Dr. Tony Nader – Hacking Consciousness at Stanford University, Part 1

Tony Nader MD Phd (MIT and Harvard trained neuroscientist and author)
Hacking consciousness investigates the nature of consciousness as a field of all possibilities, as the source not only of the human mind and our ability to experience, know, innovate and create, but also as the source of all structures and functions–from fine particles and DNA to galaxies, in parallel with the scientific notion of a unified field, superstring, or super symmetry at the foundation of time and space.
Because consciousness has been seen in many cultures as a gateway to directly cognizing the laws of nature, meditation has developed as a pivotal human technology for success in all areas of life.

Dr. Tony Nader “The Ramayan in the Human Physiology” English version – Madrid 24 May 2014

Published on Jul 4, 2014

Dr. Tony Nader was in Madrid the 24th May and gave the Semninaro “The Ramayan in the Human Physiology”, this is the video with his apeech and questions and answers.

Meeting Maharishi Mahesh Yogi – Dr. Tony Nader [ Updated Nov 12, 2013]

Dr. Tony Nader a.k.a. Raj Ram who was anointed by Maharishi just before his death, as the spokesman for the TM movement, will be in Malaysia on November 13-14, 2013 en route to Australia.

View the video here on his meeting with Maharishi. Other video clips are also available by clicking on the right column – Resource Centre : Dr. Tony Nader

Dr. Tony Nader: Meeting Maharishi

Brief Transcript:

I think I feel in myself that I first met Maharishi when I started to practice Transcendental Meditation because Maharishi’s reality is on the level of his being, his inner self. So, in that sense as soon as I started meditating (and this was in the early 70’s) I experienced that reality which is transcendental, which is beyond the sensory level, which is inner, which is more abstract, but more full, more holy, more together, more peaceful, more blissful. And that inner experience, of course I didn’t know exactly what it was except through the course of Transcendental Meditation we are told, and everyone is told that this is the Unified Field, this is Pure Consciousness, this is the source of everything.

And so in that sense I feel this comes from somewhere very deep, very important, and I got very interested to follow up on that. I was a medical student (not even a medical student, I was pre-medical student) and I had a lot to work on, and a lot of studies so I never thought I would be able to give this knowledge more than the few minutes were already too much 20 minutes a day, twice a day. I had so much to do, so much to study and I was in my mind thinking oh, how wonderful those people are so lucky to be next to Maharishi and to have this knowledge, and to have enlightenment and to have the ability to really know themselves, which is what motivated me throughout my life.

Dr. Tony Nader speaks about the Ramayana in Human Physiology [updated Sept 24, 2012]

Dr. Nader releases his long-awaited 2nd book, the Ramayan in Human Physiology : Veda unfolding in one grand story—the story of our Self

Ramayan in Human Physiology
Discovery of the Eternal Reality of the Ramayan in the Structure and Function of Human Physiology by By Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam
Tony Nader, MD, Ph.D

Book Preview

More than ten years in the making, the Ramayan in Human Physiology is the perfect sequel to Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam’s (Professor Tony Nader, MD, Ph.D) first groundbreaking work on the correspondence of the Vedic Literature and human physiology. With his intellect finely honed by doctoral and post-doctoral research in neuroscience at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard Medical School, and his intuition and feeling deeply cultivated by years of personal training with renowned Vedic scientist and sage, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Dr. Nader beautifully integrates cutting-edge science with the ancient wisdom of the Vedas.

Dr. Nader’s insights into the deepest levels of understanding of the cosmic nature of the human physiology led Maharishi to refer to him as the greatest scientist of our time, responsible for ushering in a new age of enlightenment for every culture, every country, and every individual in the world. This book underscores Maharishi’s brilliance and wisdom in his choice of Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam to be the leader of Maharishi’s worldwide Transcendental Meditation Movement.

“Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam is talking in terms of the mechanics of transformation of Natural Law into physiology. He has realised that the total Constitution of Natural Law, which governs the universe with perfect order, is lively in every grain of physiology. And the language of Ramayan is that language in which Total Natural Law is actually seen administering the whole universe.” -Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

“Such great thanks go to Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam who, with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s guidance, proves without a doubt that the Ramayan is not just a fanciful story from the past – nor a myth. Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam shows that this story is always alive in the Eternal Field of Consciousness – The Absolute – The Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature – and that this story with all its characters – happenings – details – is alive and being unfolded in each and every human being.” -David Lynch, Filmmaker

“Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam (Dr. Tony Nader, MD, PhD) is one of the great, innovative geniuses of our time.. His remarkable scientific elucidation of the ancient cherished epic, the Ramayan, reveals how this timeless saga is truly about ourselves—a story that is continuously unfolding within our very brain and body. This makes this time-honored epic immediately relevant to the life and very soul of the reader. A magnificent revelation… An historic achievement.” -John Hagelin, PhD World Renowned Quantum Physicist President, Global Union of Scientists for Peace

“Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam has seen in the story of Shri Ram in the Ramayan the basic principles of the administration of the whole universe by the totality of the Laws of Nature. With Maharishi’s guidance he was able to cognize this reality unfolding, instant by instant, in human physiology, which is the gift of God to everyone.” -Dr. Bevan Morris Prime Minister, Global Country of World Peace, President, Maharishi University of Management, USA

“This book represents one of the most important achievements in the history of mankind. It marks a turning point in which the newest and oldest traditions of knowledge converge, contributing to a paradigm-changing understanding of human potential.” -Robert Keith Wallace, PhD, Founding President and Trustee, Dean, College of Perfect Health, Maharishi University of Management, USA

“This book will serve as a revelation to physicians, scientists, and those who desire a greater understanding of the unity underlying all that makes us human.” -Gary P. Kaplan, MD, PhD Clinical Associate Professor of Neurology Hofstra University School of Medicine

Maharishi called the Ramayan “Brahman on the Stage.” All the abstract impulses of the Veda unfold in one grand story, and this story is found to be the story of our innermost nature, expressed intimately through the fabric of our own physiology.

The Totality of life takes the stage within our Self.

This is the very essence of Dr. Nader’s (Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam) extraordinary discovery —developed directly under Maharishi’s guidance—which is revealed in his just-released book,
Ramayan in Human Physiology. Click Here To Preview

Dr. Tony Nader speaks about the Ramayana in Human Physiology

Brief Transcript:

Maharishi is a seer. What does he see? He sees himself, and he sees how he emerges from his own self. And, he sees how the universe emerges. And that seeing is a cognition, is not a composition. There is no intellect in it, there is no expression of feeling, there is nothing. All of these feelings of course, all of this intellect, all of this construction is within it. But, the expression and how it comes from the absolute is on the basis of direct experience. The Rishi sees, hears the vibrations of natural law and chants them. This is the Veda.

Now, when you have a song, or a chant, or a melody — it has a structure, and it has a system of a developing from one stage to the other, and evolving and how the sound evolves and becomes more and more and more. From one pure being, one sound to many sounds, many sounds, many sounds — to the entire universe. These words, these sounds, structured and the way they are structured, which means, actually how many syllables are in how many sutras, and how many richas, and how many padas, and how many akcharas. Actually the physical number of them, and how they go from sound to silence, and how they interact with each other. This is how natural law works. And that is the great vision of His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the great sage from the Vedic Tradition who has seen in the Veda that the vibrations of the sound of the Veda are the sounds of the laws of nature.

Dr. Tony Nader: Wholeness

Dr. Tony Nader: Wholeness

Brief transcript:

Wholeness is from the simple definition, it is everything. Whole, it is holy, there is a holy value, which is holistic. There is wholeness, everything… puts everything together. There are different levels of wholeness, you have the whole is more than the sum of its parts. You get an entity, which is made out of elements. These elements constitute values of that entity. But, you don’t appreciate that entity until you see more than the parts, and you see how the parts come together to form something that is a human being, that is a flower, that is… music or a symphony whatever it is there is a wholeness in that reality.

