-tech society? Nothing – yet, but rules and laws and systems are rapidly changing to accommodate technology faster than we can even learn about it. And what do we really know about decisions being made to change the policies of our country? They are happening so fast that we cannot keep up with them. And what do we really grasp about what kids are being taught in school – or not being taught? Everything around us is moving faster than we can grasp.

The truth is that change is now immediate. One decision in this country impacts all nations. Change is now universal, touching everyone in some way. One person can influence the whole via his or her computer – just like that. This fact is a “technical example” of the mystical teaching that “What is in one is in the whole” and “What you do to one is done to all”. Technology has caught up to mystical teachings, dare I say.

Part of venturing into the unknown includes our realizing that all traditional religions are disintegrating in front of our eyes. When I mention this is a lecture, I often hear applause, but I don’t think those clapping grasp the full consequences of what this dismantling of religions actually signifies. Most often the applause is aimed at the ending of the Catholic/Christian Church; specifically the priests and pedophilia crisis. So that acknowledged, traditional religions need to get dismantled for far more profound reasons than criminal activities. Rather, all of their collective spiritual mythologies are no longer able to sustain the collective consciousness of the modern day technical-minded human being. All of them have failed to evolve to modern day stories, to keep up with the Jones’s, as they say. They need to dissolve in order for something more truthful for the collective soul to emerge.

That something else is where you come in. While many people today shun the idea of going anywhere near a traditional religion, that sentiment does not lessen in any way a person’s inherent desire to find a meaningful path in life. No one wants to live a meaningless life – at least no one I’ve met. And though we now prefer words like “purposeful and meaningful”, such language is just contemporary-speak for matters related to the soul.

Because we are the sojourners in this era experiencing the dismantling of the familiar world of traditional religion, we have yet to find our comfort zone spiritually or even articulate our spiritual needs. Yet we are already well on our way to creating an entirely new external and internal spiritual landscape reflective of our psychologically/emotionally/intellectually driven lifestyles. We are also technical addicts, meaning that we reside as much in the invisible realm of the Internet/computer reality as we do in the physical world. The “energy” atmosphere has become a residence for us, along with an energy address as well as a street address.

The way we now relate to the world around us – and within us – has been completely transformed; that’s the obvious part. The not-so-obvious part of this mind-blowing transformation is the spiritual price people pay for living lives that move too fast, are far more isolated than they can handle, and lack a community of people that help a person sustain his or her ethics, morals, and integrity. Further, without such a spiritual community of some sort in which expectations are of righteous character and soul rather than profit, a person risks slipping into the darker psychic fields of shame, guilt, hopelessness, and fear. We need people to be able to share our weaknesses with – as well as our strengths – and without shame. We need to come into a group for guiding before we make a decision; not just afterwards because we feel bad. (FYI: The second Spiritual Directions course, Jewels at the Well, includes a session on the Dark Night of the Soul, examining the difference between a spiritual and a psychological crisis.

It is my deep belief that as we forge ahead in these times, more and more people will come to understand that they are being “called” not to BE extraordinary, but to LEARN all that is extraordinary about their own spiritual nature. Though we are moving beyond the old religious beliefs, as we should, the mystical truths – and I do mean truths – that are sacred and holy to Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity, for example, will endure because they speak of the mystical laws that govern this Universe. And what you are now learning about the mechanism of your own consciousness is merely an expression of these laws (thought creates form).

I am now completing the course work for Drinking From the Well, which is the third Spiritual Directions class. Each course follows the natural progression of how the soul unfolds within in union with your own life. I have said for years that we are all being called to be “mystics out of monasteries” and I believe that more than ever. We are living at this incredible time of learning how it is our soul actually engages with the dynamics of creation. In Drinking From the Well, I will introduce in one lecture, for example, a mystical perspective to commonly asked questions, such as, “What is healing grace?” and “How does healing at a distance work? How can I help others to heal?” And in another class, we will confront the deeper spiritual mysteries that inevitably arise, such as coping with suffering and hardship. The full course description will be posted shortly.

