Your Moment (Spoken Words) (Volume 3) by Prem Rawat (Author)

“Compared to the age of the Earth, your life is like a moment. In this moment, recognize the value of being alive.” In his many speaking engagements around the world, Prem Rawat addresses the age-old quest for human fulfillment with refreshing humor and compassion. He advocates the art of appreciation, the art of trusting one’s own self, and the art of living a life fulfilled. These six chapters edited from his talks invite the reader to explore the realm of the self, where real peace dwells and can be enjoyed by anyone. With vividly colored photographs and illustrations, “Your Moment” offers a unique and entertaining approach to living in a busy world while learning to enjoy the most profound within everyday.

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Lighting the Flame of Peace / Prem Rawat (English)

Prem Rawat // Maharaji – 1. ‘The Heart Speaks’ 2. Knowing Who You Are 3. The Moment Called Now

Prem Rawat talks about the difference between philosophies and a reality that each human being wants to know and is searching for: “A nature of a human being is to try to find. Always, always. Trying to find a comfort…a joy…a peace. A peace, yet undefined.”

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) ‘Knowing Who You Are’

“There are more important things going on inside of you than you realize,” Maharaji says. “When you begin to know yourself, you begin understand the stage on which truly a dance of life is taking place. A dance that is beautiful. A dance that is all about you.”

The Moment Called Now

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