When we talk about real wholeness it is the wholeness of everything in life, which means when we put all the parts of life together what do we get? When we put the trees with the flowers, with the human beings, with the buildings, with the animals, with the galaxies, with the entire planetary systems and stars and with the details of the people and societies and life as a whole we get the grand wholeness of existence. That is life itself… So it is a way of seeing the totality of life the wholeness of life beyond its specificities.

Dr. Tony Nader: Wholeness and Parts

Dr. Tony Nader: Wholeness and Parts

Brief Transcript:

For one individual to be able to live Wholeness, which means Totality, and that is the basis of being able to live perfection in life. One has to have ones awareness able to fathom parts… small parts, big parts and the Whole together and the Infinity together. And therefore it is part of the nature of the reality of perfection of Wholeness that the individual must have the freedom to think and to decide that there is a point, there are many points, there is wholeness, there is a bigger wholeness, there is Totality, there is Infinity, there is Absolute.

All of these values are open to individual awareness, and that is the nature of reality, it is part of what reality is, its nature. So, it is not like a trick that you are allowed to go here and there, but it is part of the deal, part of the equation. You want wholeness, you want perfection, you want fullness, you want infinite freedom, that is part of what makes the individual feel blissful and holy.

How Knowledge Can Be Lost Over Time – Dr. Tony Nader

How knowledge can be lost over time

Brief Transcript:

It is the nature of life and individual life to have freedom of choice, and decision making. And, with time the feeling of everything is going well, it is all fine, everything is okay leads to lack of practice of technology that allows the individual to remain in touch with their deep self. Therefore gradually one looses the connection to the source. It is like a river flowing and as it flows far, and far it can loose its connection to the source by having some branches here and there, go here and there, and then it can become stale and looses its energy, strength and flow, and therefore suddenly go away from the original purpose of life.

So, human choice and ability to choose with time allows the individual to choose one thing or the other. People can choose something that can create life which is not as ideal, and therefore they can try it, it is part of the curiosity and the natural aspect of human life and then gradually with time one forgets the importance of the knowledge that allows life to be lived on this level.

How Veda in the Physiology Applies to Each of Us ~ Dr. Tony Nader

How Veda in the Physiology Applies to Each of Us

Brief Transcript:

If we have to say what one would take as a whole from this whole Veda in the Physiology. What one would kind of at the end of the day say, “why is it interesting, what does it do to me? How much more I can feel I understand something knowing that this is the case, that Veda is physiology?”

One aspect, which is very important is that the connection between the abstract and the concrete, between the subjective and the objective. That ultimately they are the same. That the physical is truly nothing but the non-physical consciousness. That matter is actually itself an expression of intelligence, an expression of the dynamics of intelligence. That the creator is in his creation, that we as human beings have the structure and mechanism that allow us to experience Totality, Infinity, Pure Being… to shake hands with God to commune with the divine because we are structured in the actual form and structure of the will of god, if you like to go into religious terms. Or, we are the embodiment of the Totality of the Unified Field of the laws of nature and that a human being contains the total universe in fact truly in her or in him…

What is the Self? – Dr. Tony Nader

Dr. Tony Nader: The Self

Brief Transcript:

Maharishi’s teaching all of these years has been on consciousness. Consciousness, consciousness, consciousness… Experience yourself and the self is an abstract reality, which is within oneself, but it is a real reality. It is abstract, but you can actually experience it. That is what people do when they practice Transcendental Meditation. Close the eyes and dive within, and experience your inner self — nobody elses self, no… as a specific value. You will find that your Self is everything and everyone, ultimately. As you grow in higher states of consciousness your self becomes established as the Self of everything, as the Unified Field, and then it never leaves you and you feel this with you all the time. Then, there is this self and the there is the outer reality, the changing reality and there is the Non-Changing Reality, which is the Pure Being, the Pure Self.