Caroline Myss

Spiritual Direction: Learning to Listen to Your Soul ~ Caroline Myss

One of the most beautiful ways to understand the essence of Spiritual Direction is that you enter into a dialogue with the intent of letting your spirit reveal to you the story your are living that is your life. No one is born knowing who they are or what they are meant to do in every moment of their lives. What we are meant to do is search. We must each find our way and along the way, discover who we are, what we believe, what we value, what holds meaning for us and what does not, how to love and who to love. We are our own mystery.

Every single experience in life, indeed every moment, is filled with some way to learn even one more thing about ourselves, to see who we are and how we act or react to the world around us just a bit more clearly. But one of the richest ways we truly come to understand who we are and all that we are – from the darkness of our struggles to the fullness of our gifts – is through sharing our inner self with another person whose personal calling in life is to serve in the trusted position of a Spiritual Director. A Spiritual Director knows what it means to be a Sacred Witness to another person’s life story and to ask the right questions that inspire self-reflection. And a Spiritual Director knows how to assist you in illuminating the dark night passages that visit everyone’s life somewhere along the line.

I have been with my Spiritual Director every week for fifteen years. It is my sacred time, my holy time. I rely upon this time for my own inner work, my own time of soul-searching. I share this with you because in this workshop I will introduce the refined art of Spiritual Direction to you. It is my intention to create an atmosphere of trust and intimacy in which you can participate in a quality of sharing and spiritual exploration that often results in redirecting how you understand the journey of your life. Perhaps you will come to realize that your challenges are not so overwhelming or that you have more inner resources than your ever realized. Or you may find the beginning threads to a quality of faith and prayer you have been seeking for years. Or, as so often happens, you may come to the workshop for reasons you know nothing about and leave feeling full of grace and renewed with optimism and hope.

And speaking of hope, I hope you will consider coming to this very special CMED Workshop. I know that it will be one that holds purpose and meaning for every participant.

If ever grace was needed, it is now. Orlando 2016 ~ Caroline Myss

Hi Everyone,

Who is not thinking of the Orlando massacre today? And what is it that can be said to calm the fires that are now burning in our minds and souls? I am sure that most if not all of you have read the posts of people expressing their horror, their sympathy, their outrage at yet one more incident of mass killing, now so familiar to this country. And once again – yet again – that endless debate ensues: Is it the guns that kill or the people holding the guns? Seriously? I don’t even want to comment on that NRA spin tactic. I am wondering this morning if this killer was himself a repressed homosexual who, according to his ex-wife, was brutal and abusive to her. Filled with self-loathing about his own sexuality and raised on yet another religious creed promoting archaic sexual ideas, he imploded. Claiming allegiance to ISIS seems a logical cover-up, but who knows? Could be – and it could also be typical of someone who, lacking self-esteem, he identified with a violent, vengeful power group. I don’t know. No person is that simple. But how tragic for this country if – and I say if – this was in fact a homophobic act of terrorism and not actually a political one.

We are so ripe with hatred now, so on edge, so ready to strike. That reality explains the rise of Trump – who immediately tweeted his version of, “I told you so,” nearly delighting – actually, totally delighting – in this human nightmare of death and destruction. He sees only political opportunity. Now that is evil. Enough on that.

Obviously I am going to guide all of you into prayer – but not yet. First comes introspection and examination. What is going on here? Why have we become infected with violence, fear, and hatred? And it’s not just us – meaning Americans, although we have are rapidly morphing into a very violent nation. Other nations are infected with this “spiritual disorder” as well. And while I know some if not many of you will be inspired to respond with posts about all the good that people do, let me acknowledge right now that I see those acts as well. Note the immediate line of blood donors for all the gun shot victims in Orlando. We will always find people doing acts of goodness and kindness. I wrote a book about that – Invisible Acts of Kindness. I am not speaking about “acts”; I am addressing the energy in the collective atmosphere that we all breath in daily, the psychic field that surrounds us that is growing ever more thick with vibrations of on-coming catastrophe.

Still, I am one who steps back – and even further back if necessary – to widen my inner lens. We are more than the events unfolding in the more. Human history includes more than what takes place on Earth in a single day, though a single day can change the course of human history. It has a million times. We need to see clearly that we are the engine of the events that happen on our Earth: They just don’t “happen.” Nothing “just happens.” Each of us contributes energy to the collective and that energy becomes the “stuff” that is gathered to fuel or create collective events. Either we contribute grace or we contribute to the cesspool of “psychic free radicals”, negative thoughts and energetic patterns, that magnetically enhance socially negative ideas. In turn, that builds the atmosphere of social madness and fear.

