The Oracle of Delphi – The Internal Journey

The Internal Journey
The path is through the inner world, the journey must be inward.

A mystical truth, proclaimed by the sages of the ages and those that have seriously trailed the paths of self-knowledge, is that the real journey through the experience of life is an internal journey. It is never a waste to repeat this truth, and to see how many good people continue to insist on engaging in noisy “spiritual” organizations in the pursuit of the next guru, spiritual leader or easy way to enlightenment. This does not represent a spiritual journey, because what is essential is inside of oneself, not outside.

It is understandable that some may feel a valid need to procure spiritual and transcendent collective activities in groups because they are tired of working alone, or perhaps because they do not know how to work on their own emotional body without physical interaction with another human. Generally speaking, spiritually-oriented organizations are an adequate environment for the seeker, but they are still classified as a human environment. This means they can accelerate or delay our spiritual evolution, especially in some cases when we cannot use the interaction with others as a resource for our mystical growth. The fact is that these settings we are still working with a heterogenic mix of personalities, such as what happens in any socio-educational gathering of any other type.

The experience of a “Community” guided by like-minded objectives can positively reinforce our Egregora (circle of energy) and this assembly can strengthen our spirit. On the other hand, it can also, through the interaction with others, lead one to frustration, false expectation, and conflict. In any case, interactions should be welcome for those experiencing a slowing of their internal process, because ultimately it will contribute to emotional growth.

The challenge that we are trying to represent is not inside these organizations. The challenge rests with the seekers who look for these places in which to interact, and who are not prepared even to interact in other normal human environments, without the basic understanding of their own selves.

Internal peace and balance do not manifest from spiritual elaboration. They blossom from comportment improvement, or perfecting our behavior through practices such as tolerance, honesty, discernment, and personal maturity.

It is vital that we work internally on ourselves unceasingly, releasing trapped emotions, karmic mindsets, and ancestral conditioning in order to upgrade our energetic system to amplify and expand the increase of consciousness that accompanies the path of self-realization and enlightenment – the true internal journey as we know it.

The individual is responsible for the conflicts and miseries that exist within oneself, as they are also responsible for the false ideologies and limitations that prevent them from conquering their own fears. If there is no effort on our part to improve ourselves, how can we expect others to develop a sense of brotherhood and good will among human beings? As above so below, as inside so outside.

The internal work is an imperative step for those training themselves to be Light Workers and World Servers, because we are ultimately the reflection of our world. Our internal conflicts translate themselves as external disasters, and only we can solve them individually.

We are the mirror of our social group, our society, our planet.

On this journey inward, intellectual culture and personal maturity are the two pillars from which you may build your paradigm for success. As they grow stronger through increasing self-awareness, they are able to support a balanced mystical training

The current situation in the world is adverse and tragic. Its conflicts and misery require much more than superficial political reforms, or marketing strategies. They require radical change in the human mind, and its way of thinking and interacting with each other and with nature. No one can transform us – only we can do it. The answer is inward. Enlightenment is an inside job.

Copyright 2013 Humanity Healing Network

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