This experience of Pure Self puts you in a state of what Maharishi calls Cosmic Consciousness, in which the outer value is seen as the field of change and transformation, and the Inner Value, which means the Self is seen as Unbounded, Pure and Infinite.

Veda Is the Sound of Natural Law – Dr. Tony Nader

Veda Is the Sound of Natural Law – Dr. Tony Nader

Brief Transcript:

It so happens that there is a knowledge in India, which comes from a very subjective knowledge, which means it is a knowledge based on cognition not on scientific research or experimentation. And that is what is called Veda. The term Veda means knowledge… it is a name, just knowledge. Like you say knowledge in English, in Sanskrit you call it Veda. It is a science, its knowledge, it just means knowledge… knowledge of natural law, knowledge of the laws of life of, of nature, of how nature is built. But, if you take the books of Veda and start reading them, you can’t understand anything when you translate it. If you read the actual text books of the Veda, it doesn’t make sense if you translate them and they look really, kind of unusually unexplainable. For years and years, thousands of years people were trying to explain why it is so important that so many generations of pandits (we call them pandits, which are the vedic people that who have been reciting these vedic sounds) they keep teaching them to their children, and then their children to their children, and it comes to us as a knowledge, which in today’s life is incomprehensible on the level of its translation. There are many theories, many explanations, but its always kind of splitting hair and going around the topic to try to understand what it is.

And, it is really, I think, for the first time in known history that somebody, who is Maharishi (in fact) came and said Veda we shouldn’t look at in terms of the meaning.

Relationship of Material and Spiritual, Part 1 & 2 Published on May 8, 2012 by Tony Nader M.D.

The Relationship of Material and Spiritual, of Brain and Consciousness, Part 1

Brief Transcript:

The classical world you define objects and their position in space and their motion and their momentum everything is very clear and it moves according to these laws. In the quantum mechanical level you have probabilities. Things suddenly start becoming sitting everywhere and moving everywhere. They are entangled, they are connected. Everything is connected with everything else. Every molecule, every particle that moves in one way has a corresponding particle moving the other way somewhere in the universe because everything is entangled. And therefore everything is actually interconnected. That takes us to a very different understanding of the world and the universe and reality.

Now we go all of these entangled are actually nothing but the Unified Field and in fact there is nothing but the Unified Field, in fact there is nothing but pure consciousness which means we are all living in an illusion, which means it is only a perception, its only a maya. That takes us into a huge consideration. What we want is a knowledge that puts all of this together and that is what we have really in the total knowledge, vedic knowledge, ultimately which allows us to bridge all these differences whereby all religions can be true in themselves, as the same time all science can be true in itself

Relationship of Material and Spiritual, Part 2

Dr. Tony Nader, M.D.
The Relationship of Material and Spiritual, of Brain and Consciousness, Part 2

Brief Transcript:

Is the body the source of consciousness? You can’t say of course because if you damage some part of the brain you lose consciousness. But that takes us through another consideration to take a simple example you take a radio and you put the radio here its doing nothing you turn it on you hear the music. Now, is the radio producing the music? This means the music is produced by the radio, its not true. The radio is a transducer. It takes the waves that come through the radio frequencies transduces them into a sound wave and you hear the music. So you can say the radio produces the music because if you break the radio you don’t get any music. But, the radio is not the source of the music. The source of the music is the waves. If you take another radio it will feel the same, it will detect this.

The brain is a transducer of consciousness. It can experience consciousness. If you damage it you will lose consciousness, you will not hear the music. But, is the brain itself the creator of consciousness? It is not the creator of consciousness, it is the experiencer of consciousness.

And therefore consciousness is beyond the brain and beyond individuality. Consciousness is unbounded pure being. Is the self of everything and everyone. It is the unified Field. The stuff of life is made out of consciousness. Now what we have in our human physiology is some incredible machine that can experience consciousness and live consciousness in its wholeness, in its totality.

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