The 99% Ego Factor : The Ego is not the first house, it is the third house.

When we are present, we are living in truth and in flow with dharma (the truth and wisdom of the universe). The easiest way to “get present” is to get present to the body, because the body is the part of you that is always present.

The body is the wisest part of you, much smarter than your (thinking) brain (what you call your “intelligence”). Your body is always present – breathing, keeping the heart beating, digesting your food, making endless little adjustments so “YOU” do not have to do these things.

If you had to remember to do what the body does naturally, you would die very quickly – and that does not even consider that you have no idea how the body knows what to do and the enormity of wisdom it contains.
View Here the 99% ego factor and vedic astrology.

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