Kitaro – Reimei (live)

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喜多郎 Kitaro – Reimei from Kojiki: A Story in Concert DVD

Kitaro is universally acknowledged as the founding architect of new age music. Kitaro’s various sound collaborations and resonant, multi-textured compositions truly defy the constraints of any genre. The Grammy and Golden Globe-winning artist has garnered global acclaim over a more than three decade long career with a signature sound and a pioneering fusion of cultures, techniques and spheres of consciousness that are truly his own.

Kojiki: A Story In Concert, Kitaro crafts this musical journey from the ancient chronicle (Kojiki) that recounts the birth of Japan and it’s people. The video captures an evening from his 1990 world tour that features music from the classic Kitaro album Kojiki (nominated for a Grammy in 1990). Kojiki: A Story In Concert is an intimate journey to inner realms as well as exotic earthly destinations. This is a tour de force for Kitaro and his ensemble offering all the drama, grace and humanity performed with a profound spirit in this musical adaptation of legends from traditional Japanese folklore. Concurrently, the audio from the concert will be available to online digital retailers as well as a digital video single.


“Astral voyage est extrait de l’album “Tenkaï” 1978

KITARO Carvansary

Kitaro – Day light moon light – Koi


KITARO – Koi LIVE IN AMERICA & Other Selections

Kitaro “Fragrance Of Nature”

kitaro “SILK ROAD

Kitaro – Inner Lights

Kitaro Song For Peace HD

Love is…

Life is Love, enjoy it.
Life is Light, shine it.
Life is peace, show it.
Life is truth, know yours.

Life is joy, revel in it.
Life is hope, believe in it.
Life is harmony, vibrate in it.
Life is unity, connect to it.

Life is your dream, live it.
Life is your choice, choose it.
Life is your story, narrate it.
Life is love, be and give it.

Love is co-creation, create it.
Love is eternal, remember it.
Love is All There Is, BE IT.
Love is Peace, LIVE it.

~Elizabeth SkyRaven

Music by KITARO ~ Song For Peace

silent night NOCHE DE PAZ Kitaro



Milky Way

The Best of Kitaro – Cosmic Love, Song for Peace & Meditation with Kitaro`s Music

Kitaro,The best of Kitaro,( Cosmic Love )

Meditation with Kitaro`s Music

TAO de Kitaro/ Floating Lotus/Silk Road

Silence your mind, choose a quiet place, close your eyes, transcend your thoughts – beyond time and space, and let your spirit soars and feel the ecstasy and rapture of the present moment awareness.

More of Kitaro’s mystical music titles can be viewed under RESOURCE CENTER & TAGS. – Enjoy.


Kitaro – The Silk Road

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