History is the greatest of all teachers, at least for me. Again and again, the rise of tyrants reveals that they managed to plug into the currents of contaminated social and emotional energy generated by a society when it was most vulnerable. They promised to lead the people out of their misery, only to use lead them deeper into psychic and often actual slavery. Times of change are frightening, to be sure. What do we believe? Who do we trust?

What makes this time unlike any other in history is that we – all of us – have opened our inner selves intuitively and spiritually to a commitment to “trust our own spiritual instincts.” Whether we knew we were doing this consciously or unconsciously, the result is the same. We have become psychically alive and active in our inner landscape. We have been schooled for a long time now in the higher truth that the world “in front of our eyes” is an illusion. That DOES NOT MEAN that mass murder DOES NOT HAPPEN AND DID NOT HAPPEN. What is DOES mean is that we CAN NEVER BE ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN WHY IT HAPPENED BECAUSE WE WILL NEVER, EVER HAVE ACCESS TO THE CONTENT OF ANOTHER’S SOUL. To come to a conclusion that we know why someone did something and that a law can control what is in the minds and hearts of people is utter nonsense. That is illusion. And further, we have no idea what the energies of evolution – of history – are up to. Stand back and observe from a distance. The archetypes in the heavens are throbbing with clues.

Remember that no one has access to the content of your soul – no one. No one can fully, ever know why you do what you do. You hardly know half the time.

What we can know is that all of us – ALL OF US – channel the grace and psychic free radicals that we collectively breath. We create our world together. Our actions individually and collectively matter. These are the teachings we need to practice at every expression of our life. Talk is not enough. If we oppose gun violence, act on that opposition – and more than just through email. Stand up to passive, cowardly politicians. Act on your beliefs. Just as with healing – an email will never, ever heal you. Healing requires action on every level of your life. Talking your beliefs is no longer enough. It means nothing and it does nothing. Either you act with integrity in the world, speak with integrity and live your beliefs fully – or you don’t. And it’s time you fully grasp that there are energetic consequences to the collective with every choice you make. And that goes for all the rest of us as well.

It is not enough for me to speak about healing or mysticism. I need to teach it, write about, and direct my trips to places that I know are sacred. I could have just as easily created a trip to Greece or England or the Amazon but I deeply believe that the time calls for a journey to a sacred place, Medjugorje and Croatia. These are extraordinary times – in all ways.

All religions offer prayers of protection and for good reason. Psychic free radicals is a way of describing a dark energy. It’s real. Ask any physician. They exist “in” your body and believe me, they exist around your body. This is Mysticism 101.

Prayer: Hover over me, Lord, and over humanity. If ever grace was needed, it is now. Surround this tiny planet of life with Divine Light. It is shaking in fear and exhausted with acts of violence. We are on the verge of losing our humanity. We have come close before and we cannot go there again.

Hover over all of us, Lord.

Source: Myss

The Third Mystical Law: All is Illusion

This is one of the more baffling mystical truths, because every one of your five senses will tell you otherwise.

We enter illusion when we start asking why. Left to your own imagination, you will more than likely reach into the vast resources of your memory archives and fill the void of “why” with some negative association from your past or negative projection in the present. It’s what we do. We tend to fill voids with something negative – a fear or insecurity.

How do you know why things happen as they do? You don’t. You have no idea and you never will. Much less are you capable of knowing what must take place today in order that certain events unfold one or two years or a decade from now.

Why events happen as they do in your life, from the grandest or most devastating to the most seemingly insignificant, is beyond your ability to know. You can no more distinguish what is significant from what is insignificant, if such a thing as insignificant exists at all. Whether something brings you pain or pleasure, happiness or sadness, is not the arbiter of what really matters, which most of us should have learned by now. Those feelings are just temporary responses to your experiences, and even your responses are illusions. You are happy one day, sad the next, melancholy on the third day, bored on the fourth, ecstatic on the fifth, exhausted on the sixth, and on the seventh day you’re confused about the whole of your life.

