The World’s Dumbest Guru

Dear James,
Some thoughts on Tony Parsons. Being a seeker of freedom like myself, its difficult to disregard somebody like that and I have a feeling that he is fully aware of it.

James: Tony is either having everyone on with his ‘teaching’ or he is a complete moron.This kind of Neo nonsense is very dangerous because it contains a kernel of truth. He picked up the basic idea and then ran off with it on his own, like a thief in the night. What he added/twisted is so infantile

I can’t lower myself to comment on his statements. So I will just publish them as you present them. If anybody takes him as their guru…well, they get the guru they deserve. He says he disappeared twenty years ago. That may or may not be true depending on what he means but it is clear that his brain certainly disappeared. It is so sad to see this kind of person pretending to be a teacher and people actually listening.

Some of the things he says are:

1) There is no one, only beingness or “what is” which is always already just “this” and nothing else.

2) There is no one, no past, no continuity, no person, no suffering, no time, only “this.”

3) All else is apparent, an illusion created by what he refers to as a completely unnecessary “software” in the human brain which is dense energy or ignorance, a dream.

4) An irreversible energetic shift can take place, for no one, but never as a result of any action. There is no advantage at all, should this energetic shift take place, everything is just more full on alive, free fall without any self consciousness at all left.

5) This has nothing to do with religion, although the message is hidden in all religions, and there is no connection to advaita or Vedanta which are clearly seen as totally dualistic (which I guess is a concept, because it has to be explained to me or I will not even know what dual/duality means)

6) There is a total refusal to give any value to any kind of methodology or teaching after being “liberated” in this way, although he says that “me and my wife feels that one need to go regularly to our meetings and residentials.”

7) Liberation can happen out of the blue to anyone, no preparation possible or needed. Many times it happens to people in his meetings, although there is no advantage for them.

8) This is a very rare and radical message that no one (haha) else is giving in the world today, and it is implied as the highest of all forms of enlightenment.

9) There are no “levels” of understanding or enlightenment, however he has said that “the philosophy of the Now is far more advanced than the old religious stuff”, implying levels of advancement.

10) He makes it very clear that he is completely “ahead of everyone ” in the spiritual game, beyond all religions, Vedanta, advaita etc. this has been seen in his “total comprehension of everything” that happened that day when he disappeared 20 odd years ago.

Well,James, do you think he would get a full score on your enlightenment test? 🙂

James: He obviously flunks

All the best,

Source:James Swartz:The Shining World

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