Welcome to Evolutionary_Mystic Post. It i s the nom-de-plume for this blogger. His name is Victor Ngiaw.

He is a management consultant by profession, having spent 20 over years as Senior Group Sales Manager in the insurance and financial service industry. In 2000 he was appointed as the Chief Operating Officer overseeing 13 branches of a life insurance and financial service organization.

In 2005, he left for USA on a business assignment involved in immigration legal service in a family-based legal firm located in New York.

His interest in spiritual pursuit dates back more than 25 years ago when he attended a Teacher Training Course in Transcendental Meditation and qualified as a TM Teacher in March 16, 1985.

The course was an immense life transformational experience, having had to spend 7 intensive months studying and totally immersed in comprehending Maharishi’s vedic knowledge and research in consciousness, practically abandoning family and business ties and cutting off contacts from the outside world.

The shift in consciousness thereafter was spiritually uplifting.

Some of the memorable moments during the internship were visits to the maximum security prison in Manila, Philippines where he interviewed and conducted introductory lectures on the benefits of meditation to the hard-core criminals.

These were challenging times attempting to explain how meditation could bring about ‘inner freedom’ despite their incarceration in the prison, that they could find ‘peace’ and contentment within, in the midst of the ‘pain-body’ experiences of suffering, stresses and strains.

The whole nation was practically wrought with chaos and civil disorder during the assassination of the opposition leader, Aquino, as he stepped down from the plane onto the airport tarmac. Most of the officials and administrators of the TM movement, Purushas and the Mother Divine flew in from all over the world practically converged in the capital city of Manila to perform huge group meditations in order to calm down the tension and stress affecting the country. Locations where the TTC were conducted changed several times to avoid adverse physical contacts with the local masses.

The end result was when the popular People Power revolted and forced President Marcos to resign and later exile in Hawaii.Miraculously not a single shot was fired during the period of the civil commotion.

He also visited the Shankracharya temple located in Sri Nagar.

Shankaracharya Temple in Sri Nagar

In 1986, Victor made a pilgrimage to the Himalayas and Kashmir, India and visited the ashram of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in the outskirts of New Delhi where he attended a ‘satsang’ given by Maharishi.

The Tomb of Jesus, Sri Nagar,

Strolling along streets of downtown Srinagar, there stand an old building known as the Rozabal shrine. A story was circulating around that Jesus survived the crucifixion and spent his remaining years in Kashmir where his body was kept in a shrine in Srinagar – a must-visit-in India tourist itinerary. View here on the documentary of the Tomb of Jesus.

During his early teaching apprenticeship, he taught the TM Technique to some professional people including bankers, lawyers and doctors, besides the laymen. Due to business commitment, he retired from teaching.

During his own leisure time, he continues to update and pursue his spiritual interest that gravitated to his encounter with several highly evolved and enlightened luminaries as mentioned in his blog.PIC WITH DEEPAK 3

Enlightenment is the awakening of the awareness within, mindful of the false identification of life’s true essential nature with the self-centered ego and the constant realization of its impermanence. It is experience backed by self-knowledge and inquiry – the direct knowledge that you are already that which you seek.

That being said, it’s the veil of ignorance and lack of understanding that prevent the seeker from operating and resonating beyond the realms of thoughts, perceptions, sensations and emotions that originate from our mind/body constructs. Whenever we operate and interact on the level of mind/body separate self, our life situations will witness a roller coaster ride of hope and despair, happiness and sorrow and all the dualistic tendencies.

It’s in the infinite ever-present awareness that Happiness and Peace reside and are experienced in the awakening state. “Pure Awareness” or “Pure Consciousness” shines in its eternal luminosity in the light of pure Being.

He is also deeply involved in martial art that dated way back to his college days in the 1960s in Singapore. On Sept 11, 2015, the World Body, Global Taekwon-Do Federation(GTF) promoted him to 9th Degree Black Belt in Taekwon-Do , the highest rank in the Korean art of Self-defence, thereby being conferred the title of  Grand Master. He still continues to be active officiating tournament and seminars events world wide.

Historical and empirical evidences amply documenting the traditional practices, the rigorous, discipline training and mental concentration, have provided a fertile ground for the serious minded martial artist to be spiritually awakened, and at the same time cultivating the core values of humility, respect, integrity, courtesy and experiencing the ‘spaciousness’ within.

The objective of Evolutionary_Mystic Post is to create a virtual platform where bloggers/viewers converge and engage in discussions and discourses so as to bring about a transformational change – a shift in consciousness – that spirituality and humanity’s oneness can be embraced and inculcated within our psyche despite today’s obsession in secular materialism and narcissism.

The urgent message is to achieve a critical mass of connectivity through the cyberspace, so that, we, as planetary citizens of this ‘ global brain‘, will aspire to energize the evolutionary impulses within our own consciousness, thereby uncovering the veils of ignorance that have been the root causes of fear and hatred, and of suspicion and animosity.

This vision will be the vision of all possibilities.

He can be reached at wsmystic@gmail.com or masterngiaw.gtf@gmail.com