To believe that anything can remain perfect, successful, or healthy forever is always just a wishful illusion.

What you can do:

Turn to the higher truths, reminding yourself: “No one has done anything to hurt or reject me. No one can empower me or disempower me. To believe otherwise is an illusion. It can look and feel that way, because of my own personal needs, but I am in charge of my needs. So, I forgive all these people who I believed had deliberately hurt or rejected me. That, too, was an illusion. They never plotted to reject or hurt me. I projected expectations onto them based on my own desires and they failed to live up to my imagined plans for them.”

Source: Caroline Myss

The Second Mystical Law: Forgiveness is Essential ~ Caroline Myss

The Second Mystical Law: Forgiveness is Essential

Scientists, physicians, and psychologists who have researched the relationship between stress and illness have concluded that the ability or inability to forgive affects the outcome of serious illness. People who have a forgiving nature increase their chances of recovery.

Forgiveness is a mystical, not a logical, command. It makes no sense to the reasoning mind, because the reasoning mind is incapable of forgiveness. Genuine forgiveness is a self-initiated mystical act that requires the assistance of grace to release you from the compulsive and often self-righteous chatter of the ego, which continually enforces a position of entitled anger or hurt.

Forgiveness is not the act of releasing the aggressor, though it is usually interpreted this way. Nor is it a way of telling others that what they have done is “okay” with you and “all is forgiven now.” Neither of those interpretations even come close to the mystical essence of forgiveness, which is fundamentally between you and God. A genuine act of forgiveness takes place in the inner landscape where your disappointed, hurt, abused, or angry ego confronts your soul, which holds to a cosmic template of justice. The ego wants to hold another person responsible for why certain events in your life turned out as they did or for why you were hurt or treated unfairly. We always want justice to serve us and not the “other”, which, of course, means we always want to be right.

Ultimately, forgiveness is a battle between the righteousness of your ego and your capacity to transcend whatever situation you’ve experienced that has shattered the following myths that maintain that suffering is deserving of recognition, reward, or righteous vengeance:

*God is on your side and only your side.
*Justice should be logical and reasonable and always serve your side of the story.
* God follows the code of human law – if you do only good things, bad things will
never happen to you, and, of course, you never do bad things.
*You are entitled to have all things work out in your favor.

We can’t forgive others when these myths fail us, and they do fail us through the relationships and events that make up the tapestry of our lives. Understanding the essence of forgiveness is one of the most deeply healing and liberating gifts you can give to yourself.

From a cosmic perspective your life is far more complex than you can measure by the influence of one or two relationships. There is a higher law that rules the spirit, a mystical law that holds no allegiance to the laws of religion.

Reach deep into your soul and surrender to that which your ego cannot comprehend. The greatest challenge is to forgive those who you could so easily justify retaliating against, for when is your mind so clear of illusions that you truly grasp why events happen as they do?

The mystical truth is that forgiveness has nothing whatsoever to do with the person you are forgiving; it is a self-initiated act of transformation In which you release yourself from a level of consciousness that binds you to the illusion that you are safe and protected in a world of chaos and that your God is the only God of justice and fairness for all humanity.

The fairness of the divine is in the equality of chaos and in our capacity to do evil to each other, as well as in our capacity to release each other from hell. Forgiveness is an act so powerful that a resurrection of the inner self does indeed occur, because you are retrieving your spirit from the dead zone of past traumas and unfinished business.

What you can do:

Pray for the grace to forgive, and be ready to act on that grace. Let it melt through traumatic memories and do your best not to fight the meltdown, because it will happen, and when it does, refer to the power of wisdom of the other laws for support.

Caroline Myss – Freedom of humbleness, Finding your light, Mystical path and Grace

Caroline Myss is a five-time New York Times bestselling author and internationally renowned speaker in the fields of human consciousness, spirituality and mysticism, health, energy medicine, and the science of medical intuition. Caroline established her own educational institute in 2003, CMED (Caroline Myss Education), which offers a diverse array of programs devoted to personal development and draws students from all over the world. In addition to hosting a weekly radio show on the Hay House network, Caroline maintains a rigorous international workshop and lecture schedule.

After completing her Master’s degree, Caroline co-founded Stillpoint Publishing and headed the editorial department, producing an average of ten books a year in the field of human consciousness and holistic health. Simultaneously Caroline refined her skills as a medical intuitive, with the assistance of C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., a Harvard-trained neurosurgeon.
Caroline developed the field of Energy Anatomy, a science that correlates specific emotional/psychological/physical/spiritu­al stress patterns with diseases. Her research proved so accurate that it became the subject matter of a book co-written by Caroline and Norm: THE CREATION OF HEALTH.

The First Mystical Law: There is only Now

The First Mystical Law: There is only Now

The heart of so many mystical disciplines is “Stay fully present.” Learn to keep your spirit fully in focus, so that you know where all of you is at all times. Such a profound truth is one that the mind cannot grasp, because the intellect cannot get this place called “now.” Only a soul can travel there. While it may sound easy to say, “Just detach and get on with your life,” there is nothing easy about it. Holding your consciousness in the present time is the equivalent of entering a different but parallel dimension of reality.

The need to settle our unfinished business with the past is far more than just a psychological or emotional healing ritual; it is also a deep need of the soul that affects our ability to heal. Simply put, holding on to the bitter parts of your past – recent or distant is like carrying credit card debt that incurs an every-increasing interest rate.

You can’t heal, because you are still more in the past than in the present; in effect, the past is more emotionally and psychically real to you than the now.

It is not that you forget your past. Being in the present more fully than in your past represents where you position your creative power and your primary identity. A time that has come and gone continues to overshadow the present moment.

From the broken heart comes a heart that can recognize and identify with the pain of others. A wound such as that must not be wasted or buried in self-pity, but brought into the light and examined, reflected upon, and used as a lens through which the lives others are better understood. Such a choice liberates you from the gravity field of a wounded past, which can hold you hostage to unresolved memories and traumas for decades. The consciousness of present time allows you to keep your memories, but they can no longer hold you hostage, and so they can no longer drain you of your energy, which inevitably drains you of your health.

The need to let others know you feel entitled to attention because of your pain and suffering is very seductive and releasing the entitlement of the suffering self is more a battle with the shadow of your own pride that it is with anyone else. None of this is easy, but neither is living in the past, which is the equivalent of living in a psychic cemetery where you confer with problematic corpses on a regular basis.

Here’s one simple method to help you stay in the present: Change your vocabulary. Specifically, give up the use of the following terms and all that they imply: blame, deserve, guilt, fair, fault. If you cut those five words from your vocabulary, both in your private thoughts and in your communication with others, you will notice almost immediately that it is far more difficult to fall into negative emotional patterns. You will also discover how habitual those patterns had become.

To live in the present, the practice of forgiveness is essential. Without forgiveness, you remain anchored in your past, forever in emotional debt.

~ Caroline

Caroline Myss: 1. “The Consciousness Movement” 2. Spiritual Growth : Finding Strength By Giving Up Control

Caroline Myss is an international workshop leader, lecturer, and the author of several best-selling books, including Sacred Contracts, Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can, and Anatomy of the Spirit. She is dedicated to creating educational programs in the fields of human consciousness, spirituality and mysticism, energy anatomy, health, energy medicine, and the science of medical intuition.

Myss is a pioneer in educating the public on the field of energy medicine and human consciousness. She holds degrees in journalism, theology, and intuition and energy medicine. Her work bridges our ancient understanding of the human energy system—the chakras—and current scientific study of how our thoughts influence our bodies and our lives. She penetrates a hidden world and shows where spiritual power really comes from, and how to bring it into our lives today for health, guidance, and transformation.

In 2003, Caroline Myss established CMED, an educational institute that offers programs on sacred contracts, energy anatomy, energy medicine, and mysticism. Myss also maintains a rigorous international workshop and lecture schedule and continues a consultation practice as a medical intuitive with physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, and other health practitioners.

Spiritual Growth : Finding Strength By Giving Up Control

Spiritual growth and development comes from attaining inner peace. Caroline Myss, PhD explains how the meaningful and important events in our life are often out of our control. Finding spiritual meaning through spirituality and practice allows us to grow and heal. Patients can increase spiritual health if they can learn to accept the changes in life.

Caroline Myss – Going Deep: Using Archetypes to Explore Personal and Global